August 30, 2010

Baby Tracks

This was my entry for SYTYC when the theme was "Animal."  Today you get the full tutorial, including the PDF files to make them yourself.
There is something undeniably adorable about baby handprints and footprints.  I love those chunky little feet.  Well, here is a way to showcase those sweet little fingers and tracks!  These little animals are cute on their own, but add some baby prints and you have fun, meaningful art for your children's room. 

The animals are 3-D with multiple layers.  See how the owl's little feathers curl out?  (It's a little tricky to show you that in a picture.)  You can use handprints or footprints on any of the animals. 

You can find a downloadable PDF for the elephant HERE, for the sheep HERE, and for the owl HERE.  All you have to do is find the color paper you want to use, trace and cut, and stamp away.  I recommend using cardstock for everything, not thin paper.

When stamping the baby's foot here are some tips:

1) Select the color you want the print to be. Use a brush to paint the acrylic paint onto the baby's foot or hand.
2) Don't cut out the animal part (wings, sheep body, or elephant ear) until you have a good footprint there.  Use a big blank sheet of paper and keep stamping the foot till you get a good clear print.
3) Have wet wipes near by to wipe off the hand or foot right after you get a good stamp of it.
4) You definitely need someone to assist you so it doesn't get too messy.

Once you have a good print, then you can cut out the shape around it.  You'll cut out all the parts and layer them with thick glue foam stickers.  You need to use quite a few of them placed throughout the animal cut out.  Then continue to layer.  The wings, the eyes, the other parts all go on thick foam stickers as well.  It give the whole picture a fun 3-D look.

The ideal frame for these is a shadow box or any frame where the glass sits some distance away from the mat itself.  The ones I used are from Ikea.

You may choose to label the print with the name of the child and the date or the child's age.

There you have it!  Simple, adorable, meaningful art for your child's room.

Thanks for dropping in.  You can head over to SYTYC today to vote for your favorite craft.  The theme is "Telling Time."  We're now down to just three crafters....oh the intensity :)


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