May 31, 2012

A Day in the Life

This is a post I planned on doing well over a year ago.  I just never got around to it.  Several of you have asked to see a typical day in my life.  So, I took my camera with me today to show you what my day is like.  I am really glad I documented this - even if it's just for me.  It's fun to have pictures of the typical things.

So, if you're usually just here for the crafts, you have a free pass out of here today :)  Today I'm sharing my life.

Wake up time is 6am.  My husband gets up and heads off on a bike ride.  I slip on my sleeper and head downstairs.

I read through my blogroll and check my email.

I read my scriptures.  (Yeah, I've been trying it on my phone this time around.)

The boys usually wake up around 7am.  Baden wakes up singing.  Rex doesn't.  He had a little tantrum first thing this morning.  "You aren't holding me!  I'm cold.  Why are you getting him dressed first?  If I go potty I want you to watch me."  You know.  It's the typical cranky start to a day and I try to just take deep breaths so I don't loose my patience :)  When it's a morning like this I happily remember he has school today.  I took these pics on my phone, so that I didn't make his mood worse.

 Once everyone was calm and settled we had some breakfast.

Mr. Roar usually returns from his bike ride about then and we all have cereal.  That's how we roll.

After getting ready and cleaning up the house a bit I took Rex to school.  He's in preschool, so he only goes a couple of hours, three times a week.  

Baden and I either run errands or head home to clean or work on a project.  I decided to put off grocery shopping so I could work on a project.  Baden helped me sand a bit.  (This is a project I will show you next month.)

Bade and I played with his LiteBrite he got for his birthday this week.  Doesn't that just take you back?  I loved mine as a kid.

We made our design and then ran to the dark bathroom to see how it looked.

 Baden watched a show while I answered a few emails.  We picked up Rex from school and then made lunch.

Rex likes to help water our flowers.

After lunch Baden naps and Rex and I do "Mommy school."  Towards the beginning of the school year he had a little frustration with some things at school and it made me decide to take more interest in his schooling.  We spend 15-30 minutes each day working on some of the things he's learning at school.  He likes the one on one time and I like knowing where he's at and helping him learn. 

After Mommy school I let Rex entertain himself for one hour.  I tell him that mommy works one hour a day and that he can use his earned screen time then or play with his toys.  It never works that smoothly, but we're learning.  Today he watched a show and then asked for a project.

I got out the play dough.  Oh, play dough.  I love you and I hate you.

I worked on a blog project and when I finished Baden was up and we decided we needed to get out of the house.  BUT, we had to tidy it up before we left.  I can't stand leaving my house exploded.

We ran to get some groceries because I couldn't fight it any longer.  We came home and did lots of laundry.

Mr. Roar returned home at 6:45pm.  He even posed for all of you.  You're welcome.

We made a light dinner of smoothies and sandwiches.  I make dinner every night, but I'm not a fancy cook.  We do lots of spaghetti and easy things.

I always clean up dinner....

....while Mr. Roar gives the boys a bath.  Yes, he does every night.  He's awesome.

In a house of boys, they prefer no or little clothing.  I'm pretty sure it's a man thing.  That way you can always see your muscles in the mirror.

After brushing their teeth it's time for nightly wrestling.  It's the boys' favorite and it cannot be skipped.

Then it's a quick scripture story, prayer, and time to tuck them in.  I think this is my favorite part of the day.  I sing to them and we have a nice calm moment.

This guy has me wrapped around his finger at night time.  "Oh, I wish someone would get in my bed and just snuggle me," he says.  He says the sweetest things while we snuggle and then he stalls with every super hero question he can think of so that I'll stay longer.  "How did Superman become Superman, Mom?"  I'm pretty sure he already knows the answer to every question he asks me, but I play along because I like snuggling, too.  We also talk about what was our favorite part of the day.

I usually look pretty worn out by the time the boys go down.  It's a messy ponytail and whatever makeup is left on my face.

I blog from 8-9pm and then my husband and I hang out from 9-10pm.  Then it's bedtime.  We don't stay up late.

There you have it.  It's not spontaneous.  It's not even adventurous.  But, it's MY life and I absolutely love it.

Thanks for being a part of it.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your typical day!

  2. Things run so much more smoothly when there's a routine established. good for you! and PS: you look more put-together and presentable when you're "frazzled" than I'd hope to on an actual put-together and presentable day. Ha! again...good for you! thanks for sharing this. can't wait to see whatever it is you have in store for that door project.

  3. So cute. I get a lot less done in the day than you do, and I only have one kid {at the moment!}. It's going to be interesting to see how much less I can accomplish when number 2 is born soon! ahah.

    Vincent is 3 and is really into making me watch him do EVERYTHING. I don't know if it's because I don't pay him enough attention or maybe it's just a stage he's going through? It's quite difficult, especially when he's like "help me mum" and it's something like cleaning his mess of lego -_- He's always had to clean his messes up himself but he also whips out, "You clean my Yego and I sit on the couch and watch T.T. {tv}"!!!

  4. Wow! Makes me feel a little more like a normal mom. Pretty much sounds like my day only I work away from home. I pretty much have to cram everything into 4hrs in the evening and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a pile of laundry and an exploded house. My house is a house of girls, but man can they make a mess! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How cute! I have two boys (1 & 2) so this is similar to our day too! My husband even does bath just like yours!

  7. I had so much fun looking into your life. What a fun day with your kids and I love how your husband gets involved too. Looks like you have a great balance to your daily schedule too with built in flexibility. Gotta love that! What a fun read! Thanks for taking time to do this!

  8. That was fun! I should do a day in my life. It would involve a lot of in and out in the car. With two busy teenagers, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel! I like the picture of your boys wrestling! The picture of your husband posing after work makes him look (a little) like Ricky Ricardo! Ha ha ha....maybe it's just me. Here's to another fun filled day!

  9. I really liked this post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I started doing this (without words) on the first of every month. They are seriously my favorite posts. It's fun to look back at what our normal days are like throughout the year. A few months ago I made it a Link Up Party so now we can all check out other blogger's normal days! You should check it out!

  11. Oh and it's called "first day" in my topics!

  12. Thanks for sharing! Rex is writing his numbers so well, I love that your husband bathes the boys every night and then plays with them that is really special. I think we will start to incorporate songs and snuggles in our bedtime routine as well. Thanks again for letting us see behind the scenes of your blog!!!

  13. Love it Cheri!! Your day looks a lot like our days. I love that you get up a bit before the boys to start your day.. I need to do this! Smoothies are a BIG part of our mealtime routine. What do you put in yours??

  14. I am so glad that you shared this! I loved loved loved getting to know you better and feeling a part of your life, just for one day. You seem so real to me now! I love your blog, keep up the great work! :)

  15. Thanks for sharing it! I am so glad to "see" you each day!

  16. I am so stealing your idea..I'll link to it when I do! I love the little guy smuggles abdsuperhero talk. Owen is 4 and I always hear."tell me more about gamma radiation, or the arc reactor"...ummmmmmmm. You'll have to click over and see Owen..your boys remind me so much of him! Love your blog Cheri.

  17. Thank you so much, for sharing a typical day with us... my day, with my 2 boys is quite similar! :-) I really loved this post!

  18. I loved this, too! I'm amazed that you can get so much done in the short spurts you have during the day. I think I need to work more efficiently. :-) We also have wrestling time in our house-- I have two boys as well, although slightly older-- and the wrestling thing is so unfamiliar to me. Sometimes the boys just go off and I hear them wrestling and giggling on our big bed. Such a little boy thing. They are like bear cubs. :-)

  19. It's great to see that you have your priorities right! Seems like a very balanced life - a good lesson for us all!

  20. What a fun post!! It's pretty similar to how it is over here. I also have a love hate relationship with play dough. I love how it keeps my girls entertained, but I hate the mess.

  21. That "smoochie" face from Mr. Roar made me laugh out loud! Love the look into your day :)

  22. Up at 6, I'm stuck there...the end.

  23. Cute! I'm huge believer in having "daily rhythms" in the home. Like a schedule but a flexible one. You do it well and you might not even know it. Its so healthy and good for everyone to kind of know what to expect on a daily basis. This was a fun post. Thanks.

  24. Gorgeous boys, gorgeous family ! thankyou for sharing. We have 3 boys and share similar daily chaos. They are 4, 3 and nearly 2. My hubby also does our boys baths.
    It is great to see other families doing similar things to us. I just love being 'normal'.

  25. Our lives are pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME! Who knew? Thanks for sharing your beautiful day. Being present in those precious, simple moments is what it's all about.

  26. Sounds just like my day except the play alone with a project thing doesn't work so well because my son is only nine months.But we are getting there! Glad to know I have a typical mommy day.

  27. Wow, that's a beautiful life! I like the way you get your time on the computer... a few hours a day but it adds up. I'm blogging right now while my daughter watch their TV show (they get an hour a day) and struggling with the balance between time with them and time with my writing. And such cute pictures! Thanks. :)

  28. That was so fun to read! I liked getting a little glimpse into your everyday life. You are so organized! That sandwich dinner is a pretty familiar meal for us too! :) And..I love lite brites! So fun.

  29. What a sweet post :-) I came over from the title of this post on my BlogHer ads, I love seeing what bloggers are up to. I don't think I've visited here before but glad I have now!

    The wrestling photo is my favorite :-)

  30. Thanks for sharing. You know, I'm not an elaborate chef either, and it always seems that I remember 30 minutes before dinner time that dinner's coming. Could you do a post where you share/collect some easy, quick, nutritious meal ideas? I'd never even thought of smoothies for dinner, and we've tried it and liked it since I read your post.


  31. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog!
    Im curious how you introduce your kids to superheroes? What cartoons/books, or is it just something you talk about/play with them?

    1. Lona - I'm not sure how to even answer that. Books maybe. It seems that Rex was just drawn to them at a young age even thought I didn't let him watch the shows. He just became obsessed. My other son likes them by default because it's all his big brother talks about :)


  32. About a 1000 things are going thru my head right now! I would love to be where you are again,even tho many days I thought I would pull my hair out. And oh the memories, just the other day one of my sons repeated a verse of a song I used to always sing to him. You are making wonderful memories with your little ones!

  33. i love this post cheri! thanks for being real. :)


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