January 09, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - quiet toys

Today I'm sharing with you the BEST quiet toys I know about.  Whether it's church, a doctor's appointment, or a restaurant - there are times when you need your kids to be quiet.  None of them came with a volume knob, you know.  (I would pay good money for one, though :)

I think most of these toys are ones that have been highly recommended to me through my sisters and between all of us girls we've had 14.5 kids.  (Yes, I have the .5 currently.)  My sisters are very experienced.  And, they are the toys that I keep in our Sunday bag each week because they actually work.  However, to preserve the magical power of these toys, I recommend only letting your kids play with them when you need them to.  That way they are still fun.  Alright, here we go.

1) Klutz Pop Bead Critters.  These are pop beads, but they aren't marketed like jewelry.  You make little critters out of them.  They come with a book attached, but we've ditched the book and brought the beads in a zip lock.  Every kid loves these.  If I see a some kids having a hard time at church I pass this bag.  It's a great secret weapon.  Baden (3) is easily old enough to use them and even older kids think they are fun.  I also test the toys myself as well.  Really.  If I even like playing with them, it's a win.

They always seem to be out of stock on the Klutz web site, but I purchased them through Wal-mart and did the free site to store shipping.

2) Sticker Puzzles.  I've only seen these at a great local toy store we have here, but you can find them on Amazon HERE in all sorts of themes.  These are really fun too.  We have purchased all the super hero ones a couple of times in the past few years.

There are 8 puzzles per book.  There's a sheet of rectangular stickers, each with a small number on them and then another sheet that has a grid on it.  You place the stickers in the right number spot and then it becomes a picture.

These are great for kids 4 and up I would say.  Rex (5) can do them independently, and Baden (3) likes them, but he needs a little help and gets frustrated without it.

3) Our quiet book.  This was a guest post on my blog by iCandy which you can find HERE and then I posted about mine and some places to find pages HERE.  The beauty of these quiet books is that you can easily change out the pages.

Since making our book, I've found washable dry erase markers by Crayola and I highly recommend them if you make this.  The dry erase crayons get all over clothes (though they do wash out) and regular dry erase markers don't wash out.

4) Magnetic toys.  We have a construction and superhero version of this toy, but my friend had this robot version that's way cooler.  It let's you use the different parts to build your own robot.  It provides the background scenes which are paper and then the case itself is metal, so you can use it to build on.

There are lots of different version you can buy.  If you have girls, there are great dress up ones as well.  I've purchased mine at that local toy store, but you can find this one on Amazon right HERE.

5) The fifth toy I will admit that I haven't purchased, but it's next in line and the reviews on it are great.  They are called Wikki Stix.  They are waxy, bendable sticks and they can be used to make fun shapes or even sculptures.  This activity set comes with a board to work on, but you can also buy alphabet cards separately and the kids can practice shaping the letters with them.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  The alphabet cards are HERE.

So, what about you?  Do you have a secret weapon quiet toy that's a hit?  I'd love to hear about it (and I'm sure the rest of the readers would, too.)  Thanks for stopping by.


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