July 25, 2011

Bubble Wrap Tee

This week I'm posting some older tutorials from guest posts I did when I first started blogging.  (That also explains why Rex will look much younger in the pictures.)  This week's posts will probably actually be new to most of you (because they've never been fully posted here) and I'll get some time to finish some things that have been on the checklist way too long.

Today I'm going to show you how to make a cool boy t-shirt (inspired by Hurley, Volcom, Quiksilver, etc.) using bubble wrap.  Bubble wrap?  Oh yes, that's right.  We're also going to do a little freezer paper stenciling.  Here's the end product:
Here we go:

1) Start with a blank tee.  I like to get them at Wal-mart for $3.50.  Cut out a chunk of bubble wrap.  Spread some paint on a paper plate.  Use the bubble wrap like a stamp.  Dip it in and stamp it wherever you want on the shirt.  I covered the center with an oval because I didn't want to stamp the area where I was going to write "Bosco."
Here's my chunk of bubble wrap with light gray paint on it, ready to stamp.  (Use the bubbly side.)  I just added a little water to my fabric paint and then applied it with a spray bottle.
Stamp as much or as little as you want to.
2) I got on the computer to make a design for the front.  "Bosco" is my little guy's nick name.  Here's what I printed off:
3) Create a freezer paper stencil.  (Using an exacto knife, cut the stencil.  Iron the stencil to the shirt to seal off the area.  Shiny side down.  For a full video tutorial on Freezer Paper Stenciling click HERE.) 
4) Paint the area using fabric paint.
5) I wanted a little more texture, so I did a little more stamping on top of it with a darker gray.

6) Optional:  I also added some embroidery floss along the neckline for fun and to bring out the green.
...and the final test?  Yup.  He likes it.

So save that bubble wrap next time you get a package and have some t-shirt fun.  Thanks for reading.


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