May 31, 2010

You Freezer Paper Stenciled WHAT?

Yes, I may have taken it too far.  I freezer paper stenciled my nephew's undies.  It was a request.  My sister made me do it.  She loves the Hanes boxer briefs because they are so comfortable and soft.  However, they only come in plain colors.  Enter aunt Cheri.

Now even if you don't want to stencil undies, I want to show you this little trick for those of you who are overwhelmed by having to cut out a design.  You can use a paper punch!  I used an airplane one and a circle one.  Here's a tip, though.  If your punch won't cut through the paper well, fold the paper in half so it's cutting through two layers of paper instead of one.  I had to do this with the circle punch.  Then it worked fine.

Create your freezer stencil and iron it on.  (Click HERE for the freezer paper stencil tutorial.)

Paint.  Remove stencil.

Sucker him into modeling the undies like a Hanes man.

Hope you weren't offended by the child nudity.  His little bum is just too cute to not show.  See you tomorrow!  Thanks for reading!


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