July 07, 2010

Billabong-inspired Tee

Today we are making this Billabong-inspired tee and it's pretty easy to do.

I took this $2 Wal-mart tee and some scraps from a shirt my husband got rid of.

I drew this design.  If you want to make the shirt just save this as a jpeg and print it off as big or small as you want it.

Next I drew this pattern onto a sheet of heat 'n bond.  Then I ironed that sheet to my fabric.

I cut out the fabric a little bigger than the square so that I'd have some fraying around the edges of the square.  I cut out the waves and then ironed them on.

You could stop here, but I wanted a more messy look, so I stitched around the fabric three times with orange and blue thread.  For those of you who say you can't sew a straight line, this is the perfect project for you.  It looks great messy and you can switch between straight lines and zig-zags.  I also added a random strip of twill tape and stitched some waves on to it.

That's all.  This one is going to the Cure JM auction as well.  Click HERE to learn more about JM and send me an e-mail if you'd like to send something.  Thanks for stopping in.


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