September 03, 2010

You Roared

I decided it was time for a "You Roared" segment since my mailbox is overflowing with all of your amazing projects.  You have been busy and it makes me so happy to see what you've all created.  Let's get started!

I have been thrilled by the response to the upcycled boy hats from this week.  A few of you have already whipped some up.

Alida from I Make Stuff made this ridiculously cool hat.

Kate made this one.  Don't you love how it frames that sweet little face?

Stacey made this fun, funky one and her adorable son insisted on sporting it at preschool.

Sara made this rockin' tee using freezer paper stenciling.  She also used the saran wrap technique to give it a vintage feel.  Doesn't it look like it came out of men's Express?  I love it.

Lisa from Twin Inspiration used a Tulip graffiti stencil and made this awesomely cool car shirt.

Staci from Lizard 'n Ladybug tried out freezer paper stenciling and now she's on a roll.

Annie e-mailed me with some freezer paper stenciling troubles.  Oh baby did she get the hang of it!  It's perfect and I'd say he likes it too.

Jamee from Homemaker whipped out this ultra-cute Wrangle Me Tee.

Trina from Feed the Birdies whipped out a bunch of really cute headbands.  This one is my favorite.

Tiffany from Simply Complicated made the Captain America tee.  I love his action shot.

(There are some great things in the flickr pool as well, but if you want me to share your photo there you have to make the photo shareable or I can't copy and paste it.)

Way to go all of you!!!  It is really fun to see what you're all up to...the different twist you put on your projects...the way your cute children look in them....and hearing about the feeling you get when you've made something you love.  Thank you for sharing all of that with me.  I truly appreciate it.  You Roar!!!

See you tomorrow for a fun new Sharing Saturday!  Thanks for reading!


Alida L. said...

Thanks for the feature! I love all the hats. I am making another today for a child's birthday present. Too fun!

Taylor Swim said...

Those are great. I love all the variations. You are very inspiring Cher.

Melissa said...

You must be so excited that people are doing such cool recreations! I plan on making the boys hats. (Im just not as fast with the sewing machine so mine might take a while). Thanks for a great blog. I love reading it!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Those all came out great! What awesome projects!

Terry Family said...

Cheri, thank you so much for featuring the shirt that I made for my son! You really helped me with my freezer paper skills and I really appreciate it so much. I love seeing all of your wonderful ideas, and then seeing people putting them into action. I want you to know that I never miss a day of reading your AH-MAZING blog. :)


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Thanks so much for including my FSU shirt! You're right..I'm hooked & can't stop stenciling :)

Unknown said...

This reminds me... I made an "Always Tuck Me In" shirt yesterday and forgot to come tell you thanks for the amazing idea! I posted it on my blog here.

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Seriously. You made my day by hopping over to my page. Since I read you nearly every day (at naptime) you're almost a celeb in my book. I don't get out much. haha :) Thanks for answering my question. A jelly roll sounded more tasty in my head. I need a sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

Ah I love all of these!! Oh how I wish I could just craft all day!!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the feature. You have helped me develope a love for freezer paper stencilling. Here are a few more shirts I have made:


stacey said...

Thanks Cheri for featuring my hat! Your inspiration is amazing!

Jamee said...

thanks so much for featuring my cute boy shirt and thanks so much for sharing the idea for it!

S said...

Thanks for mentioning my shirt! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
-Sara @ Keeth Ink

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

I cannot get over those upcycled hats! They are too cute for words!

I featured you over at! :)

Have a super week!
Erin :)

Trina M Curran said...

Oh, wow! Thanks so much for putting my headband on here. I loved, loved, loved your tutorials for hair week. Do more...please! So fun... your blog is one of my favorites! :)


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