May 06, 2011

You Roared

For a long time I had difficulty finding a way to show you some of the projects all of you have posted in the "You Roared" flickr group.  Turns out I'm a moron and it's really easy.  So, today here are some of the things you've created inspired by tutorials found here.  I listed the screen name for the person below each picture, thought I wish I had a link to their blogs.  You can see a whole lot more stuff by browsing the Flickr Pool HERE, but for now here are some I wanted to share.  You guys rock!
Linda's Bag 2
Tohoku Tote by Jennylyn

My Bag
Tohoku Tote by Jennylyn

"Thank you" Pot
Teacher Appreciation by Seven Alive

Big brother shirt
Freezer Paper Stenciling and Applique A Little Gray

Freezer Paper Stenciling by Mother May Eye

Upcycled t-shirt dress!

Girly Hoodie

Upcycled Boy Hats by Not Perfekt

Freezer Paper

Brimmed Beanie by Bobbie Rogers

Vinyl Bibs by Woods Family

sneaky time
Upcycled Hats by Make It My Own

Bowties for Easter 2011

Thank you for sharing your projects with me.  It is so fun to see everyone's take on things and so fun to see your kids sporting something you made.  Thank you for taking the time to upload your work to the flickr group or email it to me.  It makes me smile.

Thanks for stopping by.


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