Best Kids Mermaid Tail Blankets 2024

Mermaid tail blankets are modish items right now – their color combinations vary giving your child a stunning look. Additionally, they are warm or light with a shape that hangs perfectly on your kid’s body shape for comfort.

Getting a perfect child mermaid tail blanket is not any easier than looking for a needle in a haystack. High numbers of competition and production create a competitive environment, leaving prospective buyers confused. However, this review has correct and full information that will help you get the best product for your kid easily without confusion. Read on to find out how to choose the perfect blanket for your child.


Considerations When Buying a Mermaid Tail Blanket

You have to carefully scrutinize all the features so that you can land on a great and a functional item. Below are factors you should put into consideration before purchasing that mermaid blankie.

1. Price
Mermaid tail for kids come in different sizes, quality, designs, prices, and materials. As a result, consider selecting the best blankie with a pocket-friendly price; don’t strain your finances.

2. Size
An ideal mermaid tail blanket should fit your kid perfectly; it should not be too small or too big. A bigger option tends to lose the beautiful mermaid shape while the one that is too small may lead to reduced mobility and poor air circulation. The blanket should hug the kid snugly yet should not make the little one feel too constricted. To avoid purchasing the wrong size, measure your child first.

3. Material used
There are several materials that are used to manufacture these kids mermaid tails, and they dictate features such as quality, strength, and durability. Remember that the materials are skin-friendly, but some kids will feel uncomfortable with certain materials.

4. Color preferences
Go for colors that will be appealing to your kid.

5. Flexibility
Purchasing a flexible mermaid tail blanket is great because it will suit all seasons, summer or winter. There is no doubt that purchasing a specific tail blankie for a certain season is much more expensive.


Best Mermaid Blankets for Kids in 2024

Most kids see mermaids in movies and at one point they wish they could look like them. They fancy that the mermaid tail looks appealing and interesting making them figure out how it feels to behave and sing underwater. In spite of the fact that they will never be real mermaids, child mermaid tail blanket can make imagination become closer to reality.

Mermaid tail for kids are easy to carry as there are compact. Here is a review of the best kids’ mermaid tail blankets available on the market today. The review is detailed to help you pick the best one that suits your needs. Note that mermaid tails for adults are also stylish and cozy. You can purchase one for you and another one for your little sunshine.


1. ABC Outlet Knitted Blanket

These mermaid tails blanket are a perfect gift for your kid, friend or wife. They are designed to be used in an immobile position; taking of practical situations like watching a movie, reading a book, sleepovers, or maybe around the campfire. The material of this blanket is skin-friendly and eco-friendly knitting wool.

After purchasing, wash it separately before use. You can machine wash it at a low temperature as well as tumble dry it. Remember not to wash this crotchet mermaid tail with other items that contain zippers, which might snag.

This item is flexible and suitable for all seasons. It keeps you warm during winter, autumn, and springs. In summers, it can be used to keep warm if the air conditioning is on. The bottom and the back are open for your kid to wiggle in and out.this is an image of a knitted mermaid blanket


2. Plush Fleece Tail Blanket

This blanket has a classic pattern that gives it a real stunning look. The thick flannel fabric material makes the blankie super warm and soft. This mermaid blanket is lightweight and non-fading and it is suitable for outdoor activities, travel, camping, beach nights, home, and reading. The blankie is flexible and will serve either you or your kid in all seasons. It is a companion for nap time or snuggling up on the sofa watching your favorite TV channel.

All these unique features make it a great gift for your kids, lovers, best friends, and adults. It is machine washable, however you should not wash it too often.

this is an image of an all season mermaid blanket


3. PixieCrush Blanket

This blanket has a realistic fish-scale design, it retains warmth effectively, and it has extra-thick and durable fleece material. In addition, it is comfortable and perfect during all seasons. The PixieCrush blanket is ideal for reading a book, sleepover, car traveling, camping and watching movies. It is safe for kids and skin-friendly. However, it lacks color variety options forcing you to go for the available one.

this is an image of a thick fleece mermaid blanket


4. Langria Glittery Flannel Blanket

The Langria Glitter Flannel Blanket is suitable for adults, teens, and kids. Crafted from extra soft polyester fabric, it comes with scales that are made with glossy foil dots, which creates a realistic mermaid look. The material of this blanket is skin-friendly; it is not scratchy and it’s soft on the kid’s skin. This thin and lightweight blanket is ideal for all seasons. It is machine washable, but it’s best washed on a gentle cycle.

this is an image of a flannel mermaid blanket


5. Blankie Tails with Sleep Mask

Mermaid blankets fulfill the mermaid life dream. This blankie has colorful and glittery design plus bonus matching sleep mask. It guarantees to offer a wide smile to your kid’s face as she will have lots of fun during the days and nights. The ombre design of the blankie is unique, gorgeous and stunning, and will make your little princess sparkle each and every day.

This blanket and mask are premium quality. They are made with soft, extra-plush, double-sided Minky fabric, high-quality stitching, and have super soft glitter. Put simply, this blanket will offer a mer-mazing look and feel to your kid. It is also machine washable.

this is an image of the blankie tails mermaid


6. Opall Mermaid Blanket with Scales

Are you looking for a great gift to give to your little one? This mermaid tail for little girl will catch your attention. It will provide the child hours of fun as it sparks their imagination. The design is adorable and cute; it is a sleeping bag that a kid can easily get in or out of. The Opall blanket makes the best companion for cool nights. If you have an energetic child, she will get excited and joyful about bedtime.this is an image of a rainbow mermaid blanket


7. Mermaid Blanket with Toy Doll Blanket

This set with a toy doll blanket is made from super soft, plush, premium, and double-sided Minky fabric. It will keep your little mermaid and her doll cozy and warm. If you looking for mermaid tails for toddlers, these ones will make a great option; they can spark their imagination.

Features a good-looking sewn mermaid fin that your kid can put her little feet in. Fun for dress up and lounging, perfect for naptime, slumber parties, and sleepovers. They are skin-friendly and very safe for kids. Additionally, the blanket is cute and comfortable having your kid feeling and looking like a little mermaid. The blankie is machine washable making parent’s lives a little easier.this is an image of a mermaid blanket with matching doll blanket tail


8. Flannel Shiny Tail Blanket

Crafted with extra shiny flannel fleece fabric material that give its soft feeling, this blanket is lightweight and non-fading. The blanket has classic and stylish patterns, vibrant colors, and a fish-scale design. Advanced double stitching makes the mermaid blanket tail to be durable and serve you or your kid for a long time.

The flannel blanket is suitable for beach nights, camping, outdoor activities, reading, or watching your favorite TV series: it’s a great companion. They can be machine washed, yet you are advised not to wash it often. It’s the best gift for kids and teens on their birthday or Christmas. Make your kid’s mermaid dream to come close to reality.

this is an image of a soft flannel mermaid blanket


9. Blankie Tails Age 2 – 5

These Mermaid tails for toddler are more than just blankets. They take kids to the next, gorgeous level. The adorable design and vibrant colors for selection will let the toddler look and feel more like a mermaid each and every day. It is crafted with double-sided Minky fabric material, which is premium and extra-plush, and also has high-quality stitching. Your toddler’s imagination will run wild once they slip inside the mermaid blanket.

Since the year 2015, these mermaid tails for toddler have been creating a cozy and fun experience. Purchase it with confidence and bring lots of fun to your child’s face. Mermaid-lovers will love to own this blankie.

this is an image of blankie tails for age 2-5


10. CR Crochet Mermaid Blanket

These adults and kids’ mermaid tails blanket feature a great sewn mermaid tail. They are super soft and lightweight. Before use, wash it, but keep in mind that it is 100% crocheted and therefore you should wash it gently and separately. This crochet mermaid tail is skin-friendly and safe for kids. A wonderful blankie for staying warm and cozy at campouts, nights, lounging, movie nights, birthday, or any outdoor activities. It comes with a stylish design and vibrant colors for selection. Quality is top notch and there is an opening bottom where your kid’s feet can stick out. These mermaid tails are suitable for all seasons.

this is an image of a large crocheted mermaid blanket


11. Delia’s Mermaid Sequins Blanket

The Delia’s Mermaid Sequins Blanket is 100% polyester. It is unique and gorgeous with super soft material that is warm and comfortable. There is no doubt that your little princess will fall in love with this mermaid blanket tail and be excited at bedtime due to this fun sleeping bag. Perfect for every season; summertime camping or travel in cold weather. These snuggie tails mermaid comes in different colors that will suit your child’s preference. Best gift for kids, teens, and adults.this is an image of a sequin mermaid blanket


Overall Best Buy

Number 2 on our list, the Plush Fleece Tail Blanket is the best overall for that aspiring mermaid kid. It is breathable, cozy and soft. These blankie tails come in a wide variety of sizes and colors that suits both an adult and kid’s preferences. Skin-friendly, light-weight, and non-fading, it gives your child endless warmth and comfort and makes them look and feel great. It’s the perfect companion for snuggling up on the sofa to watch TV, read books, or nap time. Perfect for camping, sleepovers, beach nights, outdoor activity, indoor activities, and trips.

The kid can easily wiggle in and out as well. The best part is that you do not have to shell out huge amounts of money for it. Purchase one for you and your kid to enjoy the beautiful moments.

this is an image of an all season mermaid blanket



What are the Different Materials Used in Mermaid Blankets?

There are different materials used to manufacture mermaid blankets and its upon the prospective buyer to choose the best, which suits their interest. Among the common materials of the blankets include:

Acrylic or Orlon material

The material is wool-like, light-weight, soft, and warm. It is less expensive and very resilient. Acrylic fiber or material takes color well, it’s hypoallergenic and washable. The material creates beautiful and colorful mermaid tails blanket.


Cotton is super soft and fluffy staple material. Blankie tails made of this material are skin-friendly and safe for kids, teens, and adults.


Most Mermaid tails blankets are knitted or woven from this polyester yarn or thread. It is soft and it blends well with disperse dyes.


What Age are Mermaid Blankets Suitable For?

Snuggie tails mermaid are suitable for all ages; from babies, toddlers, teens, to adults. They come in different sizes and colors that suit all ages preference. However, there are mermaid blankets best for a specific certain age while others are perfect for all ages. For instance, the set with the doll’s blanket and Blankie Tails with Sleep Mask are best for toddlers.

This means that you should be careful while purchasing a blankie. Consider your size, the weight of the blanket, and breathability. Remember that mermaid dream begins early and you are never too old to be a mermaid.