February 01, 2013

Glitter Art for the Nursery, Silhouette Promo, and GIVEAWAY

When I received a package of Silhouette's new double-sided adhesive with glitter in the mail I knew right away I wanted to make something for the nursery.  I've never really used glitter in my decor with the boys, but now that a girl is in the horizon I broke it out.  Here's what I made with it.  (I'll give you the full tutorial and there's a promo on the Silhouette at the end as well as a giveaway.)

So I started with a blank canvas I had in the basement.

Then I mixed some of my paints to match the fabric I bought for the baby's room.  I am so in love with this fabric.  It's got coral, red, pink, and mustard in it.

I designed something for the canvas using the Silhouette software.  Because I wanted the heart to be pretty big I had to use 2 adhesive sheets.

When you cut the adhesive sheets it cuts through the adhesive and both layers of paper.  It cuts slowly and double cuts to really get through it all.

So when you're done cutting it looks like this.

I peeled out the parts I didn't need.

You peel off the yellow paper on the back and the press the white paper with the adhesive on it onto the canvas.  Then you can remove the white paper as well.  You have to be really careful when pulling off the yellow backing that the adhesive stays with the white paper and not the yellow.  If you applied it using the yellow side then the text would be backwards.  Not good.

After pulling off all the paper, this is what I had.  Now I try my best to be very honest with all of you about my projects.  I had a little trouble here.  See how there are slight ripples in the adhesive?  It's because it's a canvas which has texture, so it didn't stick perfectly flat for me.  I tried to lightly press it down with my fingers in spots to make sure it was really stuck on.

I poured on the glitter and used the tool in the kit to really press it on.

However, since I had touched some of the adhesive areas when I tried to get it to stick to the canvas better, it wasn't so sticky in those spots and the glitter wasn't adhering uniformly.

I wasn't going to scrap the whole thing so I tried something to fix it.  I mixed some glitter with mod podge and then spread it over the less glittered areas.

I looks like this when wet but dries clear.  Then I went over all of it with a layer of just mod podge, which was super helpful for sealing the glitter.  Now it isn't coming off when you touch it at all.

And the first item of the nursery is ready.

Here's a better idea of the size of it.  It's actually fairly big.

Now if you're looking to buy a Silhouette here's a nice promo.  It's for the Portrait (which is the smaller one just so you know).

Go HERE and use the code "ROAR" to get the deal.

And here's a closer look at what comes in the kit - tools, lots of adhesive sheets, glitter, flocking powder, ideas, and a card with some designs.

Want to WIN a Silhouette Portrait?  You can enter 2 ways.  Leave 1 comment for each entry, but 2 entries is the max.

1) Follow them HERE on Pinterest.  
2) Follow the Silhouette blog HERE.

I follow both.  There's lots of great ideas and the blog will tell you about the free design of the week, too.

And that's all for today.  Thanks for dropping in.


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