Best Dirt Bike Gear for Kids 2024

The goal and primary motive for all dirt-bike riders are to ride hard and have a great time outdoors while feeling safe with the right gear on. The right gear and accessories can ensure they are as safe as can be with no regret. This is why there is a huge choice of gear, everything from helmets, gloves, pads, goggles to neck warmers, plus a load more. We will explore some types that I have already filtered through to get you and your kids on their way to having an awesome time on their electric dirt bike.

Off-road riders are fast and furious, if your kid wants or are already riding then you know what I mean, it’s PUSH.. PUSH.. FASTER… FASTER.. FASTER!! However, there are some essential items of clothes and general dirt-bike wear that they must have before setting off on an adventure riding over rough terrain and testing their own skills.

Overview of What They Will Need:

  • Clothing – This is the first layer of protection that ensures they are not only protected from the elements such as rain or the beating wind, but also from a fall or crash. Knuckles, hands, and fingers are usually the first to get the fall and is why having some layers of protection are essential.
  • Accessories – Having great biker-boots, dirt-googles and various helmet insulators and ventilating gear makes the sport possible, but also enjoyable. There are loads of tools for rally navigation, monitoring and assisting in becoming a better rider and with safety in mind. For example – GPS navigation and tracking devices, which are ideal for kids exploring uncharted territory and rough terrain.
  • Protective Gear – The more protection the better and it is the difference between saving a life and not, so all the more reason to get the right gear, but essentially the helmet, chest protectors, gloves, and boots are must-haves.
  • Body Protection – The chest protector is crucial and can save the vital organs from any unveiled hidden obstacles in the unlikely event of a crash and fall. They are designed to protect and serve as the first line of defense for your well-being. Riders that do jumps, off-road and rough terrain need this as the probability to make a mistake increases.
  • First Aid – This is self-explanatory and this bit of kit will ensure immediate precautions are taken, like addressing cut, bruising and abrasions, so that when the medical teams do arrive they can have favorable conditions for your child.


TMS Kids Red Flame

A good helmet should have protection at its basic core, but then after this, it needs ventilation and other things like ear intercom, face shields, padding and enough space for goggles.

Protective kid and youth helmets are essential off-road riding and this accessory comes in at the Low-end in price in comparison, which is ideal for those wishing to test the water before going all in and spending a fortune.

This helmet is extremely light weight and durable, lasting the test of time for those finding themselves carrying this bit of kit on as time passes. The shell is colored red and offers style that will endure and never go out of fashion.

The inside of the helmet is snug and softened with a comfortable interior to ensure padding in the worst case scenario. The padding can be washed and easily vents, which will keep their temperature cool and mind focused, plus healthy hygiene standards.

There is a range of sizes to suit individual kids head sizes and make sure you get one that fits properly, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having one.

Kids Helmet for Dirtbike ATV Motocross MX Offroad Motorcyle Street bike RED FLAME

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Fox Racing Helmet for Riding

This Unique design is one that stands out and will be visible from afar, so you can rest assured they are safe and secure with this awesome Fox helmet.

This is super light and easy to handle when they are darting around the track. Each part is unique and offers a glossy finish, which also has a protective layer.

The padding is also removable and offers a washable pad, which helps with the overall use in the long term.

Some kids younger than 2 years might have a little trouble supporting themselves and make sure to see how it feels on them, it’s always ideal to see how they feel after several hours wearing it, before riding, but maybe I am just overprotective!

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 ATV Off-road Gloves

These gloves have loads of padding and extra grip to ensure safe handling and comfort. The color might not be for everyone’s taste, but you can always choose your own favorite.

The Velcro grip is easy to close and keeps a tight fit to ensure an excellent grip. Gloves help when falling and they usually are first to touch the ground, which is why you should always have a pair on before getting on a dirt-bike.

The warmth will be maintained with this sweat-able pair, but also kept cool when needed.

The protection is mainly the focus of any dirt bike user and as parents, you want to make sure you have an excellent pair for keeping your child safe. These provide this and although they are on the cheap-end they do provide great bang for your buck!

TMS Youth Kid Motocross Dirt Bike ATV Off-road Gloves Pink

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Typhoon Children Dirt-bike Gloves 

Another great pair of protective gloves that look great and offer some freaky-styling, it’s not your taste but I bet your kid will love it.

The glove has been cut for ensuring grip and power when holding bars, which will come in handy when they are bouncing up and down over small ridges.

These can have multiple uses and not only for motocross, but also push bikes, street bikes, and general sports that require certain types of grip and protection.

There has been spandex on the thumb, which has been reinforced adding grip and the Velcro wrist adjusts too.

The glove itself is comfy and has been made of nylon, spandex and a commonly used polyester material. 

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Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Dirt bike training wheels can be a huge help if you want to assist those early starters, especially if they are not feeling comfortable or safe behind the handlebars. Don’t worry if they are because the learning is steep at the beginning but rest assured they get good really quick.

Some kids need longer to get to grips with dirt biking and it’s about assisting their development at an appropriate level, which will set them in good stead for the future.

I see most kids these days starting out with training wheels and this is a great way to get their hand-eye coordination developed to get them mastering the bike all on their own.

This is an image of Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel

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Dirt Bike Maintenance Stand with Adjustable Lift

This is a high-grade steel design and offers an adjustable stand, which can lift any bike size ranging from 60cc to 650cc and has a max capacity of 350 pounds.

Every Dirt biker should have one of these, it’s essential to get used to cleaning your bike, repairing your bike and basically loving your bike, if not then why have one!

This is an easy to store bike stand and makes for less DIY trying to figure out how to fix your bike with bits of timber wood and nails.

The height can extend to 12 – 15 inches, which leaves plenty of room for man-handling.

The top layer of the surface is designed to be non-slip and offer the best possible grip for secure handling and adjusting.Venom Motocross Racing MX Dirt Bike Adjustable Lift Maintenace Stand

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Skull Dirt Bike Neck Warmer

 This is ideal for keeping a kids neck warm against the elements and offers an additional level of protection whilst on their dirt bike.

This kids neck warmer can be used for 12 different styles from head, neck, mask, headband, hair tie and loads more. This multiple uses is ideal for them both on and off the bike, so can adapt to suit their biking needs.

This cool scarf warmer is awesome and looks freaky, so if your kids have a freakish liking for bones alike, as mine did, they will love been seen with this one.

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 Dirt Bike Sports Goggles 

Goggles and lenses of some sort are really important when riding dirt bikes, just imagine all the dust, grit and specs of muck that could possibly get in your child’s eye. This is why I choose a pair that is an all-around pair that can be used up a mountain, on a dirtbike and have all the essential features a good pair of glasses should have.

The multicolor is awesome to see and reflects in the process and keeps vision clear and focused. The anti-fog allows for long hours riding to be clear and steam-free. The scratch resistant is a must-have in getting glasses because I have seen what happens if they are not, it’s not pretty.

The 100 percent UV is important these days and all the protection on can get from the sun is crucial for long-term health.

They are super-comfy and with adjustable straps, the ventilation can be managed. The foam used around the frame makes for ease and comfort.

This is an image of Motorcycle goggles dirt bike

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Fox Knee Guards for Kids 

These are some of the best dirt bike knee protectors on the market and offer safety from any unwanted collisions, especially as knee joints don’t heal as quickly as other fibrous tissues, less blood flow makes for less healing ability, so basically protect those little boys knees.

The plastic is shaped and acts as a shield when in a riding position This does not interfere with the guard can flex as well as little interfere when they are walking.

There is loads of room for moving and this is the main reason for concern, especially when long hours of use, but thankfully FOX have designed a great knee guard and made one to last the test of time.

This can be used for other sport and outdoor activities, so don’t worry if you’re thinking, “do I really need to buy one for every sport he plays?” because this is all in one and makes playtime safe.

This is the only one I choose simply because the price is great, quality superior and made to endure whatever it comes up with, so be rest assured in this great knee-pad.

Walking is easy in these and some kids complain off the bike is uncomfortable, but this has never been an issue with this brand of pad.

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Kids Charger Off Road Elbow Guards

These tough guards will keep all elbows intact after impact, which is usually second, after hands, to get damaged and having a solid pair will be worth investing as a precaution.

The hard plates are made from a hardened mold that has been injected to give a more solid structure, which allows for a greater impact barrier.

The shape is ergonomic and hinged at the kneecap, which allows for flexibility and solid cushion. The hinge has a very flexible joint and aligns with the body natural shape and movement. 

The material is breathable and offers a snug fit, without the need for removing just after fitting, which I have seen on other kids having cheap gear.

This is an image of kids elbow guards in black

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Kids Chest Protector for Little Ones

This is a great way to offer additional protection and as a parent, anything ensuring a more secure way of riding is worth buying.

This chest protector is for kids aged between 4-7 and makes ideal beginners buy, although the quality is better than most currently available, which is music to the ears, especially as the accessories start adding up.

CE certified is standard and should always be sought to ensure the product is up to USA standards.

The material is very tough HDPE plastic, which combined with bio-foam makes for a solid product.

The quality venting makes long days out riding possible and a breeze. 

This is an image of chest protector in black for kids

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Fox Off-Road Boots for Children

Getting boots is always a must when dirt biking and finding the right type of boot is time-consuming and not as easy as finding a pair of sneakers at the mall, however a good place to start when choosing is the brand and throughout this review, I have been going with Fox gear and accessories. This is because they are well known and have proven themselves as a brand consistently over the years and continue to pump out great gear.

Most boots have a high standard and these are the same, they keep ankles protected and make for safe thrusting on rough terrain calm if there is such a thing in off-road, but bikers know what I mean.

The large buckle is similar to snowboarding and makes for an easy transition, with the need for laces or such-like, which would be awful, just imagine that.

This is an image of Fox boot for kids in black

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Dirt Bike Hitch Mounted Carrier 

Every parent is gonna need a carrier to get to those places far away, which only the car with a mounted carrier can achieve, because the kids dirt-bike is simply to big to fit in the boot. This is my preference and getting the boot of the SUV dirty is the last thing I wanna let happen, its worth the cleanliness.

This particular one has a 400 pound capacity and makes most of these reviewed bikes look modest in size, but this mount can handle much larger weights for when they jump up in bike size.

This takes around 10 minutes to assemble and is super easy to attach. For more dimensions and measurements the link will confer, but as an all round good hitch mounted carrier this is up with the best, especially at such a cheap price.

This is an image of Hitch Mounted Dirt Bike Carrier Rack

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