March 01, 2010

Real Men Have Mustaches.

So I mentioned yesterday that my 2-year-old has been obsessed with mustaches lately.  With no further ado, may I present the "Mustache Tee." want one too?  Okay, maybe not everyone is as into 'staches as we are lately, but you can use these concepts and make your own statement.

1) Find a cheap, plain t-shirt.  This one was $3 at Wallyworld. 

2) Pick your text and font for the shirt and print it off your computer.  Since I don't have tons of fun fonts, I went to for some better choices.  (Picnik is free photo-editing software that rocks my world.) 

3) Create a stencil using freezer paper.  (For a more in-depth tutorial on freezer stenciling, click HERE.)

4) Iron on your stencil and paint.

5) I wanted the words to look a little distressed, like the font I had chosen, so I crinkled up some cling wrap, dipped it into the black paint and blotted it onto the words.

6) Peel off the stencil!  This was so fun.  It's your big "ta-daahhh" moment.

7) For this particular shirt, I sewed a little felt mustache and I sewed a little black velcro onto the mustache on the shirt so it would stick there.  That way my son can peel it off and use it or stick it on the shirt for a 3-D look.

8) Bribe your son with a treat so he'll let you take pictures of him in his new threads. 

I think he likes it.

After taking the time to carefully cut out all the stencils, it seems like a shame to throw away the letters I cut out (the part you don't use).  I'll show you later this week how to use those, too.  Thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

I love the shirt. What a great idea. Jeff really is in to being a great Dad. You can really tell he loves those boys. You are so talented to come up with the shirt and the cute stache. I also see guys in hand. I can see a guy shirt in the forcast.

dana said...

Cheri, this is AWESOME. And great photos too.
thanks for sharing with me!
- dana

Jamee said...

that is hillarious!! i love it! you are soooo talented

Cassie said...

HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait to see the little man wear this t-shirt in person. Now if only you could make him a "guy" shirt that had star com guys on it...that's my new challenge to you. THat's right a challenge (then after you make it the challenge will be to get rex out of it!!!)

Unknown said...

that is too funny!

Taylor Swim said...

I am so making one of those for my boys. Too cute!

Hello_marzipan said...

I wanna do this!! So, I saw that your blog is somewhat new??? I don't knowhow long ago you posted that, but I have a blog as well that is very new! Dare I say I feel like i'm writing to myself??? I don't think anyone knows about it :( How did yours pick up so fast???! Anyway, keep blogging, I am also a mother of a boy, and boy tutorial/craft ideas are hard to find!!!

Kristin Sellars said...

So stinkin' cute!

Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

I made this shirt & my son wore it to school yesterday (kinder) and felt like a rock star!! LOL Thanks for a great idea!


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