Top 20 Best Nerf Melee Weapons 2024 – Awesome Picks

There is a wide range of different Nerf Melee shooters, axes and shield toys that children enjoy playing with and collecting. In this review of the best Nerf Melee weapons, we compare all the latest products to help you find the ideal choice.

The best list contains many high-quality toys with a good number of products to choose from, that include a wide range of different melee styles. The Nerf sword and axes collection is a popular starter range as they make ideal first toys for children, which can expand on to build up a Nerf collection based on your child’s interests.

Melee Weapons that are produced by Nerf have been made from superior materials, with the resulting toys being made to be as safe as possible for your child. Each toy is also made to be durable and long-lasting so that you can be assured that your child will get hours of playtime from their Nerf toy.

With such a diverse range it can be difficult to decide which Nerf is the best option for your child as there are many different styles of melee toy weapons for sale each with different functions and colors to pick from. This guide is here to help you choose the best Nerf weapons melee from their range to ensure that your child will get maximum enjoyment from their gift.

What to Consider When Purchasing Nerf Melee Weapons

Nerf Melee Weapons

To help narrow down your search for the ideal Nerf product there are a number of considerations that you can use. This will make sure that the Nerf weapon that you pick will be appropriate for your child and that your child will enjoy safely playing with the toy.

All Nerf toys have a recommended minimum age for every product and you should use this to check that your chosen product is suitable for the age of your child. The minimum age given is to ensure that the toy is as safe as possible for a child of that age to play with. Some Nerf products are suitable for younger children to play with, while other more advanced toys will have a higher minimum age making them appropriate for older children.

There are also a number of different product styles in the Nerf weapon range include; swords, shields and axes. So to ensure maximum enjoyment from the toy you may need to know if your child has a preference for a certain style of melee toy or if they have any Nerf toys currently, so you can get them a gift that compliments their existing toy range.

Cool Nerf Melee Weapons

1. Nerf Zombie Strike Blade

This is the ultimate Zombie Strike Blade weapon by Nerf that all kids will enjoy playing with. This Nerf zombie strike melee weapons toy is a high-quality product that is safe for all kids.

It is built to be long-lasting enabling it to provide hours of fun and adventure. Every kid that loves Zombie fighting will appreciate the silent attack that toy gives and with the blade being able to be carried on the back it makes it easy to take this Nerf toy out and about.

For added excitement, there is also a free Nerf Zombie app for realistic play. A great Nerf weapons knife that all kids will enjoy using to develop their imaginative play.

This is an image of a zombie strike blade toy.

2. Nerf Survival Chopstock

An exciting Zombie Strike Survival Chopstock that is part of the Nerf Strike Survival System. As well as being an exciting Nerf battle toy it can also be added to most Nerf blasters with the use of a compatible adapter, so the possibilities of ways to play with this battle toy are endless.

As a standalone toy, it can be used as a foam ax with the handle extended, and then it can then be converted into a stock when attached to a Nerf blaster. This Nerf toy is suitable for children over the age of 8 years old and will provide hours of fun that can be shared with friends.

This is an image of a zombie strike axe.

3. Nerf Vendetta N Force Sword

This Nerf Vendetta N Force Sword is a battle toy that can form the ultimate fighting sword. The set comes with 2 swords with each having a hard plastic blade inside. They are also covered in a layer of tough Nerf foam on the outside, enabling the toy to stand up to all battle scenarios.

For added excitement, the 2 swords can be combined together to form 1 ultimate sword with 2 blades that is 4.5 feet long. Suitable for children 6 years and above this exciting Nerf foam sword set is a much-needed toy for any child that loves battle action. This is a great toy for encouraging outside play.

This is an image of a double sword toy.

4. Nerf Alien Menace Foam Blade Sword

A much-needed Nerf toy for any battle warrior-loving child, this Nerf Alien Menace Foam Blade Sword will be enjoyed by everyone. This Nerf toy is suitable for children over the age of 8 years old and has an easy to hold handle making it simple for all children to use and play with.

The 18-inch sword is lightweight and has a foam blade for realistic play. This Nerf Blade Sword even has a rope handle that is suitable to use for easy storage and is the perfect Nerf sword for encouraging imaginative play that will be enjoyed by all active children.

This is an image of a lightweight foam blade toy.

5. Nerf N Force Warlock Axe

An exciting Nerf N Force Warlock Axe that is made to be a quality toy. This Nerf battle toy is made to last so will be enjoyed by all knights and warriors as they enjoy hours of role-play. This fun foam axe has a medieval style for added excitement and appeal and it will quickly become a much-loved toy.

Suitable for children over the age of 8 years this new Nerf weapons toy will allow your child to experience safe battle play. This will be your childs preferred Warlock Axe for all battles making it the ideal gift idea for all warrior loving children.

This is an image of a warlock axe.

6. Captain America Blaster Shield

This Captain America Blaster Shield is the ultimate blaster toy for all Captain America fans. With the recognizable Captain America logo on the shield this is the toy all children will be asking for. Behind the shield is a hidden blaster that can launch 2 Nerf darts when the star is pressed, giving added surprise and excitement.

This Nerf gun with shield is suitable for children older than 5 years old. Along with the shield there are 2 Nerf darts provided with this set, so everything is included that is needed to get started with this Nerf toy. A great Captain America Nerf shield for every young super hero in training, this toy will provide many hours of enjoyment.

This is an image of a Captain America shield.

7. Nerf N Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

A battle toy with a popular Gothic style, this Nerf N Force Battlemaster Mace Axe will be a favorite hand combat weapon with all children warriors. Proving an exciting battle experience this Amazon Nerf weapon battle axe is made from long lasting foam that will withstand battle play.

Overall this is a great Nerf Battlemaster Mace axe that will encourage your child to be active and play outside. The Axe can be played with friends and will provide hours of enjoyment. A great gift idea for any Nerf fan or child that has an interest with medieval battles or battle combat.

This is an image of a Battlemaster Mace Axe.

8. Boley Barbarian Swords

An exciting kid friendly Boley Barbarian Sword set. This 3 pack sword set comes with 3 realistic melee toys which includes a sword, blade and axe. Each weapon is produced with the highest level of detail. A sword set that is suitable for kids to play with or can also be use as props or an addition to a fancy dress costume.

Each weapon is plastic and has been made to last, giving hours of fun. A toy that has been designed for kids that is a fun but safe play toy. This Barbarian Sword melee set can be enjoyed with family and friends while also developing your kids imagination.

This is an image of a 3 pack barbarian toy swords.

9. Nerf N Force Sword

If you are looking for a reliable battle weapon then this Nerf N force Sword is a great first battle toy for your child. A high quality toy that has been produced using durable foam for long lasting fun.

With an appealing blue color to the handle this 24 inch long Nerf sword will provide hours of entertainment. A great Nerf N Force Sword that can be played with friends to create the ultimate Nerf weapons battle experience.

This is an image of a blue shadow fury sword.

10. Nerf N Force Stonewall Shield

This Nerf N Force Stonewall Shield set comes with a realistic Nerf shield and sword that all children will love re-enacting battles with. Your child will find this appealing foam Nerf N force shield perfect for defending themselves during long battles with their friends.

The accompanying exciting foam sword is ideal for attacking the opposition and will be key for winning the battle. This Nerf Stonewall Shield set is suitable for children 8 years old and the high quality shield set will occupy your child for hours, providing safe fun filled play that is important for every childs development.

This is an image of a sheild and sword toy.

11. Nerf Zombie Foam Axe

An essential weapon to give protection from all zombies, this Zombie Foam Axe is another great kids product from the popular toy producer Nerf. This toy melee weapon hatchet axe has a foam blade and is lightweight so is perfect for kids to use.

Suitable for kids over the age of 8 years old, this Nerf Axe has an easy to hold handle so is ideal for small hands to play with. For handy storage there is a rope handle provided enabling the Axe to be hung up tidily.

This 19 inch Axe is part of the Nerf Zombie Strike melee Collection so this Axe set can be expanded on to build up your childs own range of the ultimate Zombie fighting weapons.

This is an image of a zombie foam axe.

12. Pack of 8 Foam Swords

If you are looking for the perfect battle play toys for your child and their friends then look no further than this Pack of 8 Foam Swords.

Each sword design is unique with different colors, styles and shapes so there will be a suitable option for every imaginative battle game. Each sword is between 15 to 17 inches in length so is the ideal size for children to play with.

These fun durable swords are also the perfect addition to every fancy dress costume giving a special finishing touch. Suitable for children over the age of 3 years old these light weight and soft foam swords are safe for children to play with. Your child will enjoy playing with these swords as they make the perfect travel toy to take out and about.

This is an image of a 8 pack assorted foam swords.

13. Legend of Zelda Link Sword

A battle toy for every Legend of Zelda fan this Link Sword will make an exciting weapon toy for fun play, while also being a suitable addition for any fancy dress costume.

This realistic toy sword has lovely detail that every child would approve of. An official licensed Nintendo toy that is 26 inches in length, so is a suitable size for children to play with and is a comparable toy to the Nerf sword range.

This popular Legend of Zelda set comes with a sword and scabbard and will make a lovely gift idea for every child that enjoys imaginative battle role play.

This is an image of a The Legend of Zelda toy sword.

14. Marvel Deadpool Katanas

This Marvel Deadpool Katanas set comes with 2 exciting Katanas that every Marvel fan will enjoy playing with. It is a melee battle weapon set that is perfect for sharing with friends and will provide many hours of outdoor battle fun so is ideal for getting your child active.

This Katanas set is suitable for older children as it is only recommended to be used by children over the age of 14 years old. These plastic Katanas have a popular Deadpool design so would make a great gift for Marvel lovers.

This is an image of a Deadpool-inspired design katana.

15. Link Shield Costume

This Link Shield Costume set would make the perfect gift for every child that enjoys the Legend of Zelda. As an official licensed Nintendo product this is a high quality item that would make the perfect addition to every Legend of Zelda collection.

This Shield makes the ideal battle defense toy as well as being a great addition to any fancy dress costume.  As a good size shield at 19 inches in length this is a great battle play item that children will enjoy using. Every child will love the design and high level of detail of this Link Shield Costume.

This is an image of a blue shield costume.

16. Red Power Rangers Sword

A great action toy, this Red Power Rangers Sword will be popular with all young kids. This Power Rangers toy is suitable for kids over the age of 5 and as it is made from plastic it is the ideal kids toy that is safe to play with. This toy sword is based on the much loved Power Rangers television series so is an essential toy for every fan.

The popular cheetah style of the blade will provide hours of entertainment and with other Power Ranger toys to collect the play options are endless. An excellent role play weapon toy that will be appealing to kids while also encouraging imaginative development.

This is an image of a power ranger red cheetah blade.

17. Hero’s Edge Foam Battle Axe

This Hero’s Edge Foam Battle Axe is a high quality weapon toy that is built to last during exciting battles, time and time again. This 31 inch long axe is a good size for children to easily play with while being great for playing with both outdoors and indoors. It is also lightweight as it is made from foam, making it safe for children to use.

A versatile axe toy that can be used as part of a fancy dress costume or is also realistic enough to be used as a prop. Children will enjoy playing with this exciting melee battle axe time and time again.

This is an image of a foam battle axe.

18. Optimus Prime Sword and Shield Set

If you are looking for a great toy for any young Transformers fan then this Optimus Prime Sword and Shield Set is ideal. All children will enjoy the Optimus Prime sword with its realistic and exciting battle sound effects which will enhance every battle.

The Optimus Prime Shield provides the perfect defense as it has useful elastic arm straps for easy use and ensures a comfortable fit. This battle toy set will also make a great addition to any Transformer fancy dress outfit. It is the perfect gift idea that all young children will love and is a great set that your childs friends will be envious of.

This is an image of a transformer inspired shield and sword toy.

19. Hero’s Edge Rubber Foam Axe

A foam axe with lovely detail this Hero’s Edge Rubber Foam Axe will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This 24 inch axe is a great size for playing with but will also be suitable for display collections and cosplay outfits. The axe is made from latex rubber foam and the handle is wrapped with black cord for a good grip.

A weapon melee toy that is suitable for older kids that are over 14 years old.  A great toy for fight practice that is high quality and made to last. Every kid will love to add this Hero’s Edge Axe to their battle toy collection.

This is an image of a latex rubber foam battle axe.

20. Legend of Zelda Foam Shield 

This Legend of Zelda Triforce Foam shield is a great shield for all childrens battles. With 2 adjustable arm wraps this shield can be fitted to the correct size so that it comfortably fits your child.

This foam shield is ideal for all childs play with a thickness of just over 1 inch making it easy to hold while being suitable for providing maximum defense. In an appealing light blue color all children will enjoy wearing this shield while playing with friends. The perfect gift idea for every young fan of the Legend of Zelda.

This is an image of a light blue foam shield with adjustable arm wraps.

Best Overall Buy

This Captain America Blaster Shield is our Best Overall Buy as it is a great protective Nerf riot shield with a surprise function that all kids will love. The shield has a hidden blaster giving the element of surprise and the set comes with everything needed to be able to use the Blaster Shield straight away.

It is suitable for most kids as the minimum age recommended is 5 years old and kids will continue to enjoy this item for years to come. As one of the best Nerf melee weapon sets it is a toy that kids will be able to enjoy playing with friends.

This is an image of a Captain America shield.

Best Budget Option

This Hero’s Edge Rubber Foam Axe is our best budget option melee toy as it is a great weapon toy that can have multiple uses. Older kids will enjoy playing with this Foam Axe but it is also suitable for adding to a costume or using in a display.

This Axe toy is only suitable for kids over the age of 14 years old but will provide hours of entertainment for an older kid. Everyone will enjoy the level of detail that this Hero’s Edge Axe has making it a great high quality  item.

This is an image of a latex rubber foam battle axe.

What are the Cheapest Nerf Weapons?

Nerf have a range of Melee weapon toys that come in a variety of styles and functions. The cheapest Nerf weapons will usually be the simpler starter toys that are suitable for beginners, with the more complex toys with additional functions increasing in price.

Nerf are always renewing their toy range, by making sure that the latest Nerf toys are available to purchase, which means that certain products will become rare and harder to find and this may increase their price over time.

Where to Buy Nerf Melee Weapons

There are a number of places that Nerf Melee battle toys can be purchased from. There are a number stores on the high street that stock certain Nerf products, but with the large Nerf range available you may find it difficult to quickly locate a specific product.

Alternatively, the best melee weapon Nerf products can be purchased from the internet. It is quick and easy to search for products that you are looking for and you can compare products to the Nerf website to check quality.

The internet can be particularly useful if looking for a Nerf product that has limited availability to help you to quickly track the item and find the best melee weapon by Nerf.

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How to Make Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are a collection of battle toys that are used in direct combat and is one of the ranges that Nerf produce. These melee weapons are suitable for a range of different ages from young children through to older children, with each toy being made to be as safe as possible.

This means that each toy is made from safe but durable materials that are suitable for children to use for role play. Often Nerf use foam to produce their products and to keep them lightweight, safe and durable. If making your own melee Nerf weapons diy then it is important that they are safe for any children using them.

Homemade Nerf weapons can encourage much needed quality family time making it a lovely activity to share with your children.