February 04, 2013

Mommy School - Homemade Climbing Toys

About a week ago I saw this cute idea for making a climbing love bug HERE at All for the Boys.  I thought my boys would like this a lot.

I let the boys pick anything they wanted to draw to make theirs.  

We followed the instructions, adding two short straws to the back.  We strung them up on our stairs,  pulled the strings apart, and Ironman took flight.

Baden wanted to make a snowman.  And yes, it's colored yellow.  And yes, that's because of the boyish humor had already has at age 3.

Rex liked this activity enough that he made another one on his own a couple days later.  We strung it up even higher and he was pretty proud of his work.  If you want the details to make your own just hop on over HERE to All For the Boys.

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