Pie in the Face Game Show 2024

Let the Pie Games begin, it really has taken off and everyone wants to get involved in the cream-filled fiasco that is the new pie in face game challenge.

So, its time to be the new double dare host and get the family together, why not create those awesome pie in the face stories that’ll get paced down through the generations, whether on video or more traditionally through storytelling the quality of the moment is really how well pie meets the face.

The traditional pie face game has morphed into a game-showdown and the battle for victory is now upon those who dare to challenge, but be warned there can only be one victor!

Every game is different and some amazing board game for toddlers are the Hasbo “pie in the face”, which is what everyone in the family enjoys to play. The rules are simple to follow and children of all ages enjoy, so this includes adults, who always end up with cream in the face.

Rules of Play

The rules of the pie face showdown are simple, you both put your face through the assigned boy/girl face slot and then begin tapping the red buttons to make the red-hand-lever move either towards or away from you, if however the level gets to close then the lever will spring-up and splat your face with a creamy pie.

So, there is no better way to learn than seeing for yourself and I thought i’d put together some awesome videos that made laugh and want to play, so here goes:


Pie Face Game Show – by TTPM Toy Reviews

This is a great little demo to show you how the basic fundamentals of the game work, plus fun to see them get messy….hehe!



Family showdown – by Damian & Deion in Motion

This gets messy and even more messy when the cousins come to play, so I’ve added this is cause it really highlights the fun a pie to face can have!


Friends Getting Messy – by SarahGraceClub

This is a great example how how versatile the game really is and how anyone can get involved and have fun!


Face & Fun Surprise – by DisneyCarToys

This crazy pair have a great giggle whilst playing and find themselves worrying about what they might look like by the end, its a sobering thought as no pie face girl want’s pie on the face..


Fun Game – by Kaycee & Rachel in Wonderland


This clip made me laugh, it wasn’t exactly fair the older one getting to play her younger sister, especially cause her pushing power wasn’t quite up to pare, but yet the little girl laughed it off and even ate the cream, which seemed half the fun for her! This is why I love this game the losers are also winners….yeaaaahhhh!



Pie Face Showdown Challenge – by KidCity

This lot have a testing of the pie face challenge game and find that there is a clear cheating in their midst, but can you guess who early on??


This game show showdown is loads of fun and as you hopefully have seen with all these videos, if you want to have some fun with friends or family the pie face game will ensure just that!