March 25, 2010

I'm the Sheriff Around Here!

I thought you might enjoy a little peek into our house.  I think it's super fun when a blogger shows rooms in the house.  It's just fun to get ideas and see how other people decorate.  So with that in mind, here's a little tour of our cowboy room.  I'll give you a little info on each item in case you want to create something like it.

THE BED:  The main feature in this room is the bed.  I had this idea and my parents helped make it a reality.  I drew out the shapes on MDF (particle board) and my dad cut it out and roughed it up to make it look old.  My mom painted on lines like wood and I stained it.  I wanted it to look kind of cartoon-like.  The bedding is from Target and I made the bedskirt and hankerchief pillow.

We made a little sign with the extra scrap.  My husband's nickname is "Buck" and Rex happens to be a miniature version on him, so the sign says "'Lil Buck."

THE FRAMES:  I had these in his nursery as a baby, so I changed up the color to use them again in here.  Originally I bought unfinished frames and glued on these letters.

THE BARREL:  This is a laundry hamper and was my husband's as a child.

THE PLAQUE: Once again, MDF roughed up, painted, and stained. We hung up this little rifle that was also my husband's childhood toy. I bought little star-shaped knobs and hung cowboy items on them.

This little rocking horse is what started the whole cowboy-theme idea.  It was a present from his grandparents and I loved it.  This is his "cowboy stare."  Intimidating, huh?  Really tough cowboys have satin blankies, case you didn't know.

THE SIGN:  My sister made this sweet sign and it happened to match the room well.  Plus, I love having something meaningful in his room.

THE PAINTING:  I painted this to look like Rex.  I used the horse from Toy Story 2 as a model.

THE BOOKSHELF:  I scored this bookshelf for $20 on clearance at Wal-mart.  I got the bins from Target. 

The "Wanted" sign on top is my favorite. We took a mean-looking picture of daddy to put in it.

THE WINDOWS: I made the curtains to match the bedskirt and strung up some cowboy hat lights we found at Target.

THE WALLS:  We totally lucked out here.  The walls were painted like mountains when we moved in.  I thought it would be perfect to use this room for the cowboy room.

That's about it!  Hope you feel inspired!  I love piecing rooms together bit by bit.  That's the way this one came together.  I think I'm still going to make some vinyl lettering to go above his bed that will say, "I'm the sheriff around here."

I've got a really fun "Feature Friday" for tomorrow, so be sure to stop by.  I also have some stuff I'm really excited to show you next week.  Thanks for all your kind comments.  They make my day!

(Oh, and Baden still has the helmet, but I took it off to give him a haircut and take the pictures yesterday.  He'll have it a few more months.  Thanks for asking.) 

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