Crack Kills – Sewing Tutorial to Get Rid of Gaping Spot

Maybe it’s just me and my body shape, but a lot of my jeans have that giant gaping spot in the back. It’s like a canyon between my bum and the back of the pants. This is what I’m talking about. On some pants, it’s worse than others.

I tucked a shirt in so you wouldn’t have to see more of me than you want to 🙂

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me because I’ve caught some crack with quite a few teenage girls. Hot? No. Nasty? Yes. Anyhow, enough about that. We’re going to fix it today. Here’s how….

I took some 1/2 inch elastic and I cut a strip to be about 6 inches long. I sewed it on, but let me explain how.

I started at the middle and sewed to the end using a zigzag stitch. As I sewed I pulled the elastic quite tightly while I let the denim layer feed through the machine normally. Then I did the same thing again. I started in the middle and sewed to the other edge.

This made it so that the elastic was centered and I didn’t stitch through the belt loops on the other side. Lastly, I did one stitch in the middle, also making sure not to stitch through the belt loops.

Now I don’t have to bulk up with a belt. You can’t really see the stitching, since I used navy thread. Best of all, now the Grand Canyon is the only canyon people are staring at.

EXTRA INFO: This works best with lighter-weight denim. I haven’t tried it on really heavy denim yet. To really get even more pull inward, you could try a wider elastic and sew two lines along with it.

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