April 28, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Paper Coterie

As mother's day is approaching, I figure many of you are trying to think of a gift for your mother just like me.  Well, I thought I'd recommend one of my favorite places for that - Paper Coterie.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY.  Their products are beautiful and really high quality.  Plus, you can use the code "GIFTFAVES" to get $15 off your order right now (and until May 14th).

I have ordered all of the following items there and loved them:

1) I made this book for Rex as a keepsake.

2) I made this book to recap our last year as a family (which I plan to do every year).

3) I made this book about grandmothers for my mother-in-law.

4) I made this cool fabric poster for her as well, with a picture of every family member in it.

So, if you need a gift idea....BAM.  Here it is.  I adore everything about Paper Coterie.  Check out all of their products HERE.  They have canvases, growth charts, calendars, and lots more.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  And don't forget to use your $15 off code (GIFTFAVES) when you check out.  

Thanks for dropping in.


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