Funny Videos of Kids Driving Ride on John Deere Tractors

Some things always stay the same, no matter which generation we’re talking about, and one of those things is that tractor power wheels are cool ways for kids to get about.  While some city kids would prefer a toy car or go cart to get around in, for those out in the countryside, or even those lucky enough to have large gardens a tractor is the only way to get around.

John Deere make some of the coolest, highest quality and safest tractors for kids that we’ve ever seen. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, we’ve got some super cool videos for you to enjoy.

Unboxing, building and riding John Deere Ground Force

Now this is just adorable.  This video shows these two crazy little siblings with their John Deere Ground Force tractor, from the unboxing, through construction (we’re sure their parents did this off camera) to riding.  And they have all kinds of crazy capers and shenanigans as they go!



The Great Tractor Chase!

What happens when father and son each have their own John Deere?  The great tractor chase, that’s what!  Watch as this little tractor driver messes up all of dads hard working raking up the autumn leaves, and then dad jumps in his own tractor to try and catch up with him.



Tractor Vs Go Cart

You may be wondering whether to get your kids a pedal go cart of a mini John Deer tractor.  Watch this cool video and you might end up getting them both.  Just look at those huge smiles as the drive that John Deer!


The Little Farmer

But it’s not all about just having fun!  In this lovely video, a cute little farmer in training demonstrates how he uses his John Deere kids tractor in the garden to plough up the soil ready for cultivating some crops.  Definitely proof that kids are never too young to learn useful skills and help out around the house (or garden in this case).