May 02, 2013

DIY Bath Mats

While finishing our master bathroom, I've been hunting for bath mats.  We needed 4, which adds up really fast.  I found some I liked, but they were $20 and I wasn't about to spend $80 on just bathmats.  Previously we had the memory foam ones from Costco, which I loved in the beginning.  However, when it came time to wash them they drove me crazy.  I could only fit 2 in my washer and the edging came off one of them.  They were so bulky.

So I decided to find a way to make my own.  The criteria was that they had to be able to all fit in the washing machine at once, I didn't want to spend too much on them, and they had to work with the color scheme of the new bathroom.  Here's what I came up with.

I purchased all the fabric at JoAnn's, but I also waited for all of it to go on sale.  You can also bring your coupons.  The bottom layer is terrycloth - just like a towel.  The top fabric is outdoor canvas.  They are joined with bias tape.

Here's a better look at the process.  I was sure to pre-wash the fabrics, because I figured the terrycloth would shrink a bit.

I cut both fabrics to be 22"x32".  Why?  Because I didn't want to have use more than one package of bias tape.  I did the math to be sure I wouldn't have too use two packs and have more seams.  

To make 4 mats, I only needed 2 yards of each fabric.  I cut the fabric lengthwise first and then in half.  The terrycloth wasn't as wide on the bolt as the canvas, but it was wide enough for the measurements I just gave you.

I used a CD to help me cut nicely-rounded corners.

Then I sewed on the bias tape.  For a great tutorial on the right way and the easy way to sew on bias tape, Dana has a helpful post on that HERE.  I like the fast, easy way and I don't like to pin :)

One down, three to go.  Now, these aren't as cushy as the really fluffy bathmats, but I'm excited that they will be so easy to wash.  With the back being terrycloth, they don't slip around much either.

The fabric kind of brings together the darker grays of the granite and the lighter grays of the tile.

Now we're mostly adding some finishing touches to the room and finishing up filling all the nail holes, etc.

Thanks for dropping in.


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