April 02, 2010

Feature Friday - ABC's in a Can

I was playing in blog land yesterday when I saw this little tutorial (by Kierste from Brown Paper Packages) over on UCreate for ABC's in a Can.  I thought is was both adorable and clever, so Rex and I went to work.  He'll be three this summer, so I thought this would be good timing to start teaching him to recognize some of the letters.  Here is hers:

She used juice lids and I didn't have any of those, so I used baby food jar lids.  Since I didn't have enough, I fed my baby 20 meals today so I could finish the project.  (Okay, I'm kidding.  Our full set of letters are not done yet.  We're waiting for Baden to eat several more meals.)  Here's what we cam up with:

I forgot to antique the edges of the circles before gluing them down!  Whoops!  I didn't want to put one kid's name on it, since they will be sharing it.  I also didn't want to put anything 3-D on the outside, since my boys would just rip it off.  I'm still brainstorming what else I could put on the outside. 

Anyhow, this was a great, easy project.  I think it would be an excellent gift (and low-cost).  Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Kierste.  If you want to make it, click HERE.


hcrjfrandall said...

What a cute idea, thanks for sharing!

janimal said...

Oh that's cool! I might try this with poker chips....

Lori said...

I made one out of an old formula can and milk lids, so my boy could "shape sort" with a little more ease. He loved it, and still does, for over a year now. Love the idea of adding the alphabet letters though!

Company EIGHT said...

It turned out darling! Great idea to use the baby food lids.

You have such a fun blog--I will definitely be back!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

What a great idea! The preschool teacher side of me loves this!


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