5 Cool Kids Playing Piano on YouTube

There’s no better time than childhood to get your kids into music, and buying a piano for children can be a brilliant first instrument that sets them of on a life time of musical discovery.

For parents who don’t have any background in music, it sometimes seems a bit daunting to buy your little one a piano, especially if you don’t play one yourself.  Well, we’ve already got that covered with our selection of cool tips to help teach piano for children.

Baby Plays Piano

Regardless of how old they are or how good they get with it, the piano is always going to be a fun way for them to spend some time and make a little noise.  Look at this little rascal having a great time bashing the keys and singing along to her own made up songs



2 Year Old Baby Plays Piano

But the piano is not just something to bash and make a racket with.  Even children as young as 2 years old can start to get the hang of it.  This little 2-year-old is having a great time with her toddler piano. She’s definitely not at Beethoven’s level yet, but she really loves playing and practicing, and we’re sure she’ll get there pretty soon.


Amazing 3 Year Old Plays Piano

With a good teacher, enough practice and a lot of encouragement from their parents, even a toddler can play something really impressive on the piano.  It is also a great way for them to express themselves, and they learn that sharing their music with the rest of the family is really a precious gift.  Watch this video of little Charlotte playing a wonderful birthday song for her mum.


Top 5 Amazing Kids Piano Street Performance

Finally, once children are a little older and have really gotten the hang of things, they can shock you with just how good they’ve become.  This video shows 5 amazing older kids really getting busy on the piano and showing the professionals how it should be done!


Great Balls of Fire

Who knows, if you start your kids of with a toy piano when they are young, they might be rocking the masses by the time they are teens.  This little rocker wound up on National Television with his stunning rendition of the classic Great Balls of Fire, and maybe someday your kid could too.


And that’s only us scratching the surface of the cool kids playing piano on Youtube.  Go and have a search for yourself.