May 18, 2010

Nursery Tour - my sister has skills

Today I'm going to take you on an inspirational tour of a room makeover that my sister did.  (The one that does Loopdeelou with me.)  She is crazy talented and crazy kind.  She did this in her "extra time" in one week as a big surprise for her expecting friend (who was out of town).  Don't you wish she was your BFF?  Yeah.

Anyhow, let's take a tour.  First of all, the only thing she didn't change in this room was the basic light pink wall color.  Everything else was all her.  My favorite part is this huge tree you see when you enter the room.  See how it's a growth chart, too?  Adorable.

Let's get a bit closer.  See the handpainted little birdhouses in the tree?

There was an awkward little nook in the room, so her husband installed shelves for some much needed storage space.  The room belonged to the oldest daughter, but will now be shared.

This cute old window is hung above the changing table.  She painted it and shabbied it to match the room.

She found these matching curtains at Ikea and strung them up with ribbons and hooks (since they don't need to be closed due to the working blinds).

She made these flowers to add onto the plain bumper pads and the quilt of the bed.  It ties them both together nicely.  How did she make the flowers?  She sew the four layers together and then washed them, allowing them to fray a bit.

Here's the opposite side of the room.  The quilt was already in the room, but didn't work with the new scheme, so guess what she did?  She flipped it over to the blank side and used heat 'n bond to attach the frayed flowers she had made.  Isn't that smart?  Bedding can be pricey.

She bought the bed used, painted it, and shabbied it up a bit.

She also painted this wood piece and strung up some more bird houses and some frames.

Look at this cute little owl she painted.  Yeah, she's got skills.

And that, my friends, is a quick look at some of the talent my little sis has.  I just love everything in this room.  Feel free to leave her a comment here.  She'll check them.  Need decorating or refinishing help and you live in Utah?  She's for hire.  If you have a question, she'll respond in the comment section.

Tomorrow I'll show you a dress refashion AND Thursday's the big final playroom reveal.  My sis and her hubby came over this weekend to help hammer it out.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for stopping by.


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