April 22, 2010

J Crew Knock-off Tee

I saw this cute little shirt the other day on JCrew.  I thought I'd give it a shot.  It turned out a bit different, but here's my attempt.

1) I bought 2 t-shirts for $4 each.  One to wear and one for the extra matching fabric.  I think these embellished t-shirts usually look best tone on tone.

2) I cut off the hemmed sleeves and the collar, to give it more of a raw look.

3) I cut some strips out of the extra shirt.

4) I sewed them on the shirt like this.  See how they flop over and you don't see the seam?  Yeah, baby.

See how I moved up the shirt doing the same?  I just went from the bottom strip and worked my way up the shirt.

Now it's time to add the bow.

5) I sewed on the two hangy-down parts of the bow.  (Yes, that's the official name for that part of the bow.  Surprised you didn't know that.)  I also pre-sewed the bow part and sewed the top of the strip that holds it all together.  Then I sewed the bow down and hand sewed the bottom of that strip that holds it down, so you couldn't see it.

Ta-dah!  Sorry this picture isn't super clear.  I had some self-photo issues today.  It was stormy, so it was too dim for a good natural photo. Hence, this one is a bit blurry.

It was raining outside, so I couldn't get the lens to focus on me while using the timer - just the rain.  (However, I thought this photo was kind of cool anyhow.)

AND I couldn't get far enough away from myself to get a good self-photo.  I need those go-go-gadget arms!  Man!

I guess it's time to start giving Rex some photography lessons. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I have a really fun Feature Friday tomorrow. 

PS - Brittany, I need your e-mail address to answer your question about the rip.  It's not linked to your profile and I want to give you some suggestions!


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