March 01, 2012

Cassie's house - the mudroom

While I'm out of town this week, my sweet sister is taking over and showing you the rest of her awesome home makeover.  Her name is Cassie and she'll be with you this week.  She'll check the comments, so feel free to leave her a note there.

This has to be one of my favorite rooms in our whole house....the mud room! I know you would think of quite a  few more before this but I LOVE that my house of boys can actually put their stuff away and if not I can close the door! The other reason is that my Dad and I did this one together.
Here's the before....

And here's the after....

We started with drywall and adding lights. This use to be one of those rooms that you hurry throw a load of laundry in and then RUN out!!! Let's be honest anything was an upgrade from before! Then we did the tile next. I found this at home depot on clearance and to make it a little more interesting we layed it in a brick pattern.
 Cheap and easy to clean from muddy boots and shoes. The next thing was shelving and storage.
 My family has a lot of shoes and they never get put away because a closet is apparently to hard to use. So we did an open wall of shoes and hooks just for that excuses! Everyone has their own hooks and shoe cubbies. The bench also opens up for seasonal stuff (like right now it holds swim stuff).
The next problem we have is actually folding laundry AND getting everyone to take their stuff and put it away. I thought I might as well solve that problem too.

We built shelving under this formica counter top (we found it in the remnant section). So that everyone has their own basket labeled (cut vinyl from the Silhouette) and ready to fill and I have a spot to fold and put it all. I know the other spots have baskets too for towels and sheets but my boys love to play in them so I couldn't find them, Sorry!

We also added a long pole over top for drying things. It was only a few dollars at Home Depot and SO worth it. There always seems to be something I don't want dried because lets be honest it's not me getting bigger it's totally the dryer!!!
We built up the washer and dryer with some left over wood from other projects. It matches the boys bunk bed and the kitchen walls. The bases are SO expensive for the front loaders that there's no way I would ever be able to get them so we built them instead for about $25 total. There is one other thing that I need to add to this room that I saw on a design show. That is to put a cute picture or dry erase board OVER the ugly junction box. It covers it up and makes it useful!
So there is our mud room!  I can no longer be scared with its nasty spiders and who knows what else! I can willingly go in and get things done! Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow is feature Friday and I am going to show you how to store your Lego's in your toy room and not the garbage (although it's tempting!)


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