May 08, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - Our New Car

Several weeks ago I mentioned that we needed to get a bigger car to accommodate our growing family.  You guys were really helpful and shared what you knew about the cars we were looking into.  Thanks again!  Here's what went down and how it all ended.

After reading everything you said, I wanted to look into the Acadia more and I also wanted to push the minivan issue with my husband a bit.  After quite a bit of disagreeing a lovely discussion, he okayed the minivan idea.  So I looked into both a minivan and the Acadia.

Now I know a lot of you say that you get way more bang for your buck with a minivan, but that's not at all what I found.  In the neighborhood we live in, AWD is a must.  I could hardly find any used vans with AWD and when I did the price was crazy high.  When I priced out a new minivan with AWD and leather (not a necessity, but a bonus) it started at $45,000!  Yikes.  Bye, bye minivan.

So there were two dealerships fairly close that had both received 15 Acadias.  They were all a year old with 10,000 - 25,000 miles on them.  We figured with them having that many on the lot and by coming in at the end of the month that we could get a great deal.  We were pretty set on this car.  We test drove it and liked it, but when we went in to negotiate we were really turned off by the guy there.  They had a huge extra hidden fee and they weren't very personable.  Out we went.

Then my mom kept mentioning that she had a couple of friends who loved Hyundai cars and one that had a Santa Fe.  I went back through all the comments and saw that one of you had also pointed out the the Hyundai Santa Fe was now available with three rows.  We figured it was worth looking into.  I don't think it's an option most people are aware of, since the 3 row thing is new this year.  Hyundai has also come a long way in the last few years.

My husband and I looked online and were really surprised by the pricing.  For a little more than what we would have spent on a year-old Acadia, we could get a brand new Santa Fe WITH a 5 year warranty.  I love a good warranty.  We originally hadn't planned on buying a brand new vehicle, but the price on this made it doable.

So we headed to our nearest Hyundai dealership (Ken Garff Hyundai in Salt Lake) and checked it out. We were really happy with it and extremely happy with how we were treated there.  (Ask for Jordan there if you need a car.  He was awesome.)  And we ended up buying a brand new Santa Fe that looks just like this, but black.

I am in love with this car.  We actually got the nicer package, which included a back-up camera and the biggest sunroof I've ever seen.  It goes all the way to the back so it feels like we're in a convertible.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

The back has an automatic open and close.

It sits a little lower than my jeep, so the boys can get in and out of it easily.  It has two captain chairs, just like we wanted.  Rex will sit in the way back and we'll keep half of that seat down for more space for groceries and what not.  It's a lot longer than my jeep, but it doesn't feel huge at all.

And it has a lot more get-up-and-go than the Acadia.  It drives so nicely and has a lot of cool features.

And best of all, we now have room for the baby.  I can't leave her home, you know :)

So if you're looking into a new car, I highly recommend giving the Santa Fe a test drive.  I'm not being paid or incentivized in any way.  I just really, really love this car.

Thanks again for your help.  And thanks for reading.


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