November 02, 2011

Bloggers in Real Life

There are TWO posts today.  There's this one and the Super Heroes of Service report down below this one, so don't miss it :)

A while back I was asked by these two awesome ladies to participate in their latest series, "Bloggers in Real Life."  Here's their explanation of what it's all about:


Creating, sharing, and inspiring connects us all together. Every day we are drawn to blogs that make us feel something, and we take a little piece of it with us. Behind every one of our favorite blogs, there's a person. A person with real emotions, fears, goals, and weird quirks that we never really get to experience first hand. We've brought together your favorite bloggers to give you a more intimate take on their lives, so you can catch the little details that make them who they are. Every Wednesday, we'll be capturing the lives of the people behind your daily reads in a way that you won't experience anywhere else. So get ready. We have lots to share! xoxo

 Each week on Casey's blog, you will hear a more personal story about one of your favorite bloggers.... why they are the way they are, stories on loss or happiness, struggles or triumphs...we want to have them share the happiest moment of their life, or a time that they grew stronger because of an enormous trial placed in their path. 
On Ashley's blog, they will be sharing any advice they have for you readers. It can be about fashion, being a mom or wife, how to grow your blog, how to start your own business, etc. Whatever their niche is, you will hear their expert advice!

You can read my advice on Ashley's Blog HERE and my personal story on Casey's blog HERE.


... said...

I enjoyed your post over at Casey's blog! You are so empowering (roar!) and so sound like an awesome momma!

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing your story on Casey's blog! I can't wait to read more of your posts.

The Miller Five said...

I really like both of your other posts. You are one awesome momma!

Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

I enjoyed reading your story and your advice! It's very cool that you would be featured on these blogs. I came across both of these blogs a couple of weeks ago and have been following this series. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and love it. And thought that I needed to try to find more inspirational blogs to follow, and so I stumbled across Casey & Ashley's blogs... and then you posted this and I was like "WOW, HOW COOL IS THAT?" :)

becky said...

Cheri ... I related so much to your words today that I wrote my post today about how much it meant to me.
"keep pedaling forward"....I hope you get a chance to read it. Great job!

Carly said...

I am so happy I came across you on Casey's blog! I am also a mother of two and trying to make my voice heard in the blogging world. You are another inspirational lady to follow! Thankful for you. :)

Unknown said...

Wow that is crazy! I got your CD for a birthday once and I still listen to it all the time. I didn't ever make the connection between your blog and your CD. WOW!What a fun thing!

Niki said...

Great posts on both of the blogs today.
You should post some of your music sometime.

AbsoluteMommy said...

I'm visiting via Casey's blog. This was an awesome post and very similar to my experience. I just started blogging in January and it was finally something just for me. I can totally relate, and I look forward to following your blog.

TerinAleah said...

How cool!! :)

I'm a new follower :)

Biz said...

Dear Cheri,

I loved reading your personal story on Casey's blog!
It and you are beautiful.



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