20 Best Frozen 2 Gifts For Girls (Elsa and Anna Toys) in 2024

Is your child a huge Disney Frozen fan and your wondering where to buy frozen toy sets? If so, you’ve come to the right place for all the inspiration you need when selecting a new toy for them. In our guide below, you’ll find a range of Frozen gifts for girls including favorite characters from the film, creative sets and, more. All of the toys below have been added to this guide based on their fantastic features and uniqueness. Outside of the Frozen movie sequel, there is a range of frozen girl toys out there.

From adorable plush toys to Frozen kitchen play sets, there is lots for your child to enjoy within this theme. You may be surprised at the wide range of brilliant Elsa frozen toys.

Considerations choosing Frozen 2 Toys & Gifts

Below before we dive into the selection here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind before buying a new frozen toy:

Budget – First things first, budget. When buying any new toy you’ll want to keep the price tag at the forefront of your priorities. Whether you have a high-end or smaller budget, you’ll find a range of disney frozen kids toys that meet your requirements.

Age Recommendation – You should always think about age recommendations when selecting a toy for a child. Be clear on this from the get-go and you won’t run into any issues further down the line. Don’t buy older children’s toys for toddler ages as this goes against the safety rules set.

Characters – The Frozen movies feature several different characters including Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. If your child has a favorite character you may want to find a gift that features him or her.

Personality – Every child has his or her own personality and choosing toys for them is an especially great way to honor this.  From Frozen accessories packed into cute boxes for dressing up to activity kits, there are lots of cool toys to choose from.

Learning – Kids can learn from interacting with frozen toy sets just as they can with any other toys. Think about whether you want to buy a skill-building toy for your child as we give many options in our review below. From constructing castles made of magnet blocks to learning to play guitar, these toys are fantastic for learning.

Top 10 Frozen Toys for Girls

Here is our selection of the top frozen girls toys in 2024. We’ve tried to offer an option for every age range, budget, and personality so that your little one will have a delightful new toy to add to their collection.

1. Elsa Lego Jewelry Box

This beautiful frozen gift for girls is brought to you by LEGO and offers both creative play and skills to learn. Your little girl is guaranteed to love constructing this awesome Elsa box that can be used to store all of her jewelry pieces. Included in this set are also 2 LEGO toy rings that can be worn when dressing up. Beautifully designed, this elsa stuff themed toy is a great arts and craft activity that can be enjoyed for hours on end, while helping to encourage STEM skills. The finished jewelry box is going to provide lots of imaginative play and it comes with lots of pretty features including a drawer and lock, mirror, and turntable for a little Elsa doll. Suitable for children ages 6 years and above, this is one of the best frozen 2 gifts we’ve come across. The 300 piece set will require a certain level of patience and when built it measures over 9 inches high and 5 inches wide making it a perfect piece of decor for any Frozen themed room.


This is an image of LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168


2. Cute Princess Umbrella

While this next gift idea isn’t taken directly from the Frozen movies, it still carries a Princess theme and is super practical too. If you’re hoping to spend a little less, this pretty umbrella could be an ideal choice. Rainy days will be brightened up with this lovely umbrella that features a friendly mermaid princess. With 3D elements, characters are brought to life when held above for protection against the rain. Features of this umbrella include a comfortable curved handle that is easy to hold and a wrap-around hook allowing for easy closure when not in use. Made out of 100% polyester, this umbrella is of great quality and won’t be broken easily in the wind.

This is an image of Stephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrella


3. Frozen Girl Jewelry Set

Next up on our list of frozen gift ideas is this adorable jewelry making set that includes 5 charms and necklaces. If your little girl loves dressing up she is sure to enjoy interacting and playing with this kit which includes all the favorite characters from the movies. Featuring Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, there is so much lovely creative play to be had with this set as your girl creates her own wearable accessories. This is a great inexpensive birthday gift idea or it can be used if you’re seeking frozen character toys for a themed birthday party for friends. All 5 necklaces come packaged in a handy carry case which keeps everything neat and in place when not in use. Shaped like a snowflake and with a frozen themed handle, this case can also be used to store other items if your little girl wants to hand out the necklaces.

This is an image of Tara Toys Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set, 12808

4. Frozen 2 Arts Activity Tote

This is one of the loveliest frozen toys for toddlers we’ve come across as not only does it encourage creativity, it also provides your little girl with a brand new bag accessory. Featuring pretty Elsa on the front of the bag inside there is everything you need to get creative with a number of different activities which include coloring, art, stickers, magnets, and much more. Your girl will love coloring in the different Frozen 2 scenes and will have heaps of fun with all of the frozen 2 gifts inside. At the end of playing, everything can be stored inside of the bag for the next time. This is a fantastic frozen toy set for any fan of the Disney movie.


This is an image of Disney Frozen 2 Activity Tote, 95199


5. Frozen 2 Cosmetics Set

This new frozen toy isn’t actually a toy, rather a cosmetic set in which your little girl can get creative. Included are different lipglosses with various flavors including cherry, bubblegum, grape, and strawberry. Each lipgloss applies smoothly and will moisturize lips thanks to natural ingredients suitable for ages 3 years and above. Other items in these fabulous toys of frozen set include lovely lip glosses, nail polishes, and cute Princess themed stickers too. Your girl will enjoy the hours of creative play that this set brings to her and friends. This is a fantastic option for any themed party or sleepover and is sure to give plenty to choose from with a range of different products.


This is an image of Townley Girl Disney Frozen 2 Super Sparkly Cosmetic Set with Lip Gloss, Nail Polish and Nail Stickers


6. Princess Shoe Set And Accessories

This mega Princess gift is a lovely addition to any girl’s dressing up collection. With 4 pairs of different shoes to choose from, with each having their own style, there is plenty of dressing up to do! Included in this bundle are accompanying accessories including bangles, earrings, and a crown that come with a storage box to keep the jewels safe at all times. This dressing up kit will help your little girl to feel like the Princess she is and will boost their confidence as they dress up and play. The cute pink colors and awesome box only add further to the great value for money that this set offers.

This is an image of ToyVelt Princess Dress Up & Play Shoe and Jewelry Boutique (Includes 4 Pairs of Shoes + Multiple Fashion Accessories)


7. Elsa Bedding Set

While this gift idea isn’t one of many frozen 2 toys, it’s a lovely idea for any Frozen-themed bedroom. Featuring a large image of Elsa on the front, this bedding set reads “My Destiny Is Calling” and uses a pretty color palette of blues, pinks, and purple. Made of soft cotton, the bed set is high quality and comfortable to sleep in. Included is one single duvet cover and a pillowcase meaning that your little girl can sleep soundly like a Princess every night.


This is an image of Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Plush Throw, 46” x 60”, Disney Frozen 2

8. Magnet Castle Construction Set

Next up is a fantastic magnet castle construction set that is sure to keep your girl entertained for hours on end. With hundreds of pieces, the magnetic blocks can be built up into a Princess tower and in doing so your child will actively be improving their STEM skills. Brightly colored in pastel shades, this set comes with a fantastic storage box ensuring minimal mess. Skills that will be built while building include coordination, attention, and critical thinking to name just a few. The different shaped blocks allow for complete creativity and are made of strong, durable plastic that is non-toxic. This toy is recommended for children ages 3 years and above and the set comes with 103 pieces in total.


This is an image of Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set


9. Frozen Create And Color Set

Does your little girl love to get creative with art? If so, she will love this baby frozen game suitable for ages 5 and above. Included in the set are a range of fantastic art materials each of which is made using quality materials for complete peace of mind. The frozen 2 themed set includes watercolors, metallic crayons, glitter glue tubes, a brush, stampers, coloring pages, paper sheets, stickers, decorative stickers, and a handy storage case featuring Elsa and Anna on the front. This shimmery, pretty art set includes a portable case that will keep art supplies organized and easily accessible at all times. Encourage your child to unleash their inner creativity with this wonderful and trustworthy Crayola set!

This is an image of Crayola Frozen 2 Art Set, Arts & Crafts, Gift for Kids, Ages 5, 6, 7, 8


10. Disney Frozen Walkie Talkies

If you’re seeking unique elsa and anna toys from the Frozen movie, this awesome walkie talkie set is sure to be appreciated by your little girl. The pair of walkie talkie devices are colored white with lovely snowflakes and an image of the characters on the front. Easy to use, the button is simply held down to communicate and the toys operate within a large range for plenty of flexibility. This is a great addition to any frozen 2 toys collection. For a toy that’s slightly different to the usual, your girl will enjoy using these devices to play games and communicate remotely to friends during a party or meeting. Lightweight in design and it comes with a lighting up feature when in use, these walkie talkies are a unique gift for a birthday or Christmas.

This is an image of girl's 2 way radio long range walkie talkie with frozen theme

11. Princess Dress Up

If your girl is a fan of dressing up as her favorite Disney characters, why not gift her this wonderful frozen dressing up set? Included in the bundle is a beautiful blue dress with flowers embellished on the front, a silver crown with a heart jewel, a snowflake wand, a clip in braid and, gloves. Your girl will have everything she needs to be Elsa for the day at a birthday party! All of the items included are made of great quality materials and are safe for little ones for complete peace of mind. Your child will love being able to dress up as her favorite Princess even without an occasion to do so!

This is an image of girl's chili princess costumes birthday party dress in blue color


12.  Disney Frozen Figurines Set

This fantastic piece of frozen merchandise comes with a total of 10 characters from the Frozen films! Encouraging creative play, your girl will get to recreate all of her favorite scenes from the movies starring the two Princesses Anna and Elsa. Made using high-quality plastic materials that are non-toxic, little ones will love the detailing on each character. As one of the most diverse frozen movie toys we’ve found, this set is great for any little Princess who enjoys imaginary play. We recommend this toy as a stocking filler or birthday party activity too.

This is an image of disney frozen figure play set in colorful colors


13.  Magical Snow Globe Wand

Your little girl can play all the instrumental versions of the songs found in the Frozen 2 movie with this incredible snow globe wand. With its magical powers and as one of the most unique frozen activity sets we’ve found, there is lots of fun to be had with this pretty accessory. Listen to ‘Into The Unknown’ and wave the scepter revealing a flurry of snow as it swirls around sisters Anna and Elsa. Suitable for children ages 3 years and above, the wand comes with lots of pretty detailing and sound effects for so much fun all day long. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries to power up the wand and feel its magical effects.

This is an image of girl's musical snow wand costume prop


14. Let It Go Book

Are you look for Elsa stuff specifically? This is the perfect gift for any girl who loves the Frozen Princess Elsa as they’ll get to bring out their inner Princess too. Through interacting with 5 different buttons, each with its own effects, your little girl can hear beautiful songs including ‘Let It Go’. The 6th button on the book allows your girl to hear this song being sung by Elsa herself for a truly immersive and special experience. The lyrics to all of the songs can be found in the book so that your Princess can sing along and learn the words too. Encouraging music and singing as well as literacy skills, there is lots of fun and education to come with this fantastic book. Outside of the singing component of this toy, there is plenty of educational benefits that can come with one of the nicest let it go toys out there.

This is an image of girl's disney frozen let it go music sound book


15. Snowy Salamander

Check out this adorable Frozen kids toy that is truly one of a kind. Snowy the salamander is great for any girl who wants a toy pet. The adorable animated salamander glows two different colors including pink and blue for a unique effect. By tilting the toy’s chin upwards, a hot pink light is activated which replicates Snowy’s fiery mood as seen in the Frozen movie. Push down on his head to change the toy to a calming blue. Snowy can be fed using the 3 snowy snacks included with this lovely frozen toy. If you’re not ready to buy your child a real pet, why not surprise them with this charming toy salamander pet? We’re sure that your girl will love him!

This is an image of girl's disney forzen salamander toy with lights in blue colors



16. Frozen Sing-Along Microphone

Your girl will have heaps of fun singing her favorite songs from the movie with this magical toy. If you’re seeking something a bit different in the category of Frozen character toys, this could be the ideal option. The beautiful boombox is adorned with a sticker featuring all the characters from the loveable movie and easily connects with compatible mp3 players for the ultimate karaoke experience. The real microphone for kids includes an easy on/off switch and is portable making it fantastic for indoor or outdoor use. This is the perfect activity for any themed birthday party and is sure to delight any child that uses it. We love the snowflake style design around the box that adds to this product’s quality and fun.

This is an image of girl's frozen 2 sing along boombox with microphone in blue and white colors


17. Elsa Toy Doll

This wonderful Elsa toy doll is made to beautifully replicate the character from the movie. The Princess comes wearing an outfit inspired by the same one seen in the Disney Frozen 2 movie. For a special gift experience, why not consider also buying your girl the same dress-up outfit as listed above? The long blonde hair on the doll can be unbraided, brushed, and played with over and over to recreate different looks for the Princess. Suitable for ages 3 years and above this is one of the best frozen 2 toys that we could find to add to this inspired list. By playing with this type of toy children can learn important social skills as they act out voices for dolls,

This is an image of girl's disney frozen elsa fashion doll with long blonde hair


18. Frozen Magic Guitar

This super cool Magic Frozen guitar allows your child to play 2 songs from the movie comfortably with a play-a-long feature. As well as this mode there is also a freeplay mode which takes musical creativity to the max. Beautifully decorated and featuring images of each Frozen character on the front as well as glitter and starry buttons, your girl will love exploring her musical talent with this frozen toy. Sing “Let It Go”, “For The First Time In Forever”, and “In Summer”. The pretty snowflakes and crystal blue color of this toy make it the perfect Frozen accessory for any curious and creative mind.

This is an image of girl's frozen guitar with songs features in blue colors


19. Castle Playset

There’s nothing as magical as building a beautiful Princess castle. If you’re seeking Frozen gifts ideas, this option is going to delight your girl with plenty of construction fun. When built the castle measures over 5 feet tall, providing a huge space in which to play with Frozen character figurines. Included in this set are 7 furnished rooms each with its own lovely accessories such as a banquet table, throne, and more. By pressing the elevator base, a colorful light show is activated to give even more entertainment as the blinking lights shine inside the castle walls while the Princesses travel to the top, Any little Frozen fan will love this gift, it’s one of the most impressive disney frozen toys out there and makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. Your little Princess will benefit from hours of skill-building while constructing this huge castle and is sure to enjoy the playtime that follows too.

This is an image of girl's disney frozen ultimate castle playset in colorful colors


20. Color And Style Purse

Our final gift is this fun color in purse to store coins and other precious items. Your girl will get to color in the pretty graphic of Elsa on the front of the purse before using it, making this a fantastic option for those looking for a diverse themed activity. With 4 jeweled pens, there is lots of decorative fun to be had with this new frozen toy. Suitable for little ones aged 3 years and above, this toy will help your child to practice their coloring-in skills while equipping them with a lovely new accessory to add to their Frozen Princess collection of toys. Always be sure to supervise children playing with this type of toy even above the ages of 3 years. We love the addition of a sequin embellishment on the front of this toy that is both eye-catching and fun to play with.

This is an image of girl's frozen 2 color style purse in colorful colors


Now that we’ve come to the end of our Frozen toys selection that make wonderful gifts for a girl, we hope that you have found the perfect idea. As always, the toys that we select are all top quality and made using safe materials suitable for young children, Frozen toy sets come in so many different forms, there’s something fantastic for every child who loves the movie!