11 Best Toys for 4 Month Old Baby 2024 – Learning Toys

Are you trying to find a suitable baby toy for a four-month baby boy or girl? Are you wondering what to get a 4-month-old for Christmas? Or what are good toys for 4-month-olds? Here in this review of the best developmental toys for 4 month old babies, we would be answering those pertinent questions and also looked at some of the safest and educational and age appropriate toys for 4 month old babies.

A baby at four months can clench and open their fists. At this age, the baby can also grasp something and change it between their hands. The eyesight is also very strong, and bright colors attract them. Good toys for 4 month old children are therefore ideal at this stage of growth, and they can keep your baby entertained for long periods.

Most parents are concerned about taking care of their child by ensuring they have food, their diapers are changed, and they sleep adequately. But did you know that for proper growth your baby needs more than just basic provisions? Yes, your baby needs help to develop their motor, cognitive, and social skills.

Toys for babies have been known to be the best tools for such learning. However, as you buy toys for infants, ensure that they are age-appropriate. Here you will learn about appropriate 4 month old baby toys. But first, what are the considerations before purchasing these awesome pastimes?

Considerations when Picking Learning Toys for a 4 Month Old Baby

Learning Toys for a 4 Month Old Baby

Babies at four months love putting things in their mouths. It is therefore important to ensure that the toys for babies are safe for play. The toys for babies should, therefore, be large enough such that they cannot cause choking. Did you know that choking-related accidents are the leading cause of death in infants? If the toy is large enough, read the instructions to see whether the plastic is lead-free.

Some plastics are made of toxic materials that can cause poisoning. If you are looking to help your little one have fun and be occupied through the day, you should get your little one 4 month old development toys, these 4 month old activities toys have been proven by parents and guardians to keep their babies happy all day. The best toys for infant are those that strike a balance among all the important factors.


At one point or another, the baby will most likely hit the toy against their face, or the toy may fall on their toes. As such, the toy should be light enough so that the impact caused is insignificant. It is very important for 4 month toys to pose as little threat to the safety of your little one. 4 month old toys should be to help your baby have fun, but not at the expense of safety.

Age Appropriateness

There is nothing as frustrating for a parent than buying your baby a toy and they can’t play with it. If the toy is too challenging for them to use, it may end up in the closet for later use.

As a parent or guardian, you want to make sure you do not buy toys for 6 months old babies for your 3 months old baby. 6 months old toys are very likely to be more complex and would be no help in making your child relax. It may not be surprising in the future to find that the baby is disinterested in said toy. The toy should also be challenging enough for the baby to remain engaged.

Simple to use

The best toys for a baby are those simple to use. Toys for four month old that require little to no help from the parent are best enjoyed by babies. 4 month baby toys

Furthermore, at four months your baby’s mobility is somehow limited. In the future, he or she may use the toy as a prop in other games. Simple toys can be thrown up and down easily. They are also easy on the tiny hands for grasping.

Top Learning Toys for Babies

Below, you will find over 10 best toys for 4 month old baby which are age-appropriate and safe. They will help your baby to have fun!

1. iPlay iLearn Plush Rattles Set

The rattles are made of soft material and are suitable even for babies as young as 3 months old and as old as 6 months. Some of these rattles are meant for grasping while others can be put on the wrist. The colours of the toys offer the best contrast for developing your baby’s visual skills. The sounds produced by the toys help stimulate hearing. You as the parent can also be part of playtime with your baby by improvising the toys to act as a puppet. Babies will love this kind of interaction too.

The toy comes with safe storage that you can use to store away the toys once the baby is done playing. If you are concerned about hygiene, the rattles are easy to hand wash or machine wash. If you are not sure about the best toys to offer a child who is four months old, rattles are an excellent choice.

This is an image of plush baby soft rattles set by iPlay,iLearn

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2. Lamaze Cloth Book for Babies

The Peek a Boo storybook is the best book for babies who are four months. It is one of the coolest 4 month old christmas gifts. The pages are made of soft cloth. It has vibrant colours that stimulate vision in babies. The toy also produces crinkle sounds, and it has a soft texture that a baby would enjoy touching. It shows animals such as an owl and a bear.

The cover is also one that a baby would love because it has a 3D picture of an owl covered in soft fur. This Lamaze Cloth Book should be every child’s first book because it will help to enhance their motor, touch, visual, and cognitive skills. Furthermore, it offers you a chance to play with your baby as you read out the story to them.

This is an image of peek a boo forest by Lamaze

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3. iPlay iLearn 10 Piece Rattle Set

The toy is composed of 10 brightly coloured pieces. Each piece has a unique texture to improve your baby’s tactile skills. The colour contrast of the pieces enables the baby to track each toy using their eyes. The pieces have sounds that stimulate the baby’s senses. Other than being used as a play tool, the baby can also use the pieces as a teether to relieve itchy gums.

It is BPA free and can be easily cleaned. This is one of the excellent toys for 4 month old girl and also one of the many gifts for 4 month old baby boy. The pieces come with safe storage where you can keep them away after the baby is done playing. The iPlay iLearn 10 Piece Rattle is one of the best teething toys for a four-month-old child and makes a perfect gift for a baby shower.

This is an image of educational toys for babies up to 6 years old kids by iPlay iLearn

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4. Manhatten Toy Winkel Rattle

“How do I keep my 4 month old entertained?” The answer is the Manhatten Rattle. The toy is made up of tubes that are intertwined together to help keep the child engaged. It is perfect in helping your child learn how to coordinate both hands. The tubes are BPA and PVC free and are safe for chewing.

Another upside to the Manhatten Rattle is that your child gets to grow with it, from as young as 3 months to as old as 6 months. Cleaning of the toy is easy and does not require any boiling. The Manhatten Toy Winkel Rattle is an award-winning toy, and most parents have agreed that the toy is perfect for their little one. So why not buy your kid this amazing toy for better growth and development?

This is an image of Winkel rattle and sensory teether toy by Manhattan Toy

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5. Splashin’ Kids Tummy Time Mat

The toy is ideal for both boys and girls aged three months and above. The mat is made of PVC and does not leak water or air. To set up the toy, all you need to do is fill the outer ring with air and the inner one with water. Once filled with water, the mat reveals some floating toys in the water. The eye-catching graphics on the mat will keep your child entertained as they try to catch the animals or tap on them.

As your infant reaches out to the floating animals, it is a win-win situation, because they can have some tummy time. Research has shown that babies who enjoy some tummy time rarely have tummy aches caused by gas. The mat also acts as one of the best activity centres for your child because it has ample space where they can turn, make noises, and just have fun.

This is an image of nflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat Infants By Splashin'Kids

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6. Classic Sophie la Girafe Teether

Sophie makes a perfect toy and best teether for a four-month-old. This is an example of the few right toys for 4 month old boy. The giraffe is made of chewable rubber made from safe material obtained from the Hevea tree. The ears, legs, and horns are soft enough for a child to chew. You need not worry about choking because the toy is large enough so it cannot be a risk to your child.

Each part of Sophie is painted uniquely using food paint that can fade away. The toy is easy to clean and BPA free. Sophie has been a favourite toy in most families for over 55 years. You may have also been lucky enough to have her as a toy when you were growing up.

This is an image of teether toy sophie la girafe by Vulli

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7. Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the firefly has a mirror at the top and wings that make crinkle sounds. What’s more, the toy has a clip that you can use to clip it onto the car seat or the bed. The mirror helps babies focus as they learn how to explore their faces. The toy is BPA and phthalate free and can be cleaned easily. Freddie the firefly does not only act like a toy, but he also has a ladybug teether that babies love chewing on.

It is large enough so it cannot cause any choking accidents. The colours of Freddie the firefly are bright and offer contrast for developing eyesight. It is recommended for babies at four months. This is an example of the best toys for 4 months baby girl.

This is an image of freddie the firefly toy by Lamaze

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8. Ike & Leo Teething Toys

If you want toys your child can still enjoy when he ages, and you are wondering ‘What kind of toys should my 5 month old have?’ Then you have hit the jackpot, as this teething toy is awesome for children as young as 3 months and as old as 6 months. The teething toys by Ike and Leo offer the best choice for babies who love putting everything into their mouths.

The teethers are made of rubber that is easy to chew. They are also easy to grasp and have a soft texture. For safety, the toys can be clipped onto your baby’s clothing, stroller, or carrier where they can easily reach out for them. Cleaning of the pieces is easy, and they are BPA free and do not create a choking hazard. These toys are the best bet for any parent who is concerned about their child putting everything into their mouth.

This is an image of teething trees by ike & leo

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9. Fisher Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

This toy is a combination of different pieces all aimed towards helping your child achieve motor skills as well as entertain them to reduce fussiness. It has a playmat with loops to attach toys. The mat can easily be cleaned by hand washing it or using a machine. The mat is then attached to a piano that your child can touch using feet when lying on the tummy, sitting or lying on their backs.

The piano has 15 minutes long continuous music and can also produce real notes if it is touched. When the child touches the piano, the large keys light up which helps babies focus. The toy comes with a mirror, a teether shaped like an elephant, a lion rattle, and a crinkling panda. The piano also produces animal songs and is the best learning toy for a four-month-old child.

This is an image of kick and play piano gym for kids by Fisher-Price

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10. Baby Einstein Musical Explorer

The Einstein Musial Explorer has been shaped like a turtle and is a perfect musical toy for a four months old kid. The buttons are large enough for a child to touch. The toy produces music and lights upon the baby’s touch.

The songs are interesting and can get your child singing along as they grow older. The sound made by the toy is not annoying for parents, and they can sing along as they play with the child. It is a perfect gift for your friend’s child or for your own.

This is an image of musical toy with melodies and lights for baby aged 3 months up by Baby Einstein

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11. EvenFlo ExerSaucer

The toy has two stages of use depending on the baby’s height and offers over 20 fun activities for your child to engage in. The toy is made of many pieces that are placed on a frame around it. The seat is comfortable and the bottom is made of spring to enhance the core muscles as the child learns to bounce. Once the child is tired of playing with a toy, they can turn at a 360 degrees angle to view other interesting toys.

The pieces are bright and are made of different colours, shapes, and numbers to enhance learning in your young child. These toys make the perfect child shower gift or your baby’s first toy.

This is an image of double fun soucer for baby by Evenflo

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Complete Guide

Developmental Milestones of a Four Month Infant

The four-month mark is significant for most parents because by then the child can sleep for longer hours at night. Besides, you can even predict their sleeping and feeding routines making it more settling for you. By this time, it is expected that your child has also doubled their birth weight and may even weigh more.

However, if your child was born prematurely, no need to worry, they will also achieve their milestones eventually. Your child is also likely to develop sleep regression which is nothing to worry about as it will go away soon. Here is what to expect from your child at four months in terms of development:

  • Grasps toys or even the caregiver’s hands.
  • Rolls from tummy to back and vice versa.
  • Holds up their head when held.
  • Reaches out for objects within their reach.
  • Follows movements using their eyes.
  • Brings their little hands to the mouth.
  • Baby tries to communicate through cooing.
  • Mimics expressions such as smiling and frowning.

What are the Benefits of Play for Babies Aged 4 Months? 

Playing is the best therapy for children because :

Playing enhances learning

As your child plays with brightly coloured toys, shapes, and numbers, they learn how to count, differentiate colours, and shapes from a young age.

Play enhances social skills

As a child interacts with toys and plays with parents or older siblings, they learn how to socialize and live with people.

Play develops cognitive skills

At four months, your child’s brain is developing. By playing, a child learns to remember things. No wonder your infant will cry whenever they see you holding their toy because they know it is theirs.

Playing teaches speech skills

Most games involve singing, reading or counting. As you continue singing along or reading out loud, your child listens. He or she will surprise you by repeating what she hears.

Playing helps babies develop motor skills

During play time, a child learns to move different parts of the body. Toys, for instance, are uniquely designed to enhance different motor skills such as moving hands, fingers, grasping, curling toes and so much more.

However, even as you expose your child to playing activities, ensure that the playing space is safe and free from obstacles that can cause injuries. It is also recommended that babies at four months should be supervised as they play.

Overall Best Buy

The Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is the overall best buy because it offers stimulation for various senses. The piano produces sounds that thechild loves and has keys for the child to touch. The toy also offers a play mat for the child where they can have some tummy time.

It also has a teether to soothe aching gums and a mirror for self-discovery. This toy is the best because it offers an all-around play for the child stimulating different parts of the body. It can be offered as a gift or bought for your young one.


Toys for a four-month-old child should be safe because they love putting small objects in their mouths. They should be age appropriate and simple to use. All the toys listed above are suitable for a child at four months to enhance learning, social, and cognitive skills.

At four months, a child should be in a position to roll from their backs to their tummies, grasp objects, support their heads, coordinate their eyes to follow objects and movements, and make facial expressions such as smiles and frowns.

At four months, the child should also have doubled the weight they were born with. The child should be introduced to safe toys to engage them. Besides, being active reduces fussiness in babies which allows parents time to rest. However, infants should not be left to play unsupervised to avoid accidents such as cuts or even choking.

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