April 03, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - My Car

I have been driving a Jeep Liberty for over 9 years now.  She's been good to me the whole time.  I've known her longer than my husband.  Some of my sisters tease me that it's so small and one of them calls it my roller skate.  It's been great in the snow and it still feels a like a new car to me.  

However, now that baby #3 is on the way the countdown has started.  I can't fit three carseats across the back.  There's just no way, so it's time to say goodbye to my loyal roller skate.

Frankly, I'd love some advice.  Here's the situation.  My husband is anti-minivan.  I'm not joking here.  It's a serious thing to him.  Plus, I'm not crazy about driving one in the snow and steep hills here.

We'll probably buy something used.  I've been looking at the Acadia, the Enclave, and the Toyota Highlander.  I want Rex to be able to get to the backseat easily, so I'm trying to find something with captain chairs.  

Do any of you drive the cars I mentioned?  How crammed are they with carseats?  Do any of you drive something you love and recommend with 3 kids or more?  I don't want to go huge (as you know I'm coming from a roller skate here).

I'd love to hear your opinions.  Thanks in advance and thanks for stopping by, too.


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