December 08, 2011

Paper Ornaments

I wanted to share a couple of paper ornament ideas today.  The beauty of paper ornaments is that they are really inexpensive, but still beautiful.

I used Aleene's Tacky Dot Roll for everything I made here.  Dry adhesives are PERFECT for these projects because they aren't messy and you don't have to wait for the glue to dry.  I also pulled out some textured paper I'd been saving to make the ornaments........

For the first ornament I cut strips of paper about one inch wide.  One strip was 3 inches long.  Two were 4 inches and two were 5 inches.  I attached the strips together at the top with two tacky dots.  This ornament was really easy and is one you could even make with kids.

You can string it up by itself...

...or add a ribbon for more drama.

After the little ones I thought I'd make some bigger ones for our window.  I used old ribbon I'd saved from last year's gifts to string them up.

By the time I made the larger ones I was a bit smarter (I'd like to think :)  I started using this baby.

You just slide it along the paper and it creates a line of dry adhesive.  It helped me whip up the ornaments crazy fast.

After the ornament I tried something a little more challenging.  I made a paper star for the top of our tree.  I found a great tutorial for it HERE, but I recommend using the tacky dots to make it fast and easy.  (I trimmed the ends a little differently and used it on top of the tree rather than as an ornament.)  It's the first star I've had that actually stays upright on the tree.  Yay!

And now we're ready for Christmas!

Thanks for reading.


K Blue said...

I totally need a star for the top of our tree and was thinking of making one with paper. Why a timely post! Your ornaments turned out beautiful.

The Miller Five said...

Those are beautiful! Great job.

Stephani said...

The star on the top looks amazing, especially in your last picture! Lovely!

Cari said...

Perfect ornaments for my 2,3 and 5 year old boys!

Unknown said...

These are so amazing. I will have to try it! I'm so pleased to have found your lovely blog and am a new follower. Please come visit me at

Happy Holidays!

md said...

Me han encantado estos motivos con papel. Creo que voy a intentarlo en casa.

Saludos, buen día.

Holly U said...

Man, I am SO glad I read this today! I want to make a star like that for our Christmas tree, and my 4 you has made it clear he wants to help. Using those dots will fit his attention span, and hopefully let him make one of his own. Thank you!


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