Top 12 Best Tech Deck Ramps 2024 – Awesome Picks

Fingerboards, especially the tech deck, have since been improved upon to create a rideable miniature skateboard. They come with unique graphics and parts like handrails, stairs, and benches, which can be used on some of the original skateboards. Read the following article and find out which are the best tech deck ramps that you can buy this year.

In addition, fingerboard skateparks can include items seen in a real skatepark such as quarter pipes, ramps, trick boxes, and any other trick-oriented object. All these features make fingerboards ideal for anyone who likes skateboarding.

Tech Deck Ramps

A fingerboard can function as a toy to skateboarding. It allows related sports professionals to envision their own skating maneuvers, as well as use them to plan out competition courses. Whether you are looking to learn skateboarding from scratch, or are a returning veteran of this pastime, or simply want to have fun, it’s safe to say that a fingerboard is exactly what you need.

With plenty of products to choose from, buying the right fingerboard decks can be a bit challenging. Read on to make an informed choice:

Best Picks in 2024

1. Sk8Shop Bonus Pack – Best Tech Deck Ramp

Sk8Shop Bonus Pack

This is the ideal choice for those who can’t decide on just one fingerboard. It has everything your child will need to ride in new and fun ways. It includes six boards that come with varying graphics styles, colors, and parts to set them up. This allows you to create different cool setups.

You can either collect the entire series or purchase a specific board separately. Some packages have hidden gold trucks, which your child will definitely love to have. Be sure to buy additional sets to increases your chances of winning.

  • It has 6 boards
  • The boards come with real graphics
  • Some packs have hidden trucks
  • Each board can be bought separately, which is great for those looking to add to their collection
  • You cannot choose which boards you prefer as it comes as a packaged set
  • Some users found it hard to assemble the wheels
  • Some users found that there weren’t enough trucks to assemble 5 additional decks


2. Fingerboard Starter Kit

Fingerboard Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with authentic graphics and several skate accessories, including 1 signature board, 1 quarter pipe, and trainer clips that allow you to learn tricks faster.

It also has a set of killer ramps to master, connectors, stairs, and rails, allowing you to build several different configurations. In addition, this 96mm fingerboard works with the Techdeck BMX, which is sold separately and comes with a signature pro board to get you started.

  • No batteries required
  • It has countless layout combinations
  • It has an urban-styled customizable ramp kit
  • Some users found it too easy to slide around on hardwood floors

3. Transforming Sk8 Container

Transforming Sk8 Container

In three simple steps, the Transforming Sk8 Container transforms from a miniature shipping container to the ultimate fingerboard skatepark. It comes with a pro board that will definitely excite your child to desire the set.

When spread out, it can create countless different obstacle configurations, including boardslide, acid drops, wave ramp, grinding, kickflip, half pipe, Ollie, spine transfers, rail, and much more. With up to 80 programmable arrangements possible, these tech deck ramps and rails are remarkably versatile.

  • 80 different configurations
  • Measures 2 feet long, giving you ample room to perfect your moves
  • Exclusive fingerboard included
  • Can be added to other decks for a bit more creative play
  • The miniature shipping container allows you to store it very well and transport it easily
  • Some users found that it wasn’t sturdy enough


4. Ultimate Half Pipe Ramp

Ultimate Half Pipe Ramp

This one has a wide variety of features that will allow you to acquire great fingerboard tricks. For starters, it has an incredible 20″long ramp set with authentic detailing that gives you enough room to blunt to fakie, burst big airs, do 50-50 grinds, ollies, kickflips, cruise on to board slides, and much more.

It also includes a pro board and a sheet of authentic graffiti-style stickers to customize your half-pipe and even create a real skatepark vibe. You can combine it with a build-a-park set and a starter kit to create your own fingerboard skatepark for some epic sessions with friends. Channel your inner pro fingerboarder with this incredible set and mix up your tricks for a killer ride.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Customizable
  • Exclusive ‘P-Rod’ pro model fingerboard
  • Can be combined with other sets
  • Has an awesome 20″ half-pipe ramp
  • One user’s fingerboard truck nut fell of easy



5. SLS Pro Series Skate Park with Rail

SLS Pro Series Skate Park with Rail

Enjoy authentic fingerboarding with these tech deck mega ramps and skateparks. The SLS Pro Series is designed based on real Street League Skateboarding (SLS) courses. It features a 96mm signature pro board, rails, and fun boxes to allow you to gain some great fingerboard tricks and fingerboard like a pro.

It also includes ramps and obstacles, which you set however you want, not to mention stickers and decals to customize your course. To create your own epic SLS course, combine this set with other SLS Pro Series Skate Park sets, which are sold separately.

  • Based on real SLS courses
  • Can be combined with other sets
  • Allows you to customize your course


6. Mini Enjoi Skateboards

Mini Enjoi Skateboards

This fingerboard skateboard offers everything you’ll need for an epic riding session. From 6 custom 96mm fingerboards to everything you need to build these boards, including stickers, trucks, tools, grip tape, and wheels, this tech deck ramp sure does bring the real deal.

Each board features legit graphics based on some of the biggest skateboard companies worldwide. One scratch and reveal deck is also included. Enjoy doing fingerboard tricks with this great fingerboard.

7. Pro Series Skate Park Quarter Pipes

Pro Series Skate Park Quarter Pipes

This is among the tech deck ramps and skateparks that are based on real SLS courses, making it just like the real deal. It features a signature 96mm pro board, two-quarter pipes, set of ramps, rail, box, sticker sheet, a channel gap, and an instruction sheet, all to allow you to get some serious air.

The ramps and the obstacles can be set in any way, while stickers and decals can be used to customize the course. Using the included additional obstacles, combine this set with other sets to create an epic SLS course. Be sure to mix up your tricks for more fun and see what moves you can pull. Lastly, you can combine two of these sets to make a larger halfpipe.

  • Customizable
  • Can be combined with other fingerboard sets


8. Build-a-Park Set

Build-a-Park Set

Test your fingerboarding skills with the Build-a-Park Set. It has a concrete finish and features a 96mm fingerboard with authentic graphics from real skating companies, as well as several skate accessories, including a fire hydrant, a trash bin, funbox, kicker ramp, grind bench, and obstacles, all of which allow you to have an awesome fingerboarding experience.

You can choose to add more sets of this kit to create the ultimate custom fingerboard skatepark. You can also combine this set with your other fingerboard collections like the BMX. There are several tutorials found online that you can follow to recreate your favorite tricks, which can help expand your skills.

  • Customizable
  • Can be combined with other sets
  • Comes in an awesome concrete looking finish
  • Suitable for kids aged 6+
  • Require no batteries


9. Tech Deck BMX Bike

Tech Deck BMX Bike


This is one of the best replica miniaturized BMX bikes on offer. It comes with a real metal frame and real BMX graphics from some of the top brands in the BMX industry. Other key features include 1 BMX finger bike, seat, pedals, and trick handlebars to easily perform awesome stunts like tailwhips and flips.

This item is available in different colors, styles, and characteristics, which vary from time to time. This miniature bike is great for practicing and doing some cool finger bike tricks. It also gives realistic details and superior performance that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Comes with real graphics styles
  • No batteries required
  • Orders are picked at random, meaning you can’t request a specific style online


10. Skate Park Kit for Finger Skateboards

Skate Park Kit for Finger Skateboards

This is without a doubt a fingerboarder's dream. It has 5 ramp parts that can be combined in any way you want to give a unique and new riding experience every time. You child will have fun creating different parks that they can use to master different fingerboard skills.

With a kit like this, assembling is part of the fun as it requires more involvement with the toy. It comes with full, easy instructions, but you'll have to purchase the assembly tool separately. It's made of ABS plastics, which are completely child-safe. This fingerboard skateboard comes with excellent training props, which are ideal for training your finger coordination. And, it can be an excellent gift for sports enthusiasts and skateboard lovers.

  • Made of high-quality material that’s safe for kids
  • 2 fingerboards are included
  • Has 5 parts that can be used to create different combinations
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some users say that it takes up too much space. Luckily, you don’t have to use all parts at once if space is an issue
  • Some users found that the connectors don’t hold the parts together


11. Starter Ramp and Board Set

Starter Ramp and Board Set

This is one of the best tech deck fingerboard ramps for beginners. You can perform any fingerboarding tricks such as grinding down the stairs and jumping off the ramp. It comes with a signature board, trainer clips to give you an easier control of the board and allow you to master it much faster, a set of killer ramps, and much more.

Each starter kit contains tons of skate accessories, including rails, a set of stairs, and quarter pipe to help build countless layout combinations. This kit can work with a Tech Deck BMX to create a more enjoyable riding experience. Be sure to check out online tutorials to recreate your favorite fingerboard tricks and expand your fingerboarding skills.

  • Can be set up in several different ways
  • Can be combined with other sets


12. Grips & Tracks X-Trem Rider Shop

Grips & Tracks X-Trem Rider Shop

This is the most complete play pack available in the market today. It’s a one-stop-shop with everything a fingerboarder needs, including finger skateboards, longboard, BMX bike, scooter, pants and socks, incline skates, and skateboard display stand. It features a mega ramp halfpipe, as well as several removable tools and accessories.

You can easily change parts and get to enjoy your finger toy according to your taste. Be sure to customize with assorted stickers and wheels. If you are not yet a professional, you’ll be on your way to becoming one with Grips & Tricks. Defy the laws of gravity today by completing multiple flips and several other fingerboard tricks, all while in the safety and comfort of your own home.

  • Includes everything a fingerboarder might need
  • Can be customized to create a different course every time you play
  • Some users found that the grips were not so firm, making it hard to do some tricks


Overall Best Buy

Mini Enjoi Skateboards

If you are looking for a classic fingerboarding experience, then one of these fingerboard ramps may be right for you. However, the Transforming Sk8 Container is the best overall, considering it allows for up to 80 different configurations.

This enables you to perform as many tricks and stunts, which in turn improve your skateboarding skills. It also offers ample space to perfect your moves and can be combined with other tech decks for more creative play. If you want a more versatile ramp, consider Grips & Tricks X-Trem Rider Shop.

Considerations When Choosing a Tech Deck Toy


Generally, toys help young children learn about the world around them. There are several considerations when it comes to picking the right toy fingerboard, including:

The Child's Age

Fingerboard decks are so small; either assembled or in parts. This poses a choking hazard, especially to young kids. The appropriate age for playing with this fingerboard is 6+ years and even then, supervision is still necessary.

Fine Motor Skills

Fingerboard decks allow wonderful exercise for the mind and fingers. Choosing one with fine motor skills will help improve your child's coordination with other things.

Exact Replicas of Real Skateboards

Techdecks are tiny versions of the regular full-sized skateboards. Be sure to get one with similar features and parts as the original version without forgetting a fingerboard skatepark. This will allow your child to plan and execute professional skater movements.


Techdecks borrow designs from popular skateboard manufacturers to make both hard plastic and wooden miniature skateboards. Both materials have their own benefits and drawbacks; however, wooden ones are preferred by many because they are natural, more tactile, more durable, and allows for more creativity during play.

Even with knowing what to consider, there are still several great tech deck ramps available in the market. Here's a list of some of the best options to get you started.



What are the Different Types of Fingerboard Toys?

There are quite a number of different fingerboard toys to suit every kind of player. They include finger skates, finger scooter, finger bikes, finger longboard, and much more. If you don't have the money to buy your child a fingerboard toy from the shop, don't worry. You can make one yourself at home.

Thanks to the several D-I-Y videos available online, homemade tech deck ramps have never been easier to make. Homemade toys are cost-effective and can be made to your child's liking. Remember, fingerboards aren't just for kids! They can be a great pastime for you as well.

What are the Benefits of Playing with a Tech Deck?

Master the Board without Facing Any Dangers

As with any wheel-based activity, many parents worry about sending their little ones on a set of wheels. A fingerboard is a perfect way to give your child a taste of the skateboarding life without putting them in danger.

Since fingerboards are miniature versions of the real skateboards, users can learn how to do different tricks and stunts just as they would on a real skateboard. Plus, fingerboarding is a sport that's risen to become more than just a hobby and today, there are competitions that your child can be part of.

To Enhance Development

The simple manipulation of a fingerboard improves your child's motor function, hand-eye coordination, and muscle coordination. Users will have to assemble parts, arrange, and then use props to do tricks and stunts.

Here their imagination abilities are utilized, thereby improving their overall cognitive function. Lastly, their social skills are improved when they play with others.

Are There Similarities Between Fingerboards and Skateboards?

One of the great things about fingerboards is how much they share in common with regular skateboards. For starters, both pieces of equipment are designed using the same graphics styles and have similar parts, including wheels, deck, grip tape, truck, and tools to help assemble and fasten the parts.

Another great similarity is that all the tricks and stunts are done the exact same way on both items.

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