January 10, 2012

Organizing with Leftover Containers

It seems everyone is busy restructuring and reorganizing around this time of year.  Rex got a second bout of the flu yesterday, so I thought it might be a good time to tackle a messy cupboard I've been putting off since I clearly wasn't going anywhere.

Here's the cupboard.  Doesn't look that bad?  Well....

....all of this was shoved inside of it without any rhyme or reason.  (Extra credit: Where are Cheri's feet in this picture?  If you guessed, "In her puppy dog sleeper pajamas," then you're right!)

Sidenote: Sometimes I like to keep containers that I think are cool.  This dishwashing soap container is super nice so I pulled out the three I've saved and decided they'd be great for my plastic silverware.

I couldn't really pulled the labels off cleanly, so I made labels (using the Silhouette) to cover the current labels.  I cut one for each side and used the cut-out itself on the top and front of the bin.

I put a small piece of paper behind the cut-out space so you wouldn't see the label behind it.

Then I put it over the label.

Now the silverware isn't floating all around the cabinet and it's easy to pull out when I need it.

I found a basket for the napkins and stacked the plates together.

My boys got Toms from my mother-in-law at Christmas and the boxes they came in......

....were a perfect fit for straws.

So now everything is accessible and sensibly organized.  I get nerdy-excited about organizing an area of my home.  I can't wait to get the office turned into the craft room so that everything will have a space.

And the thing that makes me happiest is that when I invest some time to get everything to fit and be organized, it's easy to keep it that way.  My pantry and back hall closet both still look good.  Hooray!

 Do you have any organizational secrets?  Don't hold out on us :)

Thanks for reading.


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