November 13, 2013

Refashionista Day 3 - Simple Simon and Company

Today we have the girls of Simple Simon and Company.  Their talent is stellar.  In fact, I kind of wish I could sneak into their homes and steal some of the clothing they've sewn like THIS and THIS.  Please disregard that that sounds creepy.  I just really admire their skills and taste.  Welcome ladies!

I'm liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company where my sister-in-law (who is also named Elizabeth) and I blog about our sewing and homemaking adventures.
We were so excited when Cheri invited us to participate in her Refashionista series not only because we are long time followers of I am Momma Hear me Roar and love her blog but also because we love refashioning!
Refashioning is like a game.  You've got this crazy piece of clothing or sheet or left over hunk of upholstery...and then you get to figure out how to make it fabulous!  It's a challenge and it's fun and I love it!  Here are a few of our refashioning projects from the past:
For today I decided to use a dress that my sister gave me a long time ago and a bodice that I cut out for Grace and never used.
(There was nothing wrong with the just wasn't my style...but I LOVE the floral print across the bottom so I've been saving it to use for something else...and a holiday party dress for Grace seemed like the perfect idea.)
So, I cut off the bottom 13 inches of the dress and then...
...gathered it tightly.
(And I mean TIGHTLY)
And attached it to the orphaned bodice.
Then I chopped the sash off of the dress, sewed it closed, pressed it up nicely and tied it around the waist.
When I was finished Grace had a fun holiday party dress.
With a VERY full skirt.
(And I kind of love it.  Plus I know she will get a lot more wear from that awesome floral print that I ever would have.  And really, a print like that needs to be worn!)
Thank you again for inviting us over today Cheri.  We had so much fun making this project.
(And the two others that I've started because of this series!)

Thank you liZ!  That dress feels totally different than what you started with and it's absolutely adorable on Grace.  And the rest of you can go look through the amazing creations at the Simple Simon and Company blog HERE.  Thanks for stopping by.


Taylor Swim said...

Adorable! Great job!

Tricia said...

I love a super full skirt on a little girl. What a great refashion.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wow! You made me a convert! Lizzie in Sweden.

Falafel and the Bee said...

This is fantastically beautiful!
Amazing job.

Please may I? said...

That is stunning and a true party dress

X x

Unknown said...

It's fabulousness!! I've linked to your refashion over at Craft Gossip:

Simple Simon and Company said...

Thanks again Cheri for inviting us to your series! It's such a fun series. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!-liZ


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