February 28, 2012

Cassie's house - the Playroom

While I'm out of town this week, my sweet sister is taking over and showing you the rest of her awesome home makeover.  Her name is Cassie and she'll be with you this week.  She'll check the comments, so feel free to leave her a note there.

Thanks for all of your kind comments yesterday about the babies nursery. Hopefully she will love it!

Here's our play room when we bought the house......

Here's the after....

I wanted to start out with one of my favorite parts of this room which is our fort!!! There are a ton of split levels in Utah and it seems like they don't always use all the room under the stairs so that started me thinking...

Every little boy (my husband included) loves little places to play and hide. So my dad started out by cutting a hole in the wall....yup empty space, score!!!

Then added some insulation, drywall, and a carpet remnant, and a little door.  As I said before my boys love super hero's so of course this would be "the batcave"

This is super easy to do. I cut the bat sign out of extra wood from the garage and then I cut out the batman insignia out of paper and traced it so it would be even when I started to paint.
I'm not really good at painting straight lines so I outlined the whole thing in black sharpie and then started painting.

As for all the bats, I did NOT paint them on the wall. I went to Target around Halloween time and bought their pre-cut vinyl bats and then just stuck them to the wall. The paint is just a light gray that I had left over from another room. 

Moving on....This is the kids table

This is an old kitchen table my friend didn't want any more so I had my dad cut the legs off a bit to make it kid height. Then I looked for kids chairs but they were really expensive so I bought these stools from Walmart and chopped the legs off to match the table height.  Paint it all the same color and there's a super cheap table for the kids to play at (or climb on when I'm not looking).

These stools are also the perfect height to practice your superman moves on!
Of course what toy room doesn't need storage?!? I got these buckets at Ikea and labeled the bins with pictures of the toys that they actually have that go in them. I will show you my lego storage on Friday which has saved me a billion times over from throwing those stupid things out!!! We all know how much those hurt to step on and to clean up!

Last but not least are the pillows and curtains! I bought indoor/outdoor fabric for the curtains and pillows so that they wear amazing and they can be cleaned really easily. My boys LOVE to wrestle and be crazy so I made quite a few extra throw pillows so that they can jump on them (like my little guy is mid-air in the picture) or wrestle or whatever they think of next! So there you have it! I will show you my fireplace re-do from this room another time but I am pretty excited about it. Tomorrow is wake up Wednesday!


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