September 19, 2011

Super Simple Beaded Bracelet

Today I'm going to show you how to make a really simple beaded bracelet.  It's a fun, quick project.    Here are two I did and one my mom did.




There are two slightly different versions shown above and I'll give you the low down on both.  I started with some leather and beads I got at Hobby Lobby.  Both were in the jewelry making section.  The beads were 1/2 off and often are.

I used the full length of the leather strand to make the yellow bracelet.  I started by folding the leather in half and tying a knot in the middle as shown.  The loop I just created will become the button hole.

For this particular bracelets I threaded both strands of leather through the bead.  It is important to select beads with large holes for this project.  I liked the big wooden ones.  To make it easier to thread the beads you can use scotch tape around the end of the leather to create a pointed end.

I added a bead....

...and then tied a knot.

I did this until I had enough to go around my wrist twice.  If it's a little short for you you can tug on the leather to get it to stretch a bit.

Before I show you how to end it, let me show you what I did different on the other bracelet.  I put beads on both strands separately.  This method used less leather because the knots were smaller.

To finish the bracelets, I took a button and threaded one piece of leather through it....

...and tied a knot.  Then I clipped the ends.

It looks almost the same on, but it only wraps once.  The bracelet my mom made (above with the square wooden beads) was done this way as well.  

Using the second method you can get away with a smaller bead that has a smaller hole since only once piece of leather gets threaded through each bead.

Pretty simple, huh?  Sometimes it's fun to have a project you can whip up quickly - especially when you need a quick gift.  I made the yellow one to give to Rex's preschool teacher on her birthday.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow.


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