January 04, 2011

Scrap Album for Valentine's Day

Today we're going to kill two birds with one stone.  We're going to make a fun keepsake album and use up tons of scraps you have around the house.  I made mine a Valentine's album, but you can pick any theme or idea to base it on. 

I started by cutting 6 pieces of felt into 7" squares.

Then, I decorated each one as a page in the album.  I used Aleene's Fabric Fusion, which is perfect for this project.  It adheres the materials well and doesn't have the heavy bulk of hot glue.

Each page is different.  On some I cut out existing graphics from fabrics and glued them down.  I added whatever I thought looked pretty and meaningful - buttons, lace, the dictionary definition of love, fabric flowers.

The Fabric Fusion is also great for the rolled rosettes. Just cut a thin strip of felt, roll it up, and then glue the end. Then glue them in a cluster.  (This is one of our old engagement pictures.)

I did a bit of sewing on some of the pages, because I liked the look of stitches, but you really could do the whole album with just glue if you don't sew.

I made a page with room to tuck in a love note.

Lastly, the cover is decorated with cut out hearts and a little hand-embroidering.

If you are sewing on the pages, once they are all decorated you can sew them together to conceal your stitching on the back.  If you are only using glue, then you can utilize the front and back of each individual felt page.  To bind the book, just make a tiny slit into the felt with a crafting knife.  Do this in two spots on each pages and then use two metal rings to connect them like a binder.  That way you can add and remove pages as you like.
That's it.  Now you've made a great looking project for almost free!  If you give it away as a gift you could slip a gift card into the love note spot.  If it's a keepsake for you, you could add something else meaningful...like ticket stubs from a show you saw together.

While this album has our pictures in it, it's not actually mine to keep.  I just wanted to show it to you with some pictures in it.  However, I'm donating it to the Chase Family adoption auction.  If you'd like to donate something as well, just click on the Charity tab above for more info.

Thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow for our first Wake Up Wednesday!


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