April 30, 2013

Nursery Sign - Dream Big

Yesterday I just finished the big sign that will go over the baby's crib.  Here it is!

I had originally designed the whole thing to be a big vinyl sticker, but the vinyl and I had a fight and I lost.  So, plan B was started.  I purchased this large sheet of MDF for about $6.  It's not the thinnest kind they sell, but the second thinnest.  I sketched out a cloud and my rockstar dad cut it out for me.

I took the cloud and spray painted it white first.  It took a fair amount of coats because MDF really sucks in the paint. 

I designed the text and cut the vinyl letters out on my Silhouette and then applied them to the sign using transfer tape.  The quote is one I've seen in a few places and I liked the idea of it.  

Then I sprayed the sign with Krylon's glitter blast in gold.  It's a little pricey at $6 a can and I ended up needing 2 to really cover it evenly.  However, it worked well.  I peeled the vinyl letters off and....

....and the sign was finished.  Now it just needs to be hung up.

A few more little projects and the nursery will be done.  I asked Rex if he liked the nursery the other day and he said he did, but that I'd have to take it all down soon anyhow.  I asked why and he said, "Because we're going to teach her to like all the things we do and she's going to want superheroes on the walls instead."  Oh.  I guess we'll see about that one :)

Thanks for reading.


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