Best Power Wheels for 2 Year Old 2024

Your kids will love the look of these power wheels and want to hop-in start riding as soon as they see it.  Funny thing is most adults love the look of these too and for good reason “THEY ARE STUNNING”.

Toddler in a 12v red jeep wrangler

Considerations when choosing for a 2 years old toddler

Sometimes parents worry about the right size, right speed, right type and so-on, but really it comes down to making sure your kid has fun and is safe whilst riding. These really have been designed to accommodate young children and in a very secure manner as well. Most manufacturers and designers understand anxious parents worries, so they have thought of most ways to ensure they’re safe. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right one for your child:

Safety and features – There is a few things parent need to be aware of when choosing for their little-one and things like obstacles, potential crashes and tipping are some to name a few. This is mainly common sense and making sure you have an idea of where they will use the power wheeled car is important. There is always a space and a route for them to play in and even indoors are commonly used to. This means making sure vases and obvious obstacles are out the way. They usually have some kind of braking system, or even their own weight as a stopping mechanism. They are usually very slow in general and in this comparison review you will only see ones appropriate for a 2 year old child. These are child-friendly and designed to be used safely, but things like charging them and any general access to such things should be done by an adult. Sometimes parents use protective gear for their children and although this is highly recommended by some it doesn’t normally come as standard. The protective gear and wear is advisable, just in-case a child for example suddenly rides into a low hanging tree and catches themselves on a branch. This might cause a scratch and therefore it’s probably best having a seat belt on and a helmet, if let loose in the back garden of course.

Stability and balance – All these rides on cars are well-balanced and easy to use with safety in mind, but as a general rule it is safe to make sure stability is high and risk of tipping is low. This can be done with a push on one side to test the overall stability and the center of gravity.

Powered battery vs leg-powered – The difference between these two is that a power battery power wheels car is more stable in my opinion and offers less likelihood of a tip. This is because kids using their own leg-power will find it easy to prop the toy over and possible themselves with it. The powered battery is only about steering and handling the steering wheel, which is easier than multi-tasking. Both have a time and a place but for a 2 year old child, the battery-powered vehicles is better. The early stages, for concerned mothers means, should be supervised continuously until you feel 100% secure in your child’s surrounds and ability. Most mothers would keep a vigilant eye anyway 🙂

Right age for 2 years – Make sure to always check the manufacturing guidelines with regards to age. By asking any seller the exact age, if not stated, will make sure there isn’t a jet-engine under the hood.

The huge range of kids ride-on toys is increasing, so is the technology, which heightens the children’s overall enjoyment using them, especially with features like the radio, lights, sound effects and loads more. Moms and Dad’s alike love seeing their kids whizzing around having fun, it makes you feel happy as I know it does me. This is why in this review I have put together some of the best toys for your little 2 years old’s and even slightly older than 2 years of age.The thing about this kind of ride-on toys is that they make perfect gifts. Sometimes getting presents for your kids isn’t always easy and they have a lot of interesting toys already. Power wheels are in a different league than most other toys. The stylish features, sleek look and in-control type of feeling of riding is what kids ultimately want. With this, they can have it all and you’re in for a shook just how much they do love it. My kid played for hours both inside the house and out. He liked being watched and being in control of the steering wheel, it made this super-fun for him, but very safe also.

Power Ride 2024 Mercedes AMG 12V 

This AMG Mercedes is a fantastic kid 12V power ride and offers a great child-like driving experience. The top speed is only between 2-4 mph and is really safe as a speed even if crashed. There is a reverse function and is great for them to get used to riding, coordinating and being confident in their developing capacities.

The car is really easily driven and your little prince/princess will find the foot to the floor without any difficulties. This can be controlled by you, if needed, which is done remotely with a parent control remote. This is a great feature and the function is really easy to handle, just until they build up their own confidence.

The stylish look of this is stunning and has everything from chrome tires, leather cushion, and superior-finishing. The door opens and once strapped in and safe they will be on their way to having a great time. The car has really been developed to stand out as a superior among its rivals and has LED lights both front and rear. This also some of trunk space and mats on the floor for real life-like features. The child that is lucky enough to get this will love the music feature and with sound effects to accompany it, they’ll be the talk of the street.

This might vary in the appropriate age range, usually 1 – 5 years, but ideally it is for toddlers 2 years and older.  I highly recommend this and feel as a start to this review you have seen one of the best, which many moms and dads agree also to.

This is an image of MERCEDES SLS AMG ride on toy car - white


Mercedes S63 12V Kids Ride-On Car

This girl Licensed Mercedes toy car is a stunning pink ride on a gift that’s ideal for any occasion whether for birthdays or Christmas.

The girl’s power wheel S63 is the latest in the Mercedes range of cars and for any little girl, this is a gift to remember. This has an MP3 with USB Player and has a 12V Battery, which is Powered via a large range RC Parental Remote control.

The finish is sleek and this catches the eyes of everyone around and will definitely be the talk of the town. The headlights are bright, LED wheels to glow and the dashboard looks real. This also comes with integrated folding handlebars and makes for a safe ride for children.

The little power wheeled car comes with 3 adjustable setting for the steering wheel and makes it easy for use when they grow. The seats are really comfy and the leather is soft and made of a high quality. This is the better girls car in this review I think.

ride on toy car in pink


Fisher-Price Power Wheels Toddler Jeep Wrangler 

This kids wrangler is as realistic as the real thing, but without the engine and size of course, although to your kid it’ll be as real as can be with an amazing rush.

The speed is a little faster than the previous Mercedes and this jeep can go 5 mph forward driving and 2.5 mph in reverse, which a little faster in comparison. The battery is 12V and is the same as the above. The battery does give a warning and slowly runs down, unlike some which can cause issues when suddenly stopping a mile from home.

This jeep is for hard-surfaced areas and for example grass is fine, but although it looks like a jeep for off-road driving it isn’t. There is, however, all the kid-like features for an adult’s equivalent wrangler jeep, which means this has a grille, big wheels, fenders and even flood lights for letting everyone see them coming. The power jeep has a storage area for toys and makes their adventure possible.

The max weight is up to 130 lbs, but try to keep the other half off of it, because I’ve seen adults get over ambitious and it’s both not a good look or safe. That being said, there is loads of fun to be had with this wrangler jeep from learning hand-eye development, cruise control, start/stop and helping their imaginations run wild behind these safe wheels. However, if your feeling this is still to fast there is speed management and restriction if you want to ease the learning curve.

This jeep is for children aged 2 to 6 years and is perfect for around 30 mins drive-time, which 2 miles constantly. The speed on slow is slower than an adult walk and the fast is slightly faster, almost a light jog.

The shipping is usually quick and well packaged with all required parts included. The assemblage can take an hour or 2 for some and in general quite easy, but many find it takes around 30 mins.

This is an image of Toddler in a 12v red jeep wrangler


Fisher-Price Toddler Pink Power Wheels Dune Car

This is another ride-on power wheeled car with all the same features as the previous Fisher-price in this review, but I’ve added this in for those with girls.

Sometimes having a little pink in the style and graphics of the car isn’t appreciated, so the power, battery-life and parental controls are exactly the same. This is the same wheels as the last and is only a different shell for those wanting to see the girl option equivalent.

There are seat belts and have Velcro straps, but essentially they are for show and are actually pretend. The major difference with this is the shell and I do like how this has an open feel to it with an easy in-out design.

Fisher-Price Toddler Pink Power Wheels Dune Car


Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Fisher-price have created a jeep that is ideal for toddlers to enjoy riding around in whilst singing their favorite song from the movie “frozen”.

This girls ride on car has frozen featured graphics and is perfect for the little girls who deserve an amazing gift.

The jeep wrangler is made from a sturdy frame and can handle 130 lbs and can seat 2 kids riding it. The min speed at one setting is 2.5 Mph and is very safe in comparison to the others in this review. The max speed is 5 Mph and is ideal for when they become more confident riding the little jeep wrangler.

Power wheel cars are a great way to build children’s confidence and with this, they can sing along, set off on adventures and ride until their hearts are content.

pink rode on power wheel with 2 girls in the jeep laughing


Peg Perego Toddler Tractor with Trailer

Tractor enthusiasts and kids that love everything to do with farming, grass and are round dirt-enthusiasts will love this All-USA Peg Perego power wheels tractor. This product is made in the USA in Fort Wayne, somewhere in Indiana.

This is for ages around 2 – 7 and most kids love the design which has an open feel and an extra-large trailer to carry their latest toys. This has all the space, headlights, easy-steering functionality and is a great runner over the long-term.

The tractor itself goes between 2 speeds, one at 2.5 mph and the other at 4.5 mph. The speeds are very similar to all of the reviewed types of power-wheels and make this different mainly in the theme overall.

I like the working radio and FM channel choices, which makes they can get a get local station for driving along to. The tractor like all good tractors should have is seat-space and this one comes with a flip-arm adjustable seat.

The battery can be a little frustrating and is placed under the steering wheel, plus the battery runs out faster much quicker in 2nd gear than in 1st. There is also options with this tractor to get another upgraded battery, which makes this go faster as they get older.

This is an image of Toddler on a Peg Perego Toddler Tractor with Trailer


Mercedes G55 Amg Electric Kids Ride-On Car

This 4-wheel power wheel ride-on Mercedes is an amazing car for the kids to ride on. The grey metallic is stunning and the finish is next to none for 2017.

This electric kids toy car is made with all the latest tech and comes with a built-in MP3 player, which can connect through an AUX input as well.

This also has leather seats with a 5 point harness to keep the kids safe while driving. This power wheel car gets is go via a 12V battery and can reach speeds of up to 4 Mph.

I like this ride on the toy because it has a long range parental control which makes this very safe for the younger children aged 2 years old or younger. The manufacturing guidelines state it is for 2 years old to 4 years of age.

This is an image of toddlers mercedes jeep


 Peg Perego John Deere Mini Power Loader

The John Deere power tractor loader is a fantastic toy truck for kids who enjoy digging up dirt and playing outdoors in the backyard. kids love to play outside with their favorite toys, especially when it’s a powerful truck.

This power loader can go up to 2.25 mph with an easy press of the foot with a pedal acceleration operation. This makes riding around at the backyard loads of fun and with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, this is an exceptional deal, which guarantees hours of fun.

The mini truck loader can adjust in seat height and allows the toddler to use until they are 4 years old and above. There is an automatic brake for easy handling and with traction wheels and a large dump bucket, this makes it an ideal gift for any child.

This truck also has a second-year extension warranty, which is great for the consumer and allows you to feel free with peace of mind when making a purchasing decision.

I really like how the 4 wheelers for kids truck is green and yellow with bigger wheels at the back and smaller ones at the front. The front dump bucket makes a really easy to drive for the toddler, which is especially fun when his friends come over to play.

This is an image of Peg Perego John Deere Mini Power Loader


Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On

2 speed ride-on toy stands out amongst all the other power wheels cars in this review.
The Polaris rzr car can fit two children side by side, which is great for when they have their friends coming along for the ride.
The battery is 12 volts and can last up to 90 minutes per charge. I love the fact that this ride-on toy has a horn and MP3 player connection and is able to connect via Bluetooth technology. There is adjustable volume control which plays from the dashboard of the car and is easy to change. This allows them to play their favorite music whilst they’re riding there UTV battery-powered car.
There is also a remote control feature that comes with this ride on car and makes it safe for children who are 2 years old and might need some assistance from mom, ideal ages 3 to 8 years old. There great grip for the driver and offers fantastic traction and grip on a range of surfaces that they might want to ride across. The tires are made from to give super traction and make handling and turning very smooth for a learner.

This is an image of Ride On toy car jeep


Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader Ride On

Every child loves riding a power wheel dumping truck, especially if it’s a John Deere ground loader. Parents will appreciate that high quality and maneuverability that this ride-on toy offers.

The truck itself is a 12-volt power wheel dumper truck and goes from 2.5 miles per hour up to 4.5 miles per hour and can also go in reverse. The acceleration function is easy to handle with a pedal that can lift on and lift off easily, which helps keep things safe for children.

There are 2 speeds and also a reverse function for switches things around if reverse mode is needed. The high traction wheels make gripping the earth below ideal and safe on different surfaces. The working front loader is really big and loads of grit to it and can carry leaves, dirt and will easily scoop up things around the garden.

Kids love dumping, collecting leaves and dirt, which is loads of fun. With the front loader, this is easy to do and handle. By using the right hand of the child and with a little help they will easily get to grips with the high traction wheels and the stability that this ride on toy dumper offers.

This is an image of Ground Loader Ride On toy with boy riding


Best Overall Power Wheel Vehicle

The “Power Ride 2017 Mercedes AMG 12V” is my favorite and purely sold me on the aesthetic beauty. This has all the features of a good power wheeled kids toy car and what makes this specifically stand out is the design for me. These days the actual manufacturing process is similar, battery size and the overall safety too, which leaves the price and personal choice left for decision-making. This is slightly more expensive, but Mercedes always are, but you might want to pay the price for such a stunning AMG car. 

This is an image of MERCEDES SLS AMG ride on toy car - white



Best Budget Pick

The “Fisher-Price Power Wheels Toddler Jeep Wrangler” is loads cheaper than the other overall best in this review. This combined with the comfort, style and overall sleek-looking ride makes this a great pick. Although many of the features are the same it does go slightly faster, good parental options with power-lock and easy to use 4×4 kid powering options. 

This is an image of Toddler in a 12v red jeep wrangler