Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls in 2024

Are you trying to decide on what to get a 2 year old girl? Are you looking for popular gifts for a 2 year old girls? Wondering what are the cutest toys, both educational and fun? In this comprehensive review of the best gifts for 2 year old girls we have complied a huge list of toys and games for kids turning 2 or already are.

There is a gift for every little girl here so if you haven’t found one yet, don’t worry, there are over 33 fantastic gift ideas here, both themed Disney ideas and top active toys your toddler loves.

We really have a huge variety of toys and gift ideas for 2 year old girls reviewed, which makes choosing something special easy. There are toddler toys for development, artsy toys, word book toys, cuddly toys, musical ones too, tablets, mats, and loads more too, so whatever you think is best rest assured that all are “best quality toys”.

this is an image of a Dreamworks Troll tree.

Considerations Buying Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

Finding the most popular toys for 2 year old girls comes down to the qualities and attributes, which makes picking difficult sometimes. Some parents want a fun gift, but also want educational toys that promote their little princesses development. We understand parents concerns and this is why we have chosen some of the best that the market has to offer in terms of toddler development and pure simple fun.

These parents that want to combine toys with education can rest assure. We have toys and games for 2 yr old girls that promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shapes for learning, language option, free-form play and loads of creative toys to enhance their little imaginations.

All toys for 2 yr old girls are unique and some parents want one that is stunning, beautiful, one their child will love, but understandably don’t want to break the bank at the same time. We appreciate this and have a wide range of toys from under $10 up to $100, so whatever your looking for there is something to great waiting in store.

20 Top Gifts & Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

Wooden Shape Sorter for a Birthday Gift

This lacing beads fun toy is a perfect skill developer and stimulates the mind of the toddler using it. There are several activities, shapes and each activity will encourage motor skills, hand-eye coordination and overall toddler skills required to fine-tune their skill set for growing.

The design of this shape sorter is cool – it can even be dragged around when your toddler wants to go and explore.

The solid wood finish is nice and the paint used to coat the wooden toy is child safe and has to be approved by the CPSC, so any child using this from 1 years old and above and is a top rated toy.

wooden shape sorter toy


ALEX Button Art Set for Creative Little Girls

The aim of the game is to match and snap some of the 40 buttons to complete a picture and with over 10 pictures there are hours of fun to get out of these creative gifts for 2 yr old girls.

The little hand’s gift idea is a fun way to make creative play educational, build creative thinking and help them use their imaginations as they progress towards preschool.

The game is great for little creative type toddlers who enjoy sitting down to a game, fostering their imaginations and creativity. They can make a picture of everything from trees to butterflies and my favorite is the frog, which looks as friendly as can be.

The tray holds all the pieces in one convenient place with a storage compartment, so the pieces should stay together for some time. The age requirement is 2 yrs old girls and above, but some kids as old as 6 still enjoy playing with this.

Button art toy


VTech Touch & Teach Word Book for Girls

Parents appreciate thoughtful gifts with a theme of educational development behind the design and with this touch sensitive toddler book there is no doubt it enhances their cognitive function, fine motor skills as well as be fun in the process of early learning.

Vtech is great when it comes to toddler toys and we have a few to compare to, but this specific one comes with 12 pages that are sensitive to the touch, 100 words and with 6 categories this is the fast track to learning. There is a quiz game with letters to learn, music to enhance the experience, touch sensitive mode for creating and fostering their imagination with ideas like “what could be next”.

There are 4 modes of play and each one has a slightly different idea behind it, but each offers:

  • What’s that word
  • Letter fun activity
  • Find it if you can
  • Music time begins

Each of these is the fundamental basis for the toddler’s journey with words and helping connect sounds with images, spotting the right word and helping them develop their abilities. For example, the pages react with each touch and interact with the little one’s choices, which builds motor skills, associates sounds with words and helps them learn their ABC’s.

This toy needs 3 AAA batteries and is designed for children aged 18 months old and above. This is a perfect choice for those wanting to help develop their little niece because maybe you are a concerned grandparent and want to promote areas that are currently lacking. This comes in a range of colors and is designed for interactive play with hours of enjoyment. This being a toddler Vtech brand is considered one of the best toys for 2 year old girls on the market.

Vtech toddler Word Book


VTech Count and Learn Alphabet Bus

The yellow bus is packed with letter and numbers for learning. The musical journey is full of adventure and will help them to begin counting and hopefully introduce spelling.

There are over 20 melodies to help them learn, 26 ABC letters and 10 number blocks that correspond to the toy. The bus has an interactive personalized feature that uses the first letter of their name and recognizes that letter, which is a fun way to teach them how to spell their name for example.

This helps with language skills and can be used with some autistic children. The design is sturdy, stores away easily within the bus and is easy to handle for a toddler. Some parents have complained about the inserting aspect of each letter/number, but this is rare.

The top of the bus flips open for easy fill and empty, the aim of the game is to correspond each letter/number into the bus. The phonics, letters, colors and overall design is fantastic for playing with and with 2 AA batteries this popular toys for 2 year old girls is ready to gift any child.

VTech yellow Alphabet Bus


Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game

This 6-Pin bowling game is a fun way to get the kids playing together and having fun. With the carrying case and soft design, this is the ideal gift for any toddler.

These beastly bowling figures tower and stand tall until a toddler comes along with an eye for knocking them down as if they are playing real tenpin Bowling. These monsters are soft to the touch and feel great. They come in a carry case and it is zipped for easy to use access.

The design of these pins are good and are weighted at the bottom, so they find it easy enough to place upright after they have been knocked down. This gameplay offers help with developing gross motor skills, socializing, emotional control and hand-eye coordination.

Melissa & Doug toddler Bowling Game


14 Keys Piano Toy Set 

This little piano is great for those little kiddies who want start learning how to use and play the music keyboard. This electronic toy piano is ideal for a birthday gift and is easy to use, fun to play and is reasonably priced.

Educational toys are fantastic and with this beautiful, light, and entertaining toy this really is a great choice for making their special day unique with lasting impact.

The piano features 14 keys and is easy to use, needs 3 AA batteries (not included) and boasts 5 tones, which go along with 8 songs for helping them to learn as they listen. This also looks like a grand piano and has a lid for looking fancy and delightful look overall. This is designed for toddlers, which is a great age for them to begin their musical career and great gifts for two year olds.

white toddlers electric piano


Zoo Animal Backpack

BINGONE produce great quality colorful animal bags and the exquisite look of this backpack says it all, both vibrant and with brightly colored butterfly to bedazzle onlookers.

This shoulder bag is breathable, waterproof, lightweight, shockproof and flexible for little girls use. The cartoon and backpack are all pink but there is also others colors made by the same brand. This is designed for 2 year old girls and up, which is why this is a thoughtful gift choice, especially for them reaching kindergarten.

There is loads of space capacity inside and this can handle food, both hot and cold. This can be used on travels to visit family or even going for a long walk. The size is 13 inches by 10 inches and is a perfect fit, especially with the padded straps and adjustable ones at that. This means they can grow and the backpack still can be used over the long-term up until they reach 7-9 years making this another ideal birthday gift idea for a little girl.

toddler shoulder bag


VTech Little Apps Tablet

Every little kid is wanting to use their parents iPhone, iPad, Tablet and this is why this Little Apps Tablet is the perfect gift idea for them to feel all grown-up.

There are different buttons for pressing and a piano keyboard to use with the inbuilt games and activities on this tablet. There is a total of 12 activities for learning with and each has progression for adapting with abilities and capacity. The tablet does its best to engage with the user and has role-play and color-changing functions for increasing the spark of interest.

Parents will be happy to hear there is a volume control function and with only 2 AA batteries needed this is a fun and educational gift idea. This is aim at toddlers and young children with a manufacturing guideline of 2 year old children and above. I would not recommend for children aged over 4 years old.

toddler app tablet by Vtech


Giant Interlocking Foam Square Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Two year olds everywhere will love this Giant tac-tac-toe game. Is makes for a neat birthday present because kids can play it at the party, inside or outside.

The giant squares interlock with each other, making it very compact when playtime is over and you’re putting it away for storing. When assembled, it measures an impressive 125 inch by 125 inches. You won’t find a bigger foam matt anywhere else.

Foam is very durable and can handle spills, being trodden on and mud, making it a great toy for little ones that like to get messy.Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Game


Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer 

Now your little girl has reached two years old, a number of things needed to ensure that you have everything you need all day adds up to a lot.

Now at least you can keep your car/minivan clutter free with this tough, durable and kid resistant car organizer. It has 15 different pockets and can store everything from your cell charger to your little one’s toy.

Handcrafted, quality is guaranteed, and with 100% refund, if you find any fault with it from the manufacturer, you can rest easy.

kids backseat organizer


LEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Minnie’s 

Encourage your little girl to explore her creative side with this LEGO set from DUPLO.

An age rating of 2-5 means that no small parts will be swallowed accidentally, so no risk of choking. The set contains 27 pieces and when assembled makes up a cafe with an opening window, table, and chair, plus a delivery plane with turning a propeller.

You get a number of accessories too, a teapot and a camera that you can even use the viewfinder on. An amazing gift for any 2 year old girl.

toddlers Duplo Lego boxset with minnie


Little Tikes First Slide

Little boys and girls love going to the park and the slide is always one the favorite things to do. It brings so much joy to parents everywhere to see a child shout with joy when they’re using the slide.

Made from durable plastic, this slide will hold up in the toughest weather conditions. The handrails snap up and the whole thing folds down without the use of tools, allowing for easy storage.

Little tikes blue and purple slide


 Elephants Toddler Pillowcase

Now your little princesses dreams can be full of blue and pink elephants.

This top quality pillowcase is made out of 100% machine washable cotton, which after every wash, gets softer and softer. The pillowcase is not only cotton but it’s also hypoallergenic, meaning that it’s kind of delicate skin and lungs.

The pillowcase is made to fit pillows that measure 13 inches by 18 inches, the perfect size for little heads.

elephant toddler pillow case


Crayola Color Bath Dropz

Your two year old daughter can now have the most amount of fun during her bath time with these color bath drops. They make a great present, especially if your little girl likes to get all mucky.

Drop one in the bath and watch the water magically change color. Don’t worry, they’re odor-free and won’t stain your precious one’s skin.

In the container, you’ll find 60 assorted drops, ready to go. Combine the different colors in the tub to really mix things up.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz tub


Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

Learning to walk can be quiet the task for a little two year old, but this micro scooter can take all those troubles away.

This present is perfect for developing a sense of balance and co-ordination. The non-marking wheels are great for indoor and outdoor use too, so you can keep a close eye on them wherever they roam.

Standing at inches and weighing only 3.13 pounds, it’s the perfect combination for you child to get from A to B quickly.

toddler mini scooter


3 in 1 Push Car

A perfect gift for those two year olds that want the freedom to roam around, but quickly get tired.

It’s a stroller, walker car and a riding car all in one. If the little one wanted to be independent of you pushing her around all afternoon, she has the option to scoot her self around, and then, when she gets tired, just attach the handle, and push her all the way back home.

The steering wheel has buttons that make noises and lights that flash to keep her entertained while she drives along. This is again designed for 2 year old baby girls.

 3 in 1 Push Car


Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

Educational gifts are probably the best kind of gift that one can hope to give. Fun whilst learning is a sneaky way to raise your child’s intelligence.

This wooden box toy will improve your little girl’s problem-solving skills whilst help her to recognize different shapes and colors.

A perfect gift for those little ones exploring with their hands and what they’re capable of. Anybody starting pre-school should benefit from this toy.

Wooden Shape Sorting Cube


3 Bees & Me Bath Toys

Any little girl would be delighted to find out that bath time is now full of little boats that float around with her.

This pack of four boats has magnets hidden inside the stern and the bow so they can be towed along by each other, adding an extra element of fun to them. As well as being fun, they are deceiving educational also. With numbers written on the side, bath time is now learning time too.

These are also certified BPA free, lead-free and phthalate free. So safe for children and made to last too.

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys


BigNoseDeer Dancing Singing Monkey

A perfect little gift for your two-year-old daughter, this monkey has everything you could want or expect from a monkey.

Standing at 5 inches tall, this little guy can fit in your toddler’s bag and is easy enough to carry around everywhere. He walks along, sings and swings his head in time the beat, spreading joy as he goes.

The high-quality plastics used means that it’s perfect for two year olds that love to put things in their mouth, push things and pull things along.

BigNoseDeer Dancing Singing Monkey


Penelope Poodle Stuffed Toy

Penelope Poodle is the dog that your little one has been dreaming of all her short little life.

She’s small enough for tiny hands, standing at a well thought out 9 inches tall. She is easy to stand up, meaning that children can interact with her and play tea parties.

The strict quality standards that the makers of this cute little pup adhere to mean that this toy could potentially last a lifetime. Ideal for making memories with.

Penelope Poodle


Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Hoodie

My Little Pony will never go out of fashion with little girls. Even if they haven’t watched the cartoon, they will still be so pleased to get this great gift because it won’t only keep them warm and comfortable, but it is amazingly bright, fun and funky. It is designed in the very pretty style of Rainbow Dash, who is always a popular character with young girls. It is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and closes with a zip and is easily washed in the machine when your child gets it dirty or mucky as they play – as they usually do! There is a gorgeous sprinkling of pretty glitter across the front and it has the added effect of Rainbow Dash signature stripes and an amazing mane made of fleecy material along the hood. 

this is an image of a pony rainbow dash hoodie for little girls.


Bouncy Ride On Unicorn

Kids LOVE these bouncy horses, and a unicorn version is bound to be popular with any toddler. It is 24 inches tall and can manage a weight up to 88lbs, so they can enjoy it up to ten years of age. If you have a good flat space in your home or garden, then your child can bounce around to their heart’s content pretending to be a princess on a magical unicorn. This is more than a rocking horse, as the bounce action moves the unicorn forward and your little one will probably squeal with excitement as they feel they are riding a real horse. The makers of this toy have made a real effort to make this unicorn as pretty and fun as possible so your little girls can play for hours, creating a make-believe magical kingdom as they bounce around on their trusty steed. 

this is an image of a ride-on unicorn for little girls ages 4 to 10 years old.


 Delta Children Chair with Storage 

Give children anything with their favorite character emblazoned on it, you’ll be very popular with them. Paw Patrol is a popular favorite and this storage chair is suitable for between three and six years of age. It also comes in a Minnie Mouse design, perfect for the girly girls! Made of safe materials, engineered wood and soft fabric, and is designed to be suitable and secure for a toddler to enjoy. They can play, build, draw or paint using this useful storage chair and it is completely wipe clean and scratch-safe so your child can enjoy playtime without fear of damaging it. There is a useful cup holder also, so there is less chance of anything spilling or making a mess. There are bright, colorful character motifs to cheer your child up and make them happy and the makers say that it is completely safety checked. Even more handy, there is a pull out storage container below so they can keep supplies, toys and snacks safe and secure.  

this is an image of a chair desk with storage bin for little kids ages 3 to 6 years.


LeapFrog Ice Cream Cart

This toy offers lots in the way of make believe and pretend play for your child. All kids love ice cream, so this lovely activity toy combines that enjoyment together with practical fun. It comes with a ‘magic’ scooper which kids can use to create various ice creams and toppings and they can have endless fun serving their parents and friends tasty treats all day long. Other clever aspects of this toy are that it helps your young one learn how to count to ten and has fun noises when you press the various buttons. There are a range of sayings that play when your child interacts with the cart, including ones that explain colors, numbers and flavors. The cart can be easily pushed around by a toddler so that they can really experience a proper feeling of owning and pushing their very own ice cream cart and this will also help them develop their motor skills and coordination.  

this is an image of an ice cream cart for little kids.


 VTech Learning Carrier 

If your toddler loves animals, and isn’t able to own a dog (or you’re not keen on getting one!), this care for me learning carrier made by trusty VTech is a great alternative. It comes with a gorgeous little puppy for your child to name and to care for and play with. The door opens and closes and it plays fun sayings and has little educational phrases to help your child learn. The large, durable buttons flash and light up and teach your toddler about color and shapes as well as how to care for their new furry friend. It plays music also, and with over one hundred songs to play, there will be hours of fun to be had. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, and comes with a bowl, comb, ball and bottle so they can really experience being a pet owner. 

this is an image of a learning carrier for little girls ages 9 months to 3 years.


Shape and Color Recognition Board

A more traditional but fun gift, this shape and color play board is great for child skills and cognitive development. It is bright and cheerful as well as being made of safe, non-toxic materials, so parents can feel reassured as their child interacts with this toy. Because of its size, it can be portable and brought in the car or on a plane when travelling, keeping your child entertained and occupied. It has twenty pieces which are able to be moved and stacked as your child explores the range of colors and shapes in their little hands. It can help you teach the concept of shapes to them, and can teach them how to sort shapes and colors also. The shapes are BPA free, phthalate free and lead free, so they are really safe for play for any little child. They can use it in their car seat, at a restaurant in a high chair or in a playpen or cot while you busy yourself and watch them have fun.  

this is an image of a shape and color recognition board blocks for little kids.


Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Scooters are always popular gifts, and they are durable and easily used in all seasons. Either in the park, on the sidewalk or around the yard or garden. You want a scooter to be safe and sturdy, to wear well and to last as long as possible as your child grows. This Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is a good choice as scooters go, because it has a helpful extra wide baseboard, which allows for a secure ride no matter what your child’s age. It is stable and safe and there is less worry of your child wobbling or falling over as they learn to scoot around and enjoy themselves. The foot brake is a helpful feature, so that they can learn to slow down when necessary and it gives them more control when they might need it. Because there are two wheels at the front, it means even more stability and less chance of a wobble. The base is cleverly tapered so there is no chance of tripping over the scooter as you kick off. It takes a weight of up to 50lbs.  

this is an image of a pink scooter for little kids.


Swagtron Balance Bike

This bike is really cleverly designed. It is basically two vehicles in one, and your child can adjust the shape of the bike from a traditional balance bike into a fun scooter. Suitable aged two to five, it offers a four in 1 capacity, so you’re getting way more for your investment in this gift. It can be adapted into a balance trike, a balance bike, a traditional kick scooter or a more sturdy three wheel scooter. Depending on their mood, the surface or their environment, your toddler can change this toy into any of those configurations and have endless fun while being active and healthy. It helps develop their hand-eye coordination as well as helping them develop the ability to balance and ride with confidence.  

this is an image of a blue balance trike and training bike for kids ages 2 to 5 years. for little kids.


Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike

The fisher price toys are great including the trike, which is durable, brightly colored and really fun for any two year old girl. It is designed with safety in mind, so it is low to the ground to avoid them having any mishaps, and as they grow a little, there is an adjustable seat with two different positions as they grow. There are useful pedal blocks that can be removed when necessary depending on their leg length. To give them a safe, solid grip as they pedal, there are easy-grip handlebars and the pedals are also slip resistant so they can get a good bit of solid traction to keep control, even if it has been raining or they have been walking in muck. The wheelbase is very wide also, for even more security, so parents will have no fears about their child falling off this trike. It’s got really fun, pretty colors also, so your child will want to play with it all the time – really adorable for your little girl.  

this is an image of a pink and purple trike for little girls.


Peppa Pig Princess Castle 

What child doesn’t love Peppa Pig? Some parents might even admit to sneakily enjoying the antics of Daddy Pig in particular, and this Princess Peppa’s Castle is a great gift for any Peppa Pig fan. What’s great about is that it can be easily folded away and all the bits and pieces that come along with it can be kept safely inside. This pretty, cleverly designed portable play house comes with Princess Peppa and Princess Suzy moveable figures, alons with other fun accessories, such as a pretty princess bed, a mirror, throne, a treasure chest to keep all your pretty items in, and three dining chairs, a table and even a complete tea set, so Princess Peppa can invite Princess Suzy and her other friends to enjoy afternoon tea. It has a helpful handle so it can be easily carried around from room to room, or even brought to a sleepover or playdate.  

this is an image of a princess castle playset for little girls.



Best Overall Buy  

VTech Learning Carrier  

There are so many amazing toys on this list, but the VTech learning carrier is our Best Buy, because it offers so much. Not only is it teaching your child how to nurture and care for another life, but it is teaching them responsibility and other skills that are more practical, like feeding, brushing and playing. The incorporation of educational phrases, happy, cheerful music and light up, responsive buttons we felt was something that toddlers, particularly two year old girls, would just simply love. If you want them to develop a love for animals, then it is also a great choice and doesn’t require too much investment in the way of batteries. The fact that the bowl, comb, ball and bottle are included also make it a really attractive gift.  

this is an image of a learning carrier for little girls ages 9 months to 3 years.


Best Birthday Gifts for 2 Year Old Girl  

You can opt for any sort of gift for a two year old, a toy, a doll, a learning activity or something creative, or perhaps a dainty keepsake or memorable item. Another popular choice would be something to wear for a holiday or an event or even some special item of clothing for the birthday party itself. This second birthday combo outfit with matching headband, top, romper, tulle skirt dress and a gorgeous sequin bowknot on the headband to finish the look. It would be a great outfit to buy a little girl for a birthday photoshoot, particularly a cake smash or balloon themed picture. The fabrics are soft and breathable so they will be very comfortable for any toddler to romp around in. Another useful feature is that the romper has snaps on the crotch so diapers can be changed quickly and easily – we all know how unpredictable children can be! 

this is an image of a purple birthday outfit bundle for little girls ages 6 months to 2 years.


 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything 

Some children have it all, so what do you get the two year old who literally has every toy, game and doll under the sun? This tablet is a great choice, because unlike the usual iPad (that is great but not always safe and suitable for a child), this one is specially designed for a toddler to enjoy. It is packed full of games, learning puzzles that incorporate letters, spelling numbers and quizzes that will keep them learning and developing every time they use it. There are six separate fun settings that they can choose, so it gives them ownership of their own learning. This tablet is also very durable and sturdy, so it is able to take a bit of bashing from an excitable toddler and is handy enough to bring on a plane journey or in the car. It takes three AA batteries and can be used from 18 months and upwards.  

this is an image of a educational pretend tablet for little girls ages 18 months and up. .


Best Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old 

Christmas gifts can be overwhelming as there is so much choice, but you really want to get your 2 year old something that will last, that is durable and that they will get years of play out of. If they like to play shop or kitchen, or just generally like playing make-believe, then this cutting toy set is a great choice. There are eleven pieces of toy fruit, eleven pieces of toy vegetables and sixteen of pretend food items. They will have hours of fun playing kitchen and shop with this brightly colored, fun play food. They also get in this set seven kitchen accessories so they can let their imagination run wild as they play. They will learn to interact more, to help friends play and to develop good motor skills as they enjoy this play set. All pieces are guaranteed to be made of ABS and BPS free materials and they make a fun ‘cutting’ noise when children play with them. This toy will last well beyond the fun of Christmas. 

this is an image of a 45-piece cutting food kitchen playset for little kids above 2 years old.