August 07, 2012

DIY Stamped Labels

I've always thought it would be fun to have some type of clothing label to put on the clothes I've made for my boys, but personalized labels can get kind of pricey.  Well, Scribbles recently came out with these new fabric stamp pads and they come in lots of colors.  I have about a billion projects planned for these guys.

So, I made my own stamp to create these little clothing labels.

I got out an eraser to make the stamp (just like I did HERE) and I drew on the letters backwards.  Then I used a craft knife to carve out the negative space.

Once you stamp it on the ink pad you can see if you've cut away enough of the eraser.

I left my edges a little higher because I liked the look of the slight outline around the word "ROAR."

You can vary the look of the stamp, depending on how well you covered it with the fabric stamp pad.  I liked the aged look here.

To create my little labels I just stamped it on some knit fabric, cut it out, and.... 

.....sewed it on in a fun messy way.  Knit doesn't fray so I left the edges.  You could make more formal looking labels by using a ribbon or any fabric with the edges tucked and sewn under.

I experimented with stamping the label in other places.  I liked the look of it just up one sleeve.

Since you can change the fabric, the color of the fabric stamp pad, or the location of the label you can come up with a ton of different looks.  Be sure to heat set the stamp when you're done (which is done by placing a cloth over it and ironing it).

And now the clothing has that extra personal touch.

Thanks for reading.

- After procrastinating it a bit too long I finally put Rex and Baden in swimming lessons.  The first day Rex was in heaven and smiled through it all.  Baden did a fair amount of screaming.  Wish us luck on day two.

- Want to see a seriously cool and unique wall mural?  Check THIS out.

- Is it just me or is blogland a little quiet lately?  Back to school business and last minute trips maybe?  Hmmm...


  1. Oh I need some of those. Did you get those online or in a store?

    1. The Scribbles Stamps and Pads are currently in stores at Michaels and Joann Stores, as well as online at


  2. I will be sure to buy erasers at the "back to school" clearance!! exciting!

  3. Oh I love the stamp labels! How creative!

  4. Anonymous7.8.12

    Totally cool idea - I like this. I just do not want to carve "Pintuck" into an eraser. Boo. But I will think about it :). Thanks for the advice!


  5. What a cute idea! LOOOVE that wall! Amazing!

  6. This is off topic from your post today. I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! I helped a lady from church make some postcards yesterday, and thanks to you, I was able to find a different program that had all the features I needed since picnik closed. Thank you so much for doing a rundown of more than one website! I think ipiccy is the best one so far!!! Thanks for putting so much time into your blog. I enjoy reading it, and you have inspired many craft projects of mine! Have a wonderful week :)

  7. I was just telling my hubby I needed to order labels for some of the items in my shop! Not any more! Thanks for this awesome idea :)

  8. I think a few bloggers I know are in NYC right now, but they certainly aren't quiet!!

    I lurve your funky labels! So easy and so cool.

    Best of luck with swimming xx

  9. Love do they do in the wash??? :)

  10. Another great idea!! I am guilty of being quiet lately. I have slacked with my own blog posting and with reading my favorite blogs. But hopefully in a few more weeks when the summer is over things will get back to!

  11. I love this idea! I always thought labels would be cool, but after I looked up how much they were and how many you had to buy I gave up the idea. These would be perfect. I really admire you posting every day. Even though sometimes I can barely find time to read blogs (let alone post something to mine) I do appreciate the blogs that I know will always have something exciting or fun to share. You are faithful, you are awesome. Just in case you forgot : )

  12. Such a simple idea but I just love the look of it! I love the overlapped stitching too ... it's a great look!

  13. I tried to make one for myself as well... tried it with fabric paint and really HAVE TO buy some fabric stamp ink pads!! <3 it...


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