Top 10 Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruisers 2024

In the globe of skateboards, there are different types of boards that provide a cool, unique, and amusing riding experience. There are penny boards, electric skateboards, and longboards. For today, we will review the miniature skateboard, the penny boards that come in three different sizes.

Penny boards are made for commuting and cruising primarily, and provide an excellent compromise between ultimate smooth and portability, easy riding. Here, we have rounded up the best penny boards mini cruisers skateboards available in the market currently. Read on and get the right penny board cruiser for your child who probably wants to become the next Tony Hawk.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Penny Boards and Mini Cruisers

Kid on Penny Board

Here are things a parent with no knowledge about penny boards mini cruiser should consider when buying one.

Complete setups with replaceable spare parts

Complete setups are superfine for kids as they will save you from making a mistake of purchasing incompatible components.


Be realist here; how much are you willing to pay for a penny skate? Premium and durable design is something you will have to compromise in case you have a controlled budget.

Durability and performance

You have to consider the quality of components such as bearings, trucks, and wheels. Your kid needs a penny board mini cruiser with decent specifications for safety. A quality deck board is also important.

Correct size and age

There are a number of different Penny board sizes available in the market. Mini cruiser is perfect as it offers superior control and safety for the beginner kids. The 22 inches long mini cruisers are ideal as they offer a smooth ride to your kid.


Consider the design and graphics that allow your child to show off to stand out from his or her friends.

If any of your child’s friends skate

If so, it should be a great guide on what your kid expects. You don’t have to purchase the same type of skateboard they have, but at least buy penny skate board that is equivalent. Children learn fast and have fun when they skate together.

Top Picks for 2024

Cool penny boards for kids and adults are making a comeback in the market. The smaller boards are flexible and light, which makes them great for speed. They also have super-tough plastic deck material making them perfect. Grab one for your kid to have an amusing riding experience this year.

1. MEKETEC Mini Cruiser Skateboard

MEKETEC has plenty of skin designs for selection, your kid’s color and imagination preference are limitless. A colorful skateboard will appeal your kid to play longer. The skateboard is of high-quality and value guaranteeing stability and safety to your child.

The board is light, small, and strong for your kid to carry to the road, park or school. Its plastic deck has anti-slippery and it also has smooth 78A wheels and truck. This skateboard has high speed, ABEC-7, which is okay for most kids as long as you keep a close eye on your kid.this is an image of a 22 inch Meketec Mini Cruise Retro Skateboard, ,

2. ENKEEO Youth Skateboard Mini

If your child is ready for more challenges, ENKEEO Youth skateboard Mini should be your go-to. It is a fully assembled cruiser designed for your convenience. The skateboard is compact but very strong: it can withstand up to about 220lbs, making it excellent for kids, teens, and adults. Simply put it fits everyone. Most parents find it enjoyable and cool to cruise around with their kids, which is a great idea.

This mini cruiser has gorgeous and colorful design skins for selection. The sturdy deck is constructed with bendable and durable polypropylene to last longer, which adds comfort and stability to your kid’s riding experience. It has long-lasting 4 casters made of quality resistant PU; they are durable for long-term usage. They are also soft and large to support skateboarding on a different surface. this is an image of a 22-inch plastic banana skateboard for kids and beginners.

3. Eggboard Cruiser Mini Longboard

This skateboard is designed for all levels; pros and beginners. It has a little carver that ends up to be everyone’s best friend. A few rides will be enough for a child to get used to the large wheels and small deck. The skateboard is great as a fun kid’s board for practicing and a cruiser for adults to move around.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards is made of robust bamboo wood. The manufacturer put in efforts to make the skateboard last longer. The deck will not fall apart like other plastic pennies that wiggle, or bend. It can hold up to 300 lbs.

This skateboard is portable and very stable. It is smaller than most skateboards making it fit everywhere: travel carry on, bag, locker, and backpack. It also has soft longboard wheels that offer smooth rides while your child is cruising around. The quality bushings and performance bearing ABEC-9 allow speed going downhill.

this is an image of a19 inch Eggboards in bamboo wood and longboard wheels for adults and kids.

4. Landwalker Cruiser Skateboard

The penny board designs and colors of this skateboard are professional, attractive, and cool. It gives the clients a different feeling and a different color that will suit your kid’s preference. The banana board is a carrying tool and not a plaything. Your child can carry his or her luggage. Despite that, the child can easily place as well as bring.

This skateboard has high-quality PU wheels in that the child can play at night or during the day. It has super smooth 78A PU wheels that can suit various occasions, taking of U-shape, park, and street ground. The skateboard is light and small, it can fit into a regular sized backpack. Adults and teens can also cruise for fun.

The Landwalker complete skateboard has a T-tool that can aid you to repair your kid’s board when you need. The deck material is durable, firm, and has a thick aluminum truck.

this is an image of a 22 inch Landwalker banana cruiser galaxy skateboard for kids.

5. Flybar Custom Skateboard with Non-Slip Deck

This skateboard comes as a fully assembled complete board relieving you from worrying about how to put all the parts together. The deck material is super strong with a high impact injection molded plastic that offers the kid the strength and flex for quality and smooth rides.

The skateboard has high-quality flybar parts to offer the best ride possible to all level skaters. It has medium bushings and aluminum trucks that allow a smooth cruise and turn. The good bit is that the ABEC-7 bearings guarantee an effortless and speedy ride. It also has soft wheels, 85A PU, for your convenience.

The Flybar skateboard is easy for commuting and travel. Your child can easily store it in a backpack. A teen or an adult who is either a pro or a beginner can enjoy this plastic cruiser as well. The wheels are also sturdy and bright, and the kid can grow with it: it can hold weight.

this is an image of a 22-inch multiple color non slip deck plastic cruiser skateboard. ,

6. Skitch Complete 22 Inch Skateboard Mini Cruiser

The whole set includes a skate tool, a complete penny board 22 inch mini cruiser, a tote bag, and board backpack; such a great and a rare deal. Right?

Skitch Premium Skateboard has an attractive color and design, guaranteeing the best value for your hard-earned money. It is suitable for all ages. However, it’s highly recommended for kids to commence learning at an early age.

This skateboard has a flexible and stable deck to stand on allowing your kid to maneuver. It has a slightly smaller retro aluminum truck, 3.25 inches, that reduces the weight. The kid can easily carry it along with the neat bags. It has a well-functioning anti-slippery pattern that offers children’s safety. The board has plenty of professional, attractive and cool designs.

Don’t worry about the speed bearings, ABEC-9. They are chrome adjustable and steel bearing to optimize the amount of speed you desire. Keep in mind that the set has the skate for you to experiment. For these reasons, Skitch brand has an excellent reputation for making valuable and high-quality penny cruiser.

this is an image of a 22-inch Skitch mini cruiser board, skateboard backpack, skate tool and tote bag for beginners.

7. RIMABLE Skateboard Pick

This is a reliable skateboard for kids, age 4 to 7, as they try to further their cruising skills. Rimable Skateboard offers plenty of skin designs for your child to select his or her favorite. Still keeping a great decent size of 22×6 inches.

The plastic desk can allow quick response to force and impacts coming from the heels, which aids the child to get customized when it comes to controlling the deck for his or her simple tricks. It has designs anti-slippery patterns that prevent unintentionally injuries and accidents. The deck can also last longer against the wet and moisture environment if your kid wants to skate after it rains. The great features make RIMABLE the best penny board for your convenience.

this is an image of a 22-inch Rimable plastic cruiser.

8. Merkapa Skateboard for Beginners

This skateboard is popular and preferred for its great light-up wheels. Its plastic deck is 6” wide, and 22” long. The vibrant color designs and graphics. The good bit is that the wheels have LED lights, which run without batteries and don’t require charging. Problem solved for those who mind the added expenses that come with the light-up wheels. Simply tighten the crew cap in case the wheels stop lighting.

The maximum load ability of this skateboard is less than 180 LB; adults and youths below 82kgs can enjoy cruising around with it as well. It has soft wheels with super fine abrasion and shock absorption resistance, more comfort, and great grip. The base and V-truck, 3.25,” have a heavy-duty quality aluminum with ABEC-7 bearings.

this is an image of a 22-inch pink skateboard with colorful LED light up wheels for beginners.

this is an image of a 22-inch Rimable plastic cruiser.

9. Magneto Short Board Cruiser

The Magneto Short Board Cruiser has it all. It is suitable for all ages, but highly recommended for kids, short teens, or short adults; or anyone who needs a shortboard. This board is a head-turner that has a natural bold black graphics and wood finish on the bottom. It is ultra-portable and it is made for cruising around given its design and size.

This skateboard is lightweight and durable, keeping your child rolling for years. It has trucks that are made from gravity cast aluminum, and the bushings and wheels are cast in SHR polyurethane: it is made to last. It is portable and you can carry it around when not in use.

Despite that, it lacks grip tape, but it is great enough for getting from one point to another and heavy cruising. It also has double kick tails that offer more fun and versatility. This skateboard aids to facilitate traditional skateboarding styles.

this is an image of a Magneto mini cruiser skaterboard for kids, teens and adults.

10. MoBoard Classic Lightweight Mini Skateboard Cruiser

This skateboard comes fully assembled with a wide variety of colorful styles that suits kids, teens, and adults. The boards are made with high-quality material, which is long-lasting with ABEC-7 bearings, 3-inch lightweight aluminum trunks, and 59mm urethane wheels build to last as well as endure everyday use. Its weight ability is 220 lbs. or 100kg.

The skateboard has interchangeable wheelsets that add a personal look or style to your kid’s board with different colors and sizes skateboard wheels, which swap out easily with its T-tool sets. Your kid can easily carry the skateboard around on his or her backpack or bag; it is light yet very strong.

MoBoard Classic Lightweight Mini Skateboard Cruiser has unique, cool, attractive, and nice designs, and very convenient for that pro or beginner skater. It can be a great gift to that child, teen, or adult in love with this extreme sporting.

this is an image of a 27-inch Moboard red vintage style skateboard.

Best Pick Overall

The MEKETEC skateboard is the best overall and offers great design and features. This well-build skateboard has smooth wheels for easy riding. The overall stability is great and the deck is essentially small compared with some. The turning is smooth making it a great gift for both the intermediate or the beginner skateboarder. It also has a pocket-friendly price.this is an image of a 22 inch Meketec Mini Cruise Retro Skateboard, ,

Best Budget Buy

The Flybar Custom Skateboard with Non-Slip Deck is an excellent deal and offers quality and features one come to expect from a mini cruiser. This penny board price is reasonable, coming in at the low-end price in this brief review. The design is admirable and it is suitable for the advanced and beginner riders.

this is an image of a 22-inch multiple color non slip deck plastic cruiser skateboard. ,

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