April 30, 2013

Nursery Sign - Dream Big

Yesterday I just finished the big sign that will go over the baby's crib.  Here it is!

I had originally designed the whole thing to be a big vinyl sticker, but the vinyl and I had a fight and I lost.  So, plan B was started.  I purchased this large sheet of MDF for about $6.  It's not the thinnest kind they sell, but the second thinnest.  I sketched out a cloud and my rockstar dad cut it out for me.

I took the cloud and spray painted it white first.  It took a fair amount of coats because MDF really sucks in the paint. 

I designed the text and cut the vinyl letters out on my Silhouette and then applied them to the sign using transfer tape.  The quote is one I've seen in a few places and I liked the idea of it.  

Then I sprayed the sign with Krylon's glitter blast in gold.  It's a little pricey at $6 a can and I ended up needing 2 to really cover it evenly.  However, it worked well.  I peeled the vinyl letters off and....

....and the sign was finished.  Now it just needs to be hung up.

A few more little projects and the nursery will be done.  I asked Rex if he liked the nursery the other day and he said he did, but that I'd have to take it all down soon anyhow.  I asked why and he said, "Because we're going to teach her to like all the things we do and she's going to want superheroes on the walls instead."  Oh.  I guess we'll see about that one :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Such a cute sign. And a cute little boy, I'm pretty sure that is how it would go in our family too. Cars, balls, camo, and capes.

  2. Nice job - the sign looks great!
    Yep - she will have her own cape to wear....except it will be pink =)

  3. He's on to something. Our little girl has a purple room full of butterflies...and a Princess Leia doll on her bed and a bow and arrows on her dresser.
    The sign looks great. I love that you used sparkly paint.

  4. yes... I agree with Rex-- you never know! I was convinced my daughter would not be a girly girl, but she's all pink, princess and ruffles!

  5. Love it! I hope I get to see your little Elsa since I don't do instant grams. I love the name you have picked for your daughter, it's my grand daughters name.....lol

  6. Very cute. Oh how I love Rex. It will be interesting to see if she ends up a girlie girl or a tomboy.

  7. Darling! I'm excited for the big reveal!

  8. hahaha, Rex is super funny. Maybe super heroes can ride IN the hot air balloons? :) I love the sign. I've always loved the saying, "Dream Big," but I had never seen the rest of it. I love it. And that glitter is fantastic.

  9. It's really amazing!
    May I ask if you paint outside? How do you prevent to inhale anything toxic? I hope you don't mind me asking.
    I love your ideas.

    1. I spray paint outside and then run inside. It's quite the hustle :) A mask can be helpful too.


  10. Aww. Lol gotta live big brothers... Funny my son said the same thing about his sister.

  11. Maybe I'm a little emotional but this sign made me tear up and gave me goosebumps! What a blessed little miss to be entering this family! And I love Rex all the more for his realistic outlook! Haha! What an awesome big brother he will be!

  12. quite lovely. Isn't it nice that she is going to have brothers much older that are already loving her?? how nice it will be to finally get to see all these interesting projects altogether??

  13. You might like this...

    My sister took this photo

  14. Hey! I love your blog! You are totally making the right decision to take some time off! Family should always come first! I was selfishly wondering - will your blog still remain up, for the tutorials / inspiration, etc? :) :)

  15. What a personal and beautiful sign....great job!

  16. Just stopping by to let you know I featured your nursery on my blog! I'm in love with it!


  17. Such a darling little nursery. Maybe one day I'll be blessed to have a little girl so I can decorate for her.


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