January 13, 2012

Feature Friday - Light Up a Cardboard Box

We spent a lot of time at home this week due to sickness, so we were trying to come up with some fun things to do at home.  A few weeks ago we made a cardboard house and then through some blog hopping I came up on THIS IDEA from Play At Home Mom.

It was really easy to do.  I just got out a ball point pen and took some rage out on the box.  As I made the holes Baden cheered me on.  "Good job Mommy!"  I love it when they get into things we do together.

Then I shoved the lights tightly into the holes.  Now our cardboard box in pimping.  We just need to add a leopard shag rug or something :)

I'm so glad it's the weekend and everyone is now healthy.  Yay!  Next week starts our "Just Like New" series featuring some talented bloggers who are helping me while I'm in NY.

Thanks for reading.


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