November 18, 2013

Refashionista Day 6 - Sewing in No Man's Land

Today we have Kelly from Sewing in No Man's Land.  Kelly's has the prettiest blue eyes and four gorgeous children.  Kelly's blog feels like a dream.  Her photography is beautiful, as are her creations.  And get this.  They are living in Paris.  Ah!  Welcome Kelly!

I am so excited to be part of the refashion party! Isn't Cheri the best? Yes, yes she is. Okay now that I have stated the obvious on to the refashion. I had this dream to have Christmas bedding. I thought it would be so fun to change everyone's beds for the month of December to a super festive christmasy goodness of down comforters and fabulous red and green. That dream died when I realized how much it would cost to refit a family of SIX's bedrooms. Yeah, budgets are the worst. But not before I had already purchased a duvet set (cover and two pillow cases) from Ikea to give it a test run (found 


 Luckily it was only 15 Euros and it just say in a big pile for a while. I thought that since I couldn't use it on the bed it didn't mean I couldn't still use it in the same vein: Christmas jammies!


What is crazy is the amount of fabric that cutting up this duvet yielded! I was (and still am) swimming in it! I absolutely had enough fabric to make the kids jammies and myself and the hubster... and the neighbors and their kids ha!


The boys really don't like anything with buttons when sleeping, they get enough of those during the day so simple shirts and pants worked for them. They both picked out what they wanted on their shirts. Finn wanted a star so we followed Cheri's freezer paper stenciling tutorial and whipped that right up!


Sawyer wanted a sparkling snowflake (these boys are obsessed with jewels and "golden" right now, darn you minecraft). I bought this awesome iron on glitter fabric in downtown Paris and am now racking my brain as to where I was so I can go get more!


I used Melly Sews Blank Slate Prepster Pop over pattern for Evie's sleep shirt. I simply added a god chunk of length in the middle.


I wanted to make sure Chloe had lots of diaper room in her bottoms so I used my Bali Bliss shorts pattern. I just love her chubby little legs poking out of the gathered bottoms.


I have a feeling christmas morning is going to be really fun with this crazy one ha! The kids were positively giddy about it. I had no idea how happy they would be to be all matchy matchy. I think letting them know there was a surprise in the presents for them added to the craziness and I am surprised we were able to get any good shoots ha! Because it was mainly this craziness:


I still have a massive pile of fabric all washed and ready to be sewn. Maybe I do need some new jammies after all :)

Thanks again Cheri for having me! Cheers! Kelly  

Thank you so much Kelly.  You are seriously making me want to sew Christmas jammies, which have never even thought of doing.  (Though frankly my boys refuse to sleep in more than undies, so I guess I'd have to make Christmas undies :)  You can all check out Kelly's gorgeous blog HERE.  Thanks for stopping by.


Jenny said...

So cute! I've been wanting to make us all pj pants for years!

Tessie said...

Kelly, I love it! I am a total sucker for the matching pj's. I especially love how you staged your photos! Love that gold background.

Tiffany said...

The kids photos are classic, their expressions - funny & sweet & hilarious & surprised. Full of childhood fun.

Unknown said...

Awesome, Kelly!!


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