May 20, 2013

Elsa's Nursery - the big reveal

Today it's finally time to show you little Elsa's room.  It's all ready for her arrival.  It's a huge change from the previous, dark boy nursery that I had it decorated as, which you can see HERE.

Here's the view as you enter the room.  It's bright and happy, but not crowded.

The sign I made HERE hangs right over her crib.  The thin MDF is attached to the wall with nails, so there's no chance of it falling down.

My mom sewed the bedskirt, which has two colors and ruffles on it (though you won't see that well until we lower the crib).

The hot air balloons (which you can find HERE) start small on the right side and then kind of descend and get bigger to the left.  A few are mounted to the wall and then most are hung from the ceiling with tacks.  None of them actually hang where they could fall on her.

The little chest on the right has sentimental meaning for me.  My mom painted it for me when I was a little girl.  It makes me happy to have it in here and think about all the things I want to make for my own little girl now.

The balloons turn in the air when there's any heat or AC on, so hopefully she'll like to watch them.

Though they'll look more like this from her view.

As you turn to the left.... can see the closet.

The closet has the vinyl clouds that I showed you HERE.  I purchased the tulle curtains from Ikea because they were only $5 for both panels.  You can't beat that.  Plus, being tulle, you can just trim the bottom and there's no hemming to do.  I strung them back with some coordinating ribbon and they hang from a shower curtain we weren't using.

The bins shown were all purchased at Target at some time (the flowered, wire ones, and circular one were recently).  The bins give us a lot more storage.  I like to leave one open for piling in clothing as she outgrows it, so I don't have to take each item to the basement one at a time as she outgrows it.

To the left again is this little blackboard I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  It was red, but I painted it coral.  And the little hook can hold her towel or whatever else.  I might actually use the chalkboard to write down her nap and feed times.  I remember that it was so hard to recall all of that when I was really sleep deprived with my other babies.

And coming all the way around the room is this little gallery wall.  I need to take a better close up picture of it, but I was seriously loosing light by the time I got a chance to take some pictures of the room yesterday.  I kept the spacing bigger between items so the room would still feel open and not cluttered.

The wooden arrow was unfinished and found in the craft section of Wal-mart.  The owl was in the garden section of ShopKo.  I've never been that into owls, but I thought this one was so cute and he matched the room perfectly.  I changed out the lampshade because I found this one on clearance at Target and it also happened to matched perfectly.

You might remember the "Hello Love" sign from HERE.  I'll tell you more about the wooden sign later this week (which will also include a fun little giveaway).

And the gray shelf was a birthday present last summer for my birthday.  It came from TJMax.

It can house some little sentimental knick-knacks as we accumulate them.

And that's the while room!  I'm so excited that it's done and I'm actually feeling pretty ready for her arrival.

For those of you who asked, I WILL post a picture of her here when she's born even thought I"m taking the summer of from blogging.  I realize that not everyone has instagram, so I won't hold out on you.

If you like the nursery, feel free to pin it.  I always welcome that happily.

Thanks for dropping in.


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