March 09, 2013

Soapbox Saturday - The Chic Orchid

In the last few years of blogging I have come to know some really great people.  One of my favorite people that I've met is Tam, who used to blog at Sew Dang Cute.  She is really sincere, which happens to be my favorite quality in a person.  In fact, she even drove over to visit me when I was cooped up in the house with morning sickness several months ago.  She is a really amazing person.  

A while back Tam stopped blogging because she decided it was putting too much pressure on her and her family.  I don't think that quitting blogging is an easy thing to do or simple to let go of, but I admired her decision.  Since then she has started a new project that she loves and that fits into her life better.  Let me introduce you to the Chic Orchid.

It's a site where she sells ridiculously cute clothing at discounted prices.  If you are a fashion-lover or just looking to feel a little more hip, you'll love her site.  I'm kind of excited to order some things once I'm not pregnant.

You can find the Chic Orchid HERE on Facebook.  (I told you the clothes were cute.)

You can also follow on Instagram HERE at thechichorchid.

So, I just wanted to tell you about her cute shop.  She didn't ask me to write about it.  I just love her and her shop.  You can head over to check it out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.


rachkatt said...

Wow, she really does have some cute stuff! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your genuine-ness too, it really shows through :)

Homemade Heather said...

Awww I love Tam and found her to be really genuine in just a few emails back and forth :) Thanks for sharing Cheri!


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