November 12, 2013

Refashionista Day 2 - with me

Today it's my turn to refashion something.  I always go through a billion ideas in my head before I finally settle on something I want to make.  I wanted to make something for each of my kids for Christmas, so I decided to work on Elsa's present.

I had a vintage sheet a purchased at a thrift store a few years ago that I had been holding onto and I had a sheet that had some stains that was heading to the garbage.  It always feels so good to make something useable out of something old or used.  I love being able to give things new life.

I combined both sheets to make this little dress and doll for her.  I can't wait for to like dolls or wear little low pigtails.  I also love the vintage look that the sheet provides.

So here's how it went down.  I had ordered a dress like this from Zulily a while back.  When it arrived in the mail I unbuttoned the dress and realized how simple it was.  I kind of felt dumb for having ordered something I could have made so easily.  Duh.  

However, it served as an awesome pattern to make my own.  I cut the sheets a little wider to give myself a seam allowance.

I placed them right sides together, pinned them, and sewed around the edges (leaving a hole to invert it).

I inverted it, topstitched around the entire thing, and then went through my grandma's old buttons to find some I liked.  I always let the boys help me pick buttons out and Rex and I thought these were the winners.

That was it for the dress.  

And here's a look at the back.  I would upload the pattern for you, but it's not mine to give away since it came straight from another dress.  Sorry!

For the doll, I used THIS PATTERN from Make It and Love It.  I added the pigtails, but pretty much everything else is straight from her instructions.  I'm guessing on the eye color, because Elsa's eyes still look fairly blue, but they might still change.  If they do maybe I'll take a Sharpie to the doll :)

So, one Christmas present down and two more to sew.

Thanks for stopping by.  We'll have another fun refashion for you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

I love the fabric! (sheet)

And that doll! I'm going to have to check that out right away!!!

Ono said...

What a great use for that fabulous vintage sheet! Good job Mama, I love them both!

Unknown said...

Oh adorable, what a sweet little set! And I haven't done low ponytails on my girls in a while and now I want to do them. :)

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

how fun! I love this dress. What an easy idea. That doll turned out cute. It will probably be awhile til I get to do dolls or dresses, but I sure love checking them out anyways! :)

controlling craziness said...

That is adorable. Love the matching outfits. So cute.

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

So cute!

Unknown said...


Tessie said...

Love it! That vintage sheet is just lovely! I remember when I was a girl I had a matching outfit for me and my doll.... It was my favorite!

Chels said...


Entwined Essentials said...

Very cute, I might have to try my hand at that doll. I'm a sucker for vintage looking things too, love that sheet fabric.

Unknown said...

cute and that style works for quite awhile==everything from a jumper with a t or blouse under to a sundress to a top over shorts or long pants/jeans. another good job.

Аленушка said...

I like your doll. It's wonderful! You are a wonderful mother!
Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

That doll is adorable, and how cute that they match!

Sarah said...

There is a pattern available for this very dress from Sew Baby: I've made several of these. They last forever, because they make an adorable tunic once girlie gets taller, too! Yours is so pretty and unique with that fabric.


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