May 31, 2012

A Day in the Life

This is a post I planned on doing well over a year ago.  I just never got around to it.  Several of you have asked to see a typical day in my life.  So, I took my camera with me today to show you what my day is like.  I am really glad I documented this - even if it's just for me.  It's fun to have pictures of the typical things.

So, if you're usually just here for the crafts, you have a free pass out of here today :)  Today I'm sharing my life.

Wake up time is 6am.  My husband gets up and heads off on a bike ride.  I slip on my sleeper and head downstairs.

I read through my blogroll and check my email.

I read my scriptures.  (Yeah, I've been trying it on my phone this time around.)

The boys usually wake up around 7am.  Baden wakes up singing.  Rex doesn't.  He had a little tantrum first thing this morning.  "You aren't holding me!  I'm cold.  Why are you getting him dressed first?  If I go potty I want you to watch me."  You know.  It's the typical cranky start to a day and I try to just take deep breaths so I don't loose my patience :)  When it's a morning like this I happily remember he has school today.  I took these pics on my phone, so that I didn't make his mood worse.

 Once everyone was calm and settled we had some breakfast.

Mr. Roar usually returns from his bike ride about then and we all have cereal.  That's how we roll.

After getting ready and cleaning up the house a bit I took Rex to school.  He's in preschool, so he only goes a couple of hours, three times a week.  

Baden and I either run errands or head home to clean or work on a project.  I decided to put off grocery shopping so I could work on a project.  Baden helped me sand a bit.  (This is a project I will show you next month.)

Bade and I played with his LiteBrite he got for his birthday this week.  Doesn't that just take you back?  I loved mine as a kid.

We made our design and then ran to the dark bathroom to see how it looked.

 Baden watched a show while I answered a few emails.  We picked up Rex from school and then made lunch.

Rex likes to help water our flowers.

After lunch Baden naps and Rex and I do "Mommy school."  Towards the beginning of the school year he had a little frustration with some things at school and it made me decide to take more interest in his schooling.  We spend 15-30 minutes each day working on some of the things he's learning at school.  He likes the one on one time and I like knowing where he's at and helping him learn. 

After Mommy school I let Rex entertain himself for one hour.  I tell him that mommy works one hour a day and that he can use his earned screen time then or play with his toys.  It never works that smoothly, but we're learning.  Today he watched a show and then asked for a project.

I got out the play dough.  Oh, play dough.  I love you and I hate you.

I worked on a blog project and when I finished Baden was up and we decided we needed to get out of the house.  BUT, we had to tidy it up before we left.  I can't stand leaving my house exploded.

We ran to get some groceries because I couldn't fight it any longer.  We came home and did lots of laundry.

Mr. Roar returned home at 6:45pm.  He even posed for all of you.  You're welcome.

We made a light dinner of smoothies and sandwiches.  I make dinner every night, but I'm not a fancy cook.  We do lots of spaghetti and easy things.

I always clean up dinner....

....while Mr. Roar gives the boys a bath.  Yes, he does every night.  He's awesome.

In a house of boys, they prefer no or little clothing.  I'm pretty sure it's a man thing.  That way you can always see your muscles in the mirror.

After brushing their teeth it's time for nightly wrestling.  It's the boys' favorite and it cannot be skipped.

Then it's a quick scripture story, prayer, and time to tuck them in.  I think this is my favorite part of the day.  I sing to them and we have a nice calm moment.

This guy has me wrapped around his finger at night time.  "Oh, I wish someone would get in my bed and just snuggle me," he says.  He says the sweetest things while we snuggle and then he stalls with every super hero question he can think of so that I'll stay longer.  "How did Superman become Superman, Mom?"  I'm pretty sure he already knows the answer to every question he asks me, but I play along because I like snuggling, too.  We also talk about what was our favorite part of the day.

I usually look pretty worn out by the time the boys go down.  It's a messy ponytail and whatever makeup is left on my face.

I blog from 8-9pm and then my husband and I hang out from 9-10pm.  Then it's bedtime.  We don't stay up late.

There you have it.  It's not spontaneous.  It's not even adventurous.  But, it's MY life and I absolutely love it.

Thanks for being a part of it.


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