Best Dirt Bike Freestyle Videos

Dirk bikes for kids are wonderful presents for your little adrenaline junkie, and there are now so many affordable and high quality bikes out there that your kid can push the limits of the dirt bike trail without pushing the limits of your wallet.

Its really amazing to see just what a skilled rider can do on these little bikes, like crazy jumps and insane stunts.  We don’t recommend these kids of antics for your own child on their kids dirt bike, these are strictly for the professionals.  However, just take a look at these cool freestyle videos if you want to get your child hyped for their dirt bike for kids.

Historic Bike Flip in FMX competition

Evil Knievel eat your heart out!  This video of professional stunt riders on the Red Bull Championship is just crazy. These are some of the gnarliest flips and stunts we’ve ever seen


Bike Stunts, Motocross Freestyle

Deserts, forests, mountains… none of these are too challenging for these riders.  Showing a good mix of stunts, individual riders and competitions, this cool video really shows freestyle dirt bikes as the art form that it is.


First Ever FLOATING Freestyle Motocross Course

Now this is seriously cool.  Have you ever seen a freestyle dirt bike course built on a floating island?  This video shows some talented young professional dirt bike riders really ripping it up.


Trial Bike Stunts Through Red Bull Factory

Now for something a little different.  We’re always used to seeing these bikes riding around on, well, dirt.  But this awesome video sees an amazing rider taking his bike through a whole factory, including the offices, and having a real good laugh as he does.


Freestyle in New Zealand

Everyone who’s seen the Lord of the Rings films knows that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  But you’ll have a hard time looking at the scenery with these cool riders going freestyle on their bikes through this gorgeous country and doing all kinds if crazy jumps and flips.