July 12, 2010

The Knotted Tee

I love all the embellished tees that have been seen everywhere in the past year, but I thought it would be fun to make one that didn't involve flowers.  So, here it the knotted tee.

I took this plain blue tee and then cut some strips from an old tee.

Then I randomly started tying knots and playing with the strips to see where they might look good.

Then I sewed the strips on.  I sewed across the fabric every 3-4 inches or so.  Sometimes I twisted it, sometimes I knotted it, and sometimes I just sewed it.  I chose to cover the neckline seam as I did it.

There's one more strip that knots with the other strip in the back and then falls over the shoulder in front.

Here are a couple tips if you try it.  Be sure not to pull one fabric more than the other as you sew it.  You don't want the strips to be super tight, or your shirt won't lay nicely when you wear it.  Also, double check while you sew that the shirt itself isn't bunched up at all - only the strips.

It was a really quick project and I like the funky, messy feel of the shirt.

Thanks for dropping in.  Still want more?  Well, So You Think You're Crafty has officially started and you can head on over and vote for your favorite craft.  See you there!


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