October 04, 2010

You Roared

In light of the fact that Rex spent all Friday throwing up and yesterday Baden did, today we're going to have a segment of "You Roared" because I sure haven't accomplished anything the last few days.  AND, there are a lot of incredible things you guys have been making that I'm excited to share.  So, let's get started!

Angie made this fabulous version of the Towel Rack Surfboard.

Looks like it's working pretty well.

Next up we have some fun freezer paper stenciling:

Tiffany from Simply Complicated made this tee that I am in love with.  It says, "Take Me To Your Leader."  So funny!

Ame from Mrs. Ohtobe made this awesome storm trooper tee for her son.

Christy made these cute onesies for baby gifts.  Great idea.

Amanda at Hilarious Homemaker made these tees.

This one made me laugh out loud.  Very clever.

Stephanie from Binkies and Briefcases got crazy with embroidery floss.  I love the little helicopter, too.

There have been a lot more Upcycled Boy Hats turning up.  These are so fun to look at since they are all totally different and yet all so stinkin' cute!  Take a look.


Kelly from Sewing in No Man's Land already the Autumn Bloom Belt.  Isn't it gorgeous on the shirt she made?

There are also some fantastic things in the photo pool.  I just can't paste them in here because they are set as private.  Sorry!  Go on over and take a peak though.  Right HERE.

Thank you to all of you who share your creations with me.  It is SO fun to see your take on things.  Thank you to those of you who have never tried out a tutorial, but still read my blog everyday.  I appreciate all of you.  Have a great Monday!


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